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Alliance NPC Horde NPC Spec Quality Level Armor Level Weapon Level
Theramore's Revenge Slice of Undeath CarrierUncommon100600600
Yrel's Command The Dawnchaser DestroyerUncommon100600600
Rage of the Storm Lor'themar's Arrow DestroyerUncommon100600600
Greymane's Pride Vol'jin's Glaive DestroyerUncommon100600600
Gnomercy The Dealmaker SubmarineUncommon100600600
Mekkatorque's Secret The Loan Shark SubmarineUncommon100600600
The Briny Expedition The Briny Expedition SubmarineUncommon100600600
Druid Champion 1 Druid Champion 1 Feral DruidUncommon110600600
Memory of Magni The Blightcaller CarrierUncommon100600600
Ysera's Dream Ysera's Dream CarrierUncommon100600600
Light's Hope Light's Hope CarrierUncommon100600600
Master's Call Master's Call CarrierUncommon100600600
The Counterspell The Counterspell CarrierUncommon100600600
Hammer of Justice Hammer of Justice CarrierUncommon100600600
The Surging Mist The Surging Mist DestroyerUncommon100600600
Tiger's Palm Tiger's Palm DestroyerUncommon100600600
Ra-Den's Lightning Ra-den's Lightning DestroyerUncommon100600600
Tyr's Hand Tyr's Hand DestroyerUncommon100600600
Tortolla's Shield Tortolla's Shield DestroyerUncommon100600600
Bladefist's Undoing Bladefist's Undoing DestroyerUncommon100600600
Algalon's Watch Algalon's Watch BattleshipUncommon100600600
Mimiron's Folly Mimiron's Folly BattleshipUncommon100600600
Thorim's Hammer Thorim's Hammer BattleshipUncommon100600600
Arthas's Downfall Arthas's Downfall BattleshipUncommon100600600
Soul Reaper Soul Reaper BattleshipUncommon100600600
The Spellweaver The Spellweaver BattleshipUncommon100600600
Aviana's Feather Aviana's Feather SubmarineUncommon100600600
Xuen's Paw Xuen's Paw SubmarineUncommon100600600
Neltharion's Madness Neltharion's Madness SubmarineUncommon100600600
Cheap Shot Cheap Shot SubmarineUncommon100600600
Golin's Bane Golin's Bane SubmarineUncommon100600600
The Prowler The Prowler SubmarineUncommon100600600
Unwashed Yak Unwashed Yak TransportUncommon100600600
The Libation The Libation TransportUncommon100600600
The Cloud Serpent The Cloud Serpent TransportUncommon100600600
Trick of the Trade Trick of the Trade TransportUncommon100600600
The Sea Foam The Sea Foam TransportUncommon100600600
The Hungry Riverbeast The Hungry Riverbeast TransportUncommon100600600
Victory Rush Victory Rush CarrierUncommon100600600
The Jade Wisdom The Jade Wisdom CarrierUncommon100600600
Light of Elune Savagery CarrierUncommon100600600
Pride of Ironforge Nazgrim's Fist CarrierUncommon100600600
Alleria's Valor Zalazane's Fall CarrierUncommon100600600
The Lesson of Southshore Might of Grom'gol CarrierUncommon100600600
Menethil March The Bilgewater Bargain CarrierUncommon100600600
Anduin's Prayer Pact of the Val'kyr CarrierUncommon100600600
The Lion of Azeroth Lok'tar Ogar CarrierUncommon100600600
Lin's Undying Will Lin's Undying Will CarrierUncommon100600600
The Flame of Hope The Flame of Hope BattleshipUncommon100600600
Freya's Compassion Freya's Compassion BattleshipUncommon100600600
Doomhammer's Legacy Doomhammer's Legacy BattleshipUncommon100600600
Heroism Bloodlust BattleshipUncommon100600600
The Stonemother The Stonemother BattleshipUncommon100600600
Boughs of Cenarius Boughs of Cenarius BattleshipUncommon100600600
The Indomitable Nemesis of the Scourge BattleshipUncommon100600600
Full Judgment Full Judgment BattleshipUncommon100600600
Watkins's Relentless Assault Watkins's Relentless Assault BattleshipUncommon100600600
The Core Hammer The Core Hammer BattleshipUncommon100600600
Eye of Kilrogg Eye of Kilrogg SubmarineUncommon100600600
Shadowmeld Will of the Forsaken SubmarineUncommon100600600
Akama's Scythe Echo Hunter SubmarineUncommon100600600
Scarlet Raven Scarlet Raven SubmarineUncommon100600600
The Crimson Harvest The Crimson Harvest SubmarineUncommon100600600
Terokk's Terror Terokk's Terror SubmarineUncommon100600600
The Starlight Endurance The Starlight Endurance SubmarineUncommon100600600
Terror of the Deeps Terror of the Deeps SubmarineUncommon100600600
Deep Sea Nine Deep Sea Nine SubmarineUncommon100600600
Brgrggrgl Mark II Brgrggrgl Mark II SubmarineUncommon100600600
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith DestroyerUncommon100600600
Ursoc's Roar Ursoc's Roar DestroyerUncommon100600600
Thaurissan's Reach Thaurissan's Reach DestroyerUncommon100600600
Tempest's Wake Tempest's Wake DestroyerUncommon100600600
Turalyon's Hope Bad Juju DestroyerUncommon100600600
Ursol's Bite Ursol's Bite DestroyerUncommon100600600
Whisperwind The Shadow Hunter DestroyerUncommon100600600
The Cutting Edge The Shattered Sun DestroyerUncommon100600600
Loken's Bargain Loken's Bargain DestroyerUncommon100600600
Mrgrggrgl Mark III Mrgrggrgl Mark III DestroyerUncommon100600600
The Emerald Turtle The Emerald Turtle TransportUncommon100600600
The Rolling Barrel The Rolling Barrel TransportUncommon100600600
Screeching Harpy Screeching Harpy TransportUncommon100600600
Old Blanchy Lazy Tallstrider TransportUncommon100600600
The Explorer Snickering Hyena TransportUncommon100600600
Booty Bay's Bounty Booty Bay's Bounty TransportUncommon100600600
The Slash Dance The Slash Dance TransportUncommon100600600
Master Looter Master Looter TransportUncommon100600600
Bonus Roll Bonus Roll TransportUncommon100600600
A Free Kill A Free Kill TransportUncommon100600600
The Awakener The Awakener DestroyerUncommon100600600
Dwarven Riflemen Tauren Earthshakers Horde DivisionCommon12011
Gnomeregan Mechano-Tanks Forsaken Dreadguards Horde DivisionCommon12011
Exodar Peacekeeper Silvermoon Sorceress Horde DivisionCommon12011
Darnassian Sentinels Darkspear Shaman Horde DivisionCommon12011
7th Legion Shocktroopers Shattered Hand Specialist Horde DivisionCommon12011
7th Legion Shocktroopers Shattered Hand Specialist Horde DivisionCommon12011
Dwarven Riflemen Tauren Earthshakers Horde DivisionCommon12011
Darnassian Sentinels Darkspear Shaman Horde DivisionCommon12011
Gnomeregan Mechano-Tanks Forsaken Dreadguards Horde DivisionCommon12011
Exodar Peacekeeper Silvermoon Sorceress Horde DivisionCommon12011