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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
A Kind of Magic

Several magi and their schooner have been taken into the Iron Horde's "protection". Rescue the magi. Their gratitude could pay well.

100Ship-Legendary2× 150 18 hrs5000× 12

A shipment of abrogator stones is on its way to Grommashar. We must intercept it. The Iron Horde is trouble enough without a bunch of magical gems.

100Ship-Legendary2× 75 4 hrs2000× 8
Ambush on the High Seas

Gul'dan has sent submarine hunter-killers to thwart your mission. Lure them into a trap!

100Ship-Legendary2× 150 2 days800015000 XP
Boarding the Master's Call

You've run Gul'dan's flagship aground, but now all her guns are trained toward the sea. Prepare for the worst.

100Ship-Legendary3× 150 2 days8000
Fury of the Elements

Storms have broken out around the Ancestral Grounds. The enemy vessel off the coast may be to blame. Also the fact that most shaman loathe the Iron Horde.

100Ship-Legendary2× 75 4 hrs2000× 23
Giving Chase

Captured prisoners indicated that Gul'dan's flagship was last seen in this area of dangerous shoals.

100Ship-Legendary2× 150 2 days800015000 XP
In Hot Pursuit

You've located Gul'dan's flagship! Maneuver with the wind to take out her carrier escort...

100Ship-Legendary3× 150 2 days800015000 XP
Magical Mystery Cruise

An enemy carrier has veered off course, and it's emanating powerful magic. Something odd is afoot. Find out what. More importantly, claim that magic.

100Ship-Legendary2× 150 18 hrs5000× 15
One Way or Another

Lately the Iron Horde has been gathering magical items. They've learned brute force can't solve everything. Remind them it still has its uses.

100Ship-Legendary2× 75 4 hrs2000× 10
Stalking the Master

Capture Ironfist Harbor and interrogate prisoners as to the whereabouts of Gul'dan's flagship.

100Ship-Legendary2× 150 2 days800015000 XP
Turn! Turn! Turn!

Hellscream should realize by now that the elements won't willingly serve the Iron Horde. And trying to compel their obedience is unwise.

100Ship-Legendary2× 100 8 hrs3000× 32

Evidently Hellscream thought subs might be a safer way to transport elemental runes. Safer, yes. Sneaky, no.

100Ship-Legendary2× 100 8 hrs3000× 35
Wrack and Rune

Enemy subs have taken a sudden interest in this area. They may be tracking down an elemental rune. In the wrong hands, it could prove devastating.

100Ship-Legendary2× 75 4 hrs2000× 20