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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Calling Their Bluff

A Fel Lord may be building up forces in the harsh northern bluffs.

100Patrol7601 10 sec100
Eyes to the Skies

There have been sightings of Legion scouts in the skies above the forest canopy.

100Patrol7602 30 min100
Never Trust a Mage

The mages of Dalaran seem trustworthy... but are they?

-1Patrol1 30 min100
Retaining Control

We've heard rumors of a powerful new demon presence in Faronaar. We should investigate before it threatens our hold on the area.

100Patrol7601 10 sec100
The "Emissary"

We've heard whispers that a demon has been offering the Highmountain tauren dark power.

100Patrol7601 10 sec100