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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
A Master Summoner

We will need to recruit a master summoner to assist the Council. A warlock of a notable family was rumored to be spotted in Dalaran.

-1Recruitment1 30 min100
An Offer They Can't Refuse

We believe we can lure a worthwhile rogue into our order with the right... motivation.

-1Recruitment1 30 min100
Brothers in Arms

We need the most fearless Illidari to join our cause if we are to have any chance of defeating the Legion.

100Recruitment1 60 sec100
Growing the Order

The only way to strengthen our order is through continued focus and training. There is an ancient master who may be willing to share his martial secrets. Seek him out and train with him, and return stronger and wiser.

-1Recruitment1 30 min100
Never Leave a Knight Behind

Our scouts report seeing a knight trapped by a horde of demons. Destroy the demons and bring our brother in arms home.

-1Recruitment1 30 min100
Searching for the Light

We need to find more paladin allies if we are to have any hope of bringing the fight to the Legion.

-1Recruitment1 30 min100
The Other City of Mages

Akazamzarak knows where he can find a whole city of mages, so long as you don't mind the smell.

-1Recruitment1 30 min100
The Veteran

We can go after the heavy hitters later, right now we need someone who has seen everything. There is one that has been in every war for the past few decades and can do more than kill.

-1Recruitment1 30 min100