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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
You, Robot Rare

With the installation of a negatronic control unit, a true emotional bond between lifeform and machine can happen! Get one!

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
Ziggy Sawdust X3-9

The Ziggy Sawdust X3-9 is the latest in clear-cutting technology. Unleash the adorable robot on the Everbloom and enjoy the show.

100Combat6153× 20 8 hrs1500
Apexis Nexus

Our need for equipment upgrades never ends, take a few of our best to the apexis excavation site.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Bucket Brigade

Massive flooding has cut off our supply lines, and the water elementals responsible show no signs of stopping. Let's hang them out to dry.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Burning Desire

Burning Blade orcs are attacking treasure hunters at Oshu'gun and looting their crystals. Could they be preparing for some dark ritual?

99Combat2× 10 1.5 hrs1000
Crush the Pale

The Pale are twisted, cowardly wretches, but even scavengers can be deadly in sufficient numbers. Still, that's easily solved, isn't it?

96Combat2× 10 45 min700
Cult of Sargeras

In a remote corner of Talador, a small faction of draenei has embraced the worship of Sargeras. Stop their cult before it spreads.

100Combat2× 10 4 hrs1500
Deathhoof Rare

A doomsday weapon has been enchanted to look like an adorable baby clefthoof. Clefthoof violently defend their young. Proceed with caution.

100Combat6452× 10 6 hrs100
Death's Bite Again?

A powerful spider named Death's Bite has returned as an undead, and terrorizes Talador yet again.

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500
Elemental Territory

A group of territorial elementals has claimed an area near our supply route in Frostfire Ridge. Slay them and collect any lost supplies.

100Combat2 6 hrs1500

The more slaves we free at the Stonefury Cliffs, the more we weaken the Bloodmaul.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500

Warlocks in the northwest are draining life from the land, preparing to summon a demon lord. Well? Don't just stand there!

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500
Fire and Fury

Rescuing slaves in the Bloodmaul Slag Mines is our priority, but to do this, we must thin the number of fire furies there.

100Combat6152× 15 4 hrs1500
Green Fel

The reckless warlock Gul'dan intends to create a fel volcano in the center of Shadowmoon Valley. Stop him before he dooms us all.

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500
Griefing with the Enemy

We dispatched a mage to deal with a hostile pack of genesaur, but now he's on their side. He must be infected. Time to send in the cavalry.

100Combat6152 4 hrs1500
Heart of the Iron Horde

The Warsong clan is a symbol of the Iron Horde's power. Under the cover of night, set its camp ablaze. This will kill their morale.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
Hefty Metal

Blackrock scouts have discovered a vast trove of metal ore perfect for making weapons. Make sure they never report their findings.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
Highway to Fel

Shadow Council agents plan to cut a path through Tanaan and pave it with their enemies' bones. Such an atrocity must not come to pass.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Lessons of the Blade Rare

You will find Yozshura the Blademaster atop Mount Volwrath. Seek his wisdom, challenge him, and return enlightened.

100Combat6752× 60 6 hrs1500
Lunch Breakers

We need to get the gronn riled again. Kill the local meat-based wildlife and see if starvation turns them against the Iron Horde nearby.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Mulch Ado about Nothing

The podlings have been raiding the graves of our allies to feed one of their genesaur. Recover the bodies. If they want mulch, mulch them!

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Night of the Primals

Our scouts report that the botani are snatching workers from the quarries. Kill the primals and find out what they are using the orcs for.

100Combat6752× 60 8 hrs1500
No Rest for Auchindoun

The Shadow Council is raising warriors interred at Auchindoun to create draenei constructs. Stop them before they defile the place further.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
Prime Directive

We'll leave the elementals of Nagrand to themselves right after we've gotten some of the elemental samples we need.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Raiding the Raiders

Iron Horde raiders have descended on nearby draenei villages. Find the raiders' camp and raid it. Turnabout, they say, is fair play.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
Ravager Infestation

Pests! These ravagers are everywhere - in our supplies, in our barracks! Eradicate their nest in the Spires of Arak before they overrun us.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
Resources at the Ridge

A decrepit ogre caravan was spotted in Frostfire, surrounded by hostile wildlife. It looks like they were hauling oil.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Saberon Ambush

Patrols have reported that roving bands of saberon are waylaying merchants traveling through Nagrand. Find them and stop them.

100Combat2× 10 4 hrs1500
Savage Patch

Some magi stopped to smell the roses in the Everbloom. Oops. If we hurry, we should be able to save some of them.

100Combat6152× 15 4 hrs1500
Socrethar Sabotage

Scouts report that a rapid assault on Socrethar's Rise could turn up an additional stash of apexis crystals.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Sparks and Steel

Goblin engineers are designing weapons for Blackrock and Thunderlord orcs. Well, we have weapons too. Go to Grimrail Depot and use them.

100Combat6152× 15 4 hrs1500
Spell Check

The cause of our recent communal lethargy has been traced to Highmaul sorcerers. Find them and put an end to their sinister arcane rites.

98Combat2× 10 1.5 hrs900
Spring Preening

We cannot allow the arakkoa to acquire more of their deadly Apexis technology. Raid their excavation sites. Leave nothing but dust behind!

100Combat6752× 60 8 hrs1500
Stalactite Appetite

A cavern beneath an inhabited section of Talador has become unstable due to the appetite of the goren inside. We must protect those above.

94Combat2× 10 30 min500
The Basilisk's Stare

Basilisks have turned some arakkoa in the Spires of Arak to stone. It's macabre, but this stone is a precious resource. Gather it carefully.

100Combat2 6 hrs1500
The Feathers Must Fly

Arakkoa talonpriests have begun sacrificing draenei to their god, Terokk. Interrupt their ritual and free the prisoners.

100Combat2× 20 4 hrs1500
The Infernals' Fury

Infernals are an uncommon sight in Talador. We'd like to keep it that way. The more that are destroyed, the better.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
To Freedom!

Ogre slavers have captured many of the draenei displaced by the Iron Horde. Send someone to their camp and liberate them.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
Too Much Business

We suspect a goblin merchant of selling to both us and the Iron Horde. Tail him, and if he is double-dealing, drag him back by his ears.

100Combat6752× 60 8 hrs1500
Under Ner'zhul's Nose

Some of the Shadowmoon clan's treasures are poorly guarded. We'll take what we can and destroy the rest!

100Combat6152× 15 4 hrs1500
Vile Bloods

The void's effect on Draenor has become more pronounced. Vile bloods of the land are emerging.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Waylay the Warlord

The Bloodmaul have discovered a powerful artifact, and their warlord is overseeing the excavation. Ambush the warlord and take the artifact.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
What's Mine Is A Mine

Word has it that an Iron Horde mine near our outpost has hit a rich vein. We can't let them have nice things. Storm in and claim the mine.

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500
Who's the Boss?

The Grimrail Depot owes its efficiency to goblin and orc overseers. Kill them, and you'll kill its ability to ship arms to distant camps.

100Combat6152 4 hrs1500
A Bit Nippy

Lately the plains have been even more bitterly cold than usual. Find out what's causing this weather before it starts costing lives.

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
A Call to Action

Absolute power corrupts, and that's absolutely the reason we must neutralize this powerful warlock. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

95Combat1× 10 60 min600
All That Glitters

Redistributing wealth from the departed isn't stealing. Trouble is, there's a mighty arakkoan sorcerer who doesn't know it. Do let him know.

94Combat1 45 min500
Ancient Affliction

A strange disease is spreading among Gorgrond's ancients, driving them mad. Destroy them before the infection escalates.

92Combat1× 10 60 min300
Ancient Anguish

It's time to chop down a few ancient trees. Only the ones that are demonically corrupted, mind you. The rest, you can hug if you like.

91Combat1× 10 60 min200
Blackrock Intelligence

Blackrock messengers have been spotted crisscrossing the region. Any missives they are carrying could prove invaluable to our cause.

91Combat1 60 min200
Blow by Blow

A vicious wind serpent appears to be acting on orders from an unseen master, wearing down our defenses. Seek out and end this threat.

97Combat1× 10 45 min800
Break Their Chains

Ogre slavers are carrying off our allies to fight in their arenas. Pose as a would-be gladiator and free the unwilling combatants.

92Combat1 45 min300
Breaking the Blackrock

Scouts have recovered a map of Blackrock supply caches hidden across Gorgrond. Destroying them would strike a grave blow to our enemy.

92Combat1× 10 60 min300
Bug Squashing

Ravagers reproduce quickly and eat anything. Like crickets. They're also homicidal and roughly the size of horses. Not like crickets.

96Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs700
Bully-Free Zone

From Azeroth to Draenor, bullies and their cronies remain the same. Please show our new "friends" how we deal with their kind on Azeroth.

95Combat1× 10 30 min600
Cleave the Clefthoof

In this harsh environment, sturdy transportation is essential. Cripple the Iron Horde by taking out its greatest beasts of burden.

90Combat1 30 min100
Curiosity Killed Them

Saberon have begun attacking with wild abandon. They believe they have nine lives. Prove them wrong.

97Combat1× 10 60 min800
Fey Friends

Arcane Anomalies are endangering the Fey Dragons of the Shimmer Mor. Unacceptable!

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Flora and Fauna

Dark magic runs amok in Shadowmoon Valley, giving rise to maddened, unnatural creatures. End their suffering.

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Frosty and Delicious

Elementals are plentiful in Frostfire Ridge. Goren love eating them, and whatever the goren eat, they inherit its powers. Not good.

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Great Migration

Every year, great herds of clefthoof migrate through Gorgrond, causing tremors and dust storms. We must divert them from our camp.

93Combat1 45 min400
Grimfrost Wolfbeaters

The Grimfrost Ogres east of the Icewind Drifts are blatantly mistreating frostwolves. Unacceptable!

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Gronn with the Wind

Our scouts have vanished without a trace! They were last seen entering gronn lands. Find out what happened to them.

99Combat1× 10 2 hrs1000
Gronnlings Abound

Gronnlings are a menace to the region. We should partner with the Frostwolf clan to thin the population. One may even join our cause...

90Combat1 30 min100
Hazardous Herbivores

Hippos are taking over the Verdant Mire. They're violently territorial and extremely tough. They're also blocking key resources.

90Combat1 30 min100
Hurts So Good

Shattered Hand orcs embrace pain, for they say it strengthens them. Make them very strong. Then very dead.

96Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs700
Killing the Corrupted

Corrupted beasts continue to plague the Cursed Woods. The Starfall Sentinels request our aid in putting the poor creatures out of their misery.

90Combat1 30 min100
Knotty by Nature

An ancient has begun attacking everyone and everything in its path. On a related note, we're currently low on firewood.

96Combat1 60 min700
Landfall Recovery

It would be a worthwhile endeavor to search the ship we escaped Tanaan Jungle in, it's bound to turn up something useful!

90Combat1× 5 30 min100
Landfall Recovery

It would be a worthwhile endeavor to search the ship we escaped Tanaan Jungle in, it's bound to turn up something useful!

90Combat1× 5 30 min100
Leading the Flock

A charismatic high arakkoa priest is inciting his congregation to raid nearby settlements in the name of Terokk. We must defend our allies.

94Combat1× 10 60 min500
Little Biters

A group of goren has settled in a valuable quarry nearby. We need to get them out if we plan to use the quarry in the future.

93Combat1× 10 60 min400
Lord of War

The Bloodmaul ogres have begun raiding Horde outposts, costing us soldiers and supplies. We believe a new warlord is to blame.

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Many-Headed Menace

Habitat changes in Gorgrond have forced hydras to encroach on draenei settlements. It is a pity, but we must kill these desperate beasts.

92Combat1 45 min300
Medical Necessity

Our soldiers in the field need medical supplies, but Warsong orcs are patrolling the road. Escort the caravan so it makes its destination.

98Combat1 1.5 hrs900
Mercy Killing

War has ravaged the region's plant life, and the clefthoof don't have enough to eat. We should thin out their numbers before they starve.

98Combat1 1.5 hrs900

We think the recent dread raven attacks are connected to the arakkoa. We'll investigate them. You hunt down and kill their minions.

97Combat1 60 min800
No Dwarf Left Behind

Shadowmoon forces have abducted a Wildhammer shaman near the Cursed Woods. Rescue our foolhardy ally and bring the orcs to justice.

91Combat1× 10 60 min200
Nuisance Gronnling

Gronnlings continue to interrupt our efforts to expand into Gorgrond. We need to thin their numbers if we wish to gain a foothold.

93Combat1× 10 30 min400

High ogre warriors are in battle array, screaming that they're going to "destroy the interlopers." Do you think they're talking about us?

99Combat1× 10 2 hrs1000
Ogron's Out of the Bag

We know the ogron are going to attack soon because they told us. No one ever said they were smart. Stop them before they do any real harm.

93Combat1 45 min400
One Mission To Rule Them All

The sword of a thousand truths must be destroyed in the Blackrock Foundry. Make it happen dawg.

90Combat1 10 min200
Out of His Element

Enraged, Stonegar has begun attacking shaman near the Throne of the Elements. We must send forces to aid.

99Combat1 1.5 hrs1000
Podling Patrol

Wayward podlings have stolen a crate of our giant growth elixirs. Recover the potions before the creatures consume them and run amok.

91Combat1 60 min200
Raider Danger

Warsong orcs have razed our camp to the north, and the lone survivor says they're headed this way. We must repel the invaders!

99Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs1000
Rangari Rescue

The Shadowmoon have taken several Rangari and Alliance forces captive. Infiltrate and rescue!

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Ravenous Genesaur

The Gorgrond genesaur have overhunted in their territory and are raiding nearby draenei camps for food. Attack them and lure them away.

92Combat1× 10 60 min300
Relic Hunter: Amulet of Rukhmar

Claim the power of the arakkoa god before the Adherents of Rukhmar can take it for themselves.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Grimoire of Nameless Void

Destroy the ancient barrier to access this dark and powerful tome.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Gronnsbane

Seek the blessings of Frostfire to empower the ancient Thunderlord spear.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Gutrek's Cleaver

Reforge the weapon of the most brutal gladiator to fight in the Ring of Blood.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Silent Skull

Take the cursed skull mask from the legendary Laughing Skull assassin.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Restless Spirits

Shadowmoon Valley is haunted by orc spirits that lash out in confusion and rage. Until they are put to rest, no one is safe.

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Rylak Attrition

Killing full-grown rylaks has not diminished their numbers in the least. Scour their nesting grounds and end this menace at the source.

91Combat1× 10 60 min200
Ryled Up

Our livestock have gone missing. Tracks point to the rylaks. Deal with the threat, but don't take them lightly.

97Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs800
Safer Up Close

Iron Horde siege weapons are deadly at a distance but vulnerable up close. Targeting their armaments with a small force may prove wise.

93Combat1× 10 60 min400
Shivan Sightings

Shivan have been sighted on the outskirts of Talador. They may be the first wave of a Burning Legion incursion. Investigation is warranted.

94Combat1× 10 60 min500

The Iron Horde's shredders are laying waste to Talador's forests. Bastards. If someone's doing that, it should be our forces.

95Combat1× 10 45 min600
Silence the Thunder

Thunderlord hunting parties have been sighted to the north. Set an ambush in the cliffs and show them what the real Horde is made of!

91Combat1× 10 60 min200
Skyward Threat

Rylaks from the Burning Glacier have been attacking our supply caravans. The material must flow!

90Combat1 30 min100