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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Bad Day at Work Rare

Several laborers have gone missing, and we fear that the arakkoa plan to burn them alive in sacrifice. We must save them!

96Combat3× 20 1.9 hrs1050

Scouts report that strange figures are lurking near Auchindoun, disturbing the mausoleums. We must destroy anything with even a hint of fel.

100Combat6153× 20 8 hrs1500
Arakkoa Ancestry Rare

Some ancient artifacts containing untold knowledge are being jealously guarded by arakkoa out in Spires of Arak.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Apexis Nexus

Our need for equipment upgrades never ends, take a few of our best to the apexis excavation site.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Ancient of Corruption

Rumors swirl of an ancient gone awry in the undergrowth. Track down this "Shadowbark" and take care of business.

97Combat3× 20 10 hrs1600
Ancient Anguish

It's time to chop down a few ancient trees. Only the ones that are demonically corrupted, mind you. The rest, you can hug if you like.

91Combat1× 10 60 min200
Ancient Affliction

A strange disease is spreading among Gorgrond's ancients, driving them mad. Destroy them before the infection escalates.

92Combat1× 10 60 min300
All That Glitters

Redistributing wealth from the departed isn't stealing. Trouble is, there's a mighty arakkoan sorcerer who doesn't know it. Do let him know.

94Combat1 45 min500
All Aboard the Fail Boat

Our enemies boast that their massive ship at the Iron Docks cannot be sunk. This crate of shiny new seaforium charges begs to differ.

100Combat6153× 15 8 hrs1500
Abyssal Core

The white-hot cores of the abyssals assaulting Shattrath could be useful as a compressed fuel source, if we can obtain a few.

100Combat3× 15 4 hrs1500
A Way Out Rare

A group of defectors wishes to escape the Iron Horde! Let's clear the way for them.

99Combat3× 15 2 hrs1500
A Rune With a View Rare

In the chaos of the battle of Shattrath, the Sargerei absconded with some of the Elemental Runes that Khadgar is looking for.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
A Grave Mistake

The Sargerei and their allies continue their desecration of Auchindoun. I recommend executing our "no traitor left behind alive" policy.

100Combat6303× 30 8 hrs1500
A Call to Action

Absolute power corrupts, and that's absolutely the reason we must neutralize this powerful warlock. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

95Combat1× 10 60 min600
A Bit Nippy

Lately the plains have been even more bitterly cold than usual. Find out what's causing this weather before it starts costing lives.

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
A Bird in the Hand

A little bird informed me that the arakkoa of Skyreach have been preying on our forward scouts. Make sure they regret that decision.

100Combat6153× 20 10 hrs1500