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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Orcs in the Mountains!

Kill the orcs in the mountains.

90Patrol3 8 sec100
Frostfire Patrol

This is Matt's test mission *bugles and horns blair a triumphant tune*

90Patrol3 10 sec100
The Night Watch

A regular patrol around the garrison seems like a good idea...

90Patrol1× 5 30 min100
The Night Watch

A regular patrol around the garrison seems like a good idea...

90Patrol1× 5 30 min100
Tracking Griftah Rare

Some shifty troll sold our troops a bunch of worthless junk. Rough him up a bit and get a refund!

90Patrol1× 10 30 min500
Aerial Rodents of Unusual Size

The frostwing screechers of the Southwind Cliffs are overpopulated. If ignored, this will eventually disrupt mining operations.

91Patrol1× 10 45 min200
Artillery Suppression

Iron Horde artillery units have positioned themselves on the ridge above the Shivering Trench. This is a clear and present danger!

91Patrol1× 10 45 min200
Dessicus Maximus

The elementals of Gorgrond are regularly whipped into a frenzy by Dessicus of the Dead Pools. Let's see what we can do about that.

92Patrol2× 10 45 min300
Hapless Heroes

Scouting reports indicate some substandard adventurers are trapped in Deathweb Hollow. I suppose we should lend a hand.

95Patrol2× 10 45 min600
Podlings of Unusual Size

Some say the podlings of Gloomshade Grove bow to the mad king of the east. Find him, and end his reign of podling terror.

91Patrol1× 10 45 min200
Primal Savages

The saberon continue to be a menace to our outpost in Gorgrond. Let's show them why this world isn't named Sabronia.

93Patrol2× 10 45 min400
The Kaliri Nuisance

A reduced kaliri population would be greatly appreciated by virtually every hero moving about the skies, for all time.

94Patrol2× 10 45 min500
Warpstalker Predators

We'll need to regularly fend off warpstalkers in the Shimmering Mor to ensure a steady supply of fey dragons for transport purposes.

91Patrol1× 10 45 min200
Gorging Ogres

The Highmaul ogres have an excavation underway at Stonecrag Gorge. Get in there and extract information about their relics!

98Patrol2× 10 60 min900
Lug'dol's Thugs

Lug'dol and his nascent brawler thugs are using our supply escorts for combat practice. You know we can't allow this to continue.

99Patrol2× 10 60 min1000
Raiders of the Lost Shard

The arakkoa have enslaved more outcasts and have resumed their excavation efforts. Another setback for them is in order.

96Patrol2× 10 60 min700
The Upper Hand

The Shattered Hand clan is positioned on the Shattered Rise and likely to strike again. Handle it!

97Patrol2× 10 60 min800
Rescue on the Bloody Cliffs

The bloodmaul ogres of the Stonefury Cliffs are infamous as brutal slavemasters. Show no quarter and free their slaves.

100Patrol3× 15 6 hrs1500
Ruinous Portents

If our troops are to become battle hardened, there would be no better test than the immense magnaron, Drov the Ruiner.

100Patrol3× 10 6 hrs1500
An Eye for Terror

We need to shut down the legion gateways in operation within Shattrath. Strike out at their vigilant watchful eyes.

100Patrol3× 10 8 hrs1500
Harboring Ill Will

The Iron Horde is running critical supply missions from the beach of Ironfist Harbor. Three of our best should disrupt their operations.

100Patrol3× 15 8 hrs1500
Rise to Power

The Sargerei have taken control of Socrethar's Rise and are establishing countless demonic portals, we can't let this continue.

100Patrol3× 20 8 hrs1500
Bladefist Hold Rare

The Shattered Hand clan has established the ironically named Bladefist Hold. Let's make a mockery of it.

100Patrol3× 25 10 hrs1500