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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Steeltusk Lives

The Iron Horde have equipped a particularly violent elekk named Steeltusk. Let's make sure this doesn't become more common.

95Combat3× 20 10 hrs1200
Summer is Here Rare

The saberon have highly developed rituals and customs. Live among them, learn their ways, and gain strength from this experience.

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
The Bloodmane Scrolls Rare

The ruthless war prides of the Bloodmane have made off with the Reveries of Sethek, scrolls sacred to the outcasts.

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
The Gorian Warmaster

We've isolated the murderous Warmaster Blugthol to a tower within Mar'gok's Overwatch. It's time to take him out.

98Combat3× 20 10 hrs1800
The Hills of Talbuk Past

Rumors speak of a ghostly talbuk that haunts the southern reaches of Shadowmoon Valley, we should investigate.

91Combat3× 20 10 hrs400
The Liberation of Shattrath Rare

The once-great city of Shattrath continues to be subjugated by the legion. Cry havoc, and let slip the followers of war.

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
The Mother of All Kaliri

Hen-Mother Hami. She who breeds the swooping terrors of the sky. Find her, subdue her, and restore freedom to the skies.

94Combat3× 20 10 hrs1000
The Umbral Giant

The marshes of the Umbrafen are the stomping ground of Ba'ruun, a danger to all that need enter the fen.

90Combat3× 20 10 hrs200
Tusks Like Icicles

Coldtusk the boar continues to roam the shivering trench, and clearly we can't rely on the ravagers to take care of him.

90Combat3× 20 10 hrs200
What's Mine Is A Mine

Word has it that an Iron Horde mine near our outpost has hit a rich vein. We can't let them have nice things. Storm in and claim the mine.

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500
You, Robot Rare

With the installation of a negatronic control unit, a true emotional bond between lifeform and machine can happen! Get one!

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
Arakkoa Ancestry Rare

Some ancient artifacts containing untold knowledge are being jealously guarded by arakkoa out in Spires of Arak.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Blizzard Convention Rare

A group of frost furies has gathered in the snowy wastes of Frostfire Ridge and laid waste to a caravan carrying valuable weaponry.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Breaker Two Rare

Two enormous breakers have been spotted out on Gorgrond. What better way to test our might?

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Burning Blademasters Rare

A group of burning blademaster spirits has been roused by the activities in Nagrand. We should investigate.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Eldritch Horrors Rare

Rumors abound of terrible demons near Shattrath that could drive a follower insane by just looking at them.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Fiery Friends Rare

A group of tiny fiery puppies was spotted deep within Blackrock Foundry. If we save them, we may be able to raise them.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Monstrous Menagerie Rare

Tanaan Jungle is a harsh landscape, home to some of the most powerful beasts on this world.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Ogrecoming Adversity Rare

The ogres found a huge supply cache out in Frostfire Ridge. Who's up for some ogre hunting?

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
The Botani Stirr Rare

The botani of Shadowmoon have regrown, stonger than ever. Let us show them our might and test ourselves in the process.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
The Consuming Void Rare

A deep chasm, filled with blackness, was found deep within the burial grounds. Who knows what horrors await us there?

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
The Ring of Trials Rare

Sometimes, a follower's skills just aren't cutting the mustard. The ring offers a rare opportunity to retrain.

100Training1× 25 16 hrs1500
A Rune With a View Rare

In the chaos of the battle of Shattrath, the Sargerei absconded with some of the Elemental Runes that Khadgar is looking for.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
Beyond the Pale Rare

The Bladefist clan are capturing pale prisoners. We suspect they're looking for the same Elemental Runes as Khadgar.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
He Keeps it Where? Rare

A powerful Bloodmaul magma-shaper is using an Abrogator Stone as a piece of navel jewelry. Don't tell Khadgar where we got it.

100Combat3× 50 23.9 hrs1500
It's Rigged! Rare

Ogres are wagering an Abrogator Stone on an upcoming Ring of Blood gladiatorial contest. Send in the ringers.

100Combat3× 50 23.9 hrs1500
Lost in the Weeds Rare

A failed Stonemaul assault on the Overlook Ruins has left ogre corpses everywhere. Search them for an Abrogator stone!

100Combat3× 50 23.9 hrs1500
Pumping Iron Rare

Elemental Runes have been smuggled into the Iron Siegeworks. Essentially a suicide mission. Send followers you don't like.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
Rock the Boat Rare

Disrupt tense negotiations between the Iron Horde and the Highmaul ogres to acquire an Abrogator Stone for Khadgar.

100Combat3× 50 23.9 hrs1500
Rocks Fall. Everyone Dies. Rare

The Iron Horde have subjugated a stone fury in Ironfist Harbor. It's got the Elemental Runes Khadgar seeks.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
The Great Train Robbery Rare

The Iron Horde is moving an Elemental Rune via train to the Blackrock Foundry. It's ambush time.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
The Pits Rare

Good news! We've located some Elemental Runes that Khadgar is looking for. Bad News: They're in The Pits.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
Tower of Terror Rare

Scouts have discovered a ruined ogre guard tower in Talador. It's haunted. Also, we're running out of scouts.

100Combat3× 50 23.9 hrs1500