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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
The "Emissary"

We've heard whispers that a demon has been offering the Highmountain tauren dark power.

100Patrol7601 10 sec100
Retaining Control

We've heard rumors of a powerful new demon presence in Faronaar. We should investigate before it threatens our hold on the area.

100Patrol7601 10 sec100
Never Trust a Mage

The mages of Dalaran seem trustworthy... but are they?

-1Patrol1 30 min100
Eyes to the Skies

There have been sightings of Legion scouts in the skies above the forest canopy.

100Patrol7602 30 min100
Calling Their Bluff

A Fel Lord may be building up forces in the harsh northern bluffs.

100Patrol7601 10 sec100