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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Reconnaissance: Azsuna

Azsuna appears to be an idyllic island teeming with wildlife. Reports of magical activity in the area, however, suggest that not all is as it sems.

-1Scouting1 30 sec100
Reconnaissance: Highmountain

Highmountain is all that stands of the range that once divided Suramar from the northern lands. Rumor has it that the leader of an ancient tauren tribe on the lonely mountain's slopes wields a relic of legendary power.

-1Scouting1 30 sec100
Reconnaissance: Stormheim

Once grazing land for the beasts of the Suramar elves, the bluffs of Stormheim now serve as the capital of an ancient race of Vrykul that fled the northern lands after the Great Sundering.

-1Scouting1 30 sec100
Reconnaissance: Val'Sharah

Val'Sharah once stood as the heart of druidism on Azeroth, the mighty world tree Shaladrassil standing tall at its center. There are sure to be long-lost secrets hidden in its thickets that would be useful against the Legion.

-1Scouting1 30 sec100
Finding a Gateway

If we can find a usable Legion gateway, we can launch an assault on one of their worlds and take it as our own.

100Scouting2 60 sec100