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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Waycrest Legacy 59    Ring, Trinket
Keepsakes of the Resolute Commandant 6050    Ring, One-handed Sword
Gift of the Loa 6050    Ring, Cloak
Brain Trust 6050    Plate, Shield
Titanic Empowerment 8550    Trinket
The Mail Courier 100-14848-60                Mail
Hack and Gore 14860    One-handed Axe
Hack and Gore 14860    One-handed Axe
Vestments of the Selfless 15050                  Cloth, Cloak
Vestments of the Selfless 15050                  Plate, Cloak
Garb of the Selfless 15050                  Leather, Cloak
Chain of the Selfless 15050                  Mail, Cloak
Runewarden's Guise 15560                    Mail, Cloak
Queensguard Warbark 15560                  Plate, Cloak
Oakheart Raiment 15560                    Leather, Cloak
Inscrutable Exile's Garb 15558        Necklace, Ring, Cloak
Faewoven Regalia 15560                    Cloth, Cloak
Soulbreaker's Ebony Vestments 15560                  Cloth, Cloak
Rationale of Maldraxxus 15560                  Cloth, Cloak
Guile of Maldraxxus 15560                  Leather, Cloak
Fearstalker's Ebony Battlegear 15560                  Mail, Cloak
Ebony Death Shroud Armor 15560                  Leather, Cloak
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Battleplate 15560                  Plate, Cloak
Authority of Maldraxxus 15560                  Plate, Cloak
Alacrity of Maldraxxus 15560                  Mail, Cloak
Cypher Attunement Rigging 20060                    Cloth, Necklace, Ring
Ripped Secrets 24660    Dagger
Theurgic Starspeaker's Regalia 25260          Mail
The First Eidolon's Soulsteel 25260          Plate
Death Knight
Tapestry of the Fixed Stars 25260          Leather
Soulblade Shadowhide 25260          Leather
Shroud of the Demon Star 25260          Cloth
Mercurial Punisher's Painweave 25260          Leather
Demon Hunter
Luminous Chevalier's Gallantry 25260          Plate
Habiliments of the Empyrean 25260          Cloth
Godstalker's Battlegear 25260          Mail
Garb of the Grand Upwelling 25260          Leather
Erudite Occultist's Vestments 25260          Cloth
Armaments of the Infinite Infantry 25260          Plate
Shroud of Raging Tempests 35060                Leather
Scales of Raging Tempests 35060                Mail
Drape of Raging Tempests 35060                Cloth
Drakebreaker's Vestments 35060                Leather
Drakebreaker's Garb 35060                Cloth
Drakebreaker's Battlegear 35060                Mail
Drakebreaker's Armor 35060                Plate
Armor of Raging Tempests 35060                Plate
Woven Chronocloth 35070      Cloth
Playful Spirit's Fur 35070      Leather
Horizon Strider's Garments 35070      Mail
Dragon Rider's Gear 35070    Cloth
Azureweave Vestments 35070      Cloth
Wrappings of the Waking Fist 389-39870          Leather
Virtuous Silver Cataphract 389-39870          Plate
Vault Delver's Toolkit 389-39870          Leather
Stormwing Harrier's Camouflage 389-39870          Mail
Stones of the Walking Mountain 389-39870          Plate
Skybound Avenger's Flightwear 389-39870          Leather
Demon Hunter
Scalesworn Cultist's Habit 389-39870          Cloth
Scales of the Awakened 389-39870          Mail
Lost Landcaller's Vesture 389-39870          Leather
Haunted Frostbrood Remains 389-39870          Plate
Death Knight
Elements of Infused Earth 389-39870          Mail
Draconic Hierophant's Finery 389-39870          Cloth
Bindings of the Crystal Scholar 389-39870          Cloth
Contender's Defense 45090                Leather