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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Lushwater Cloak
11Back Hezrul Bloodmark Back
Transdimensional Cloak
11Back Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III Back
Venomous Silk Cover
11Back They're Alive! Maybe... Back
Cookie's Table Cloth
10Back The Defias Kingpin Back
Cookie's Table Cloth
10Back The Defias Kingpin Back
Heart Wrapper
10Back Shore Leave Back
Mutineer's Cloak
10Back Mutiny, Mon! Back
Cloak of Insomnia
9Back Like a Fart in the Wind Back
Cloak of Secret Purpose
9Back The Great Escape Back
Disposable Cloak
9Back Halo Drops Back
Sludge Fen Cloak
9Back Sludge Beast! Back
Sylastor's Cloak
9Back Deactivate An'owyn Back
Silver Embroidered Cloak
8Back Disturbing Connections Back
Cloak of the People's Militia
8Back Back
Cromush's Cloak
8Back Korok the Colossus Back
Finely Woven Cloak
8Back Back
Gustweald Cloak
8Back Back
Long Draping Cape
8BackUnobtainable Back
Mystic Shawl
8BackUnobtainable Back
War Blood Cloak
8Back Vengeance for Our Soldiers Back
Watch Captain's Cloak
8Back WANTED: Redridge Gnolls Back
Yowling Cloak
8Back Still Assessing the Threat Back
Rugged Cape
8Back Back
Cloak of the Clarion Call
7Back The Battle for Gilneas City Back
Sunscale Cloak
7Back Into the Raptor's Den Back
Surveyor's Mantle
7Back Salvaging the Data Back
Candy's Cloak
6Back Back
Chip's Cloak
6BackQuest Back
Cover of Leaves
6Back Denying Manpower Back
Golden Sunshine Cloak
6Back Westfall Stew Back
Greymane Cloak
6Back Betrayal at Tempest's Reach Back
Pygmy Cloak
6Back Back
Renzithen's Dusty Cloak
6Back The Plagued Coast Back
Tidal Cloak
6Back Power Over the Tides Back
Cloak of Courage
5Back Waiting to Exsanguinate Back
Cloak of the Stag
5Back The Ritual Bond Back
Durable Drape
5Back The Vengeance of Elune Back
Equicide Cloak
5Back Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me Back
Flame Retardant Sheet
5Back Through Fire and Flames Back
Gnomish Parachute Scrap
5Back The Pride of Kezan Back
Ironheart Chain Cloak
5Back Filthy Paws Back
Mori's Cloak
5Back The Lost Pilot Back
Nubish Cloak
5Back The Gilneas Liberation Front Back
Rain-Spotted Cape
5Back The Enchanted Glade Back
Rat Ear Cloak
5Back Back
Scene Investigator's Wrap
5Back Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me Back
T'veen's Cloak
5Back Iterating Upon Success Back
Goat Fur Cloak
5Back Back
Old Blanchy's Blanket
5Back Back
Scout's Cloak
5Back Back
Banner Cloak
4Back Bilgewater Cartel Represent Back
Mechachicken Feather Cloak
4Back The Biggest Egg Ever Back
Pygmy Cloak
4Back Send a Message Back
Adept's Cloak
4Back Back
Executor's Cape
4Back Annihilate the Worgen Back
Moongraze Fur Cloak
4Back The Great Moongraze Hunt Back
Oil-Stained Cloak
4Back Back
Seasoned Fighter's Cloak
4Back Back
Zen'Taji's Cloak
4Back That's the End of That Raptor Back
Orange Blanket
3Back Grandma's Cat Back
Springpaw Hide Cloak
3Back Pelt Collection Back
Thunderhorn Cloak
3Back Sharing the Land Back
Flowing Cloak
2Back Back
Battered Cloak
2Back Those That Couldn't Be Saved Back
Battleworn Cape
2Back Back
Daylight Cloak
2Back Back
Draped Cloak
2Back Vile Touch Back
Ensign Cloak
2Back Back
Ragged Wolf Hide Cloak
2Back Coldridge Mountaineer's Pouch Back
Rat-Gnawed Blanket
2Back Back
Short Duskbat Cape
2Back Recruitment Back
Wine-Stained Cloak
2Back Back
Ancestral Chieftain's Totem
1Back Back
Eternal Traveler's Cloak
1Back Back
Flrrgl's Shaking Shell
1Back Back
G.E.A.R. Commander's Cloak
1Back Back
Grrgl's Spotted Shell
1Back Back
Mechagnome Heritage Cloak
1Back Back
Mrrgl's Shiny Shell
1Back Back
Ren'dorei Cloak
1Back Back
Renowned Explorer's Dustcover
1Back Back
Renowned Explorer's Rucksack
1Back Back
Sin'dorei Cloak
1Back Back
Vulpera Heritage Rucksack
1Back Back
Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak
1BackVendor Back
Banded Gilnean Cloak
1BackVendor Back
Inherited Cape of the Black Baron
1BackVendor Back
Ripped Sandstorm Cloak
1BackVendor Back
Stone Guard's Bladed Cloak
1BackVendor Back
Worn Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape
1BackVendor Back
Alliance Toy Cape
1Back Back
Hidden Cloak
1Back Back
Horde Toy Cape
1Back Back
Doomsday Message
1Back Back
Fallout Cover
1Back Back
Wolf Fur Coat
1Back Back