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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Grimaxe's Black Breastplate
5Chest Grimaxe's Demise Leather
Kurken Hide Jerkin
5Chest The Kurken's Hide Leather
Tunic of Dark Leather
5Chest Grimaxe's Demise Leather
Bound Harness
5Chest Leather
Gilnean Trapper's Tunic
5Chest Leather
Ranger's Vest
5Chest Warning Fairbreeze Village Leather
Tiller's Vest
5Chest Leather
Yngwie's Vest
4Chest Send a Message Leather
Dark Lady's Vest
4ChestUnobtainable Leather
Hard Leather Tunic
4Chest Protecting the Herd Leather
Light Scorpid Armor
4Chest Leather
Thornroot Vest
4Chest Ursal the Mauler Leather
Black Leather Vest
3Chest The Dead Scar Leather
Dark Ranger's Vest
3Chest Leader of the Pack Leather
Earthmother's Vest
3Chest Rite of Vision Leather
Miner's Vest
3Chest Miner Troubles Leather
Tiragarde Vest
3Chest From Bad to Worse Leather
Goldshire Heavy Jacket
2Chest Report to Goldshire Leather
Layered Tunic
2ChestUnobtainable Leather
Nomadic Vest
2Chest Leather
Scarred Battleboar Chest
2Chest The Battleboars Leather
Scavenger Tunic
2Chest Scourge on our Perimeter Leather
Scout Hunter Vest
2Chest Invaders in Our Home Leather
Soft Leather Vest
2Chest Major Malfunction Leather
Sweat-Caked Leather Vest
2Chest Leather
Weathered Leather Vest
2Chest The Blood Elves Leather
Woodland Tunic
2Chest Precious Waters Leather
CRobinson Leather Chest
1Chest Leather
Druid's Tunic
1Chest Leather
Fierce Heart Vest
1Chest Consort of the Sea Witch Leather
Footpad's Vest
1Chest Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Tunic
1Chest Leather
Goblin Primitive's Mantle
1Chest Leather
Goblin Thug's Tunic
1Chest Leather
Lookout's Vest
1Chest Leather
Rogue's Tunic
1Chest Leather
Thug Vest
1Chest Leather
Tunnel Worm Vest
1Chest Trouble in the Mines Leather
Winter Jacket
1Chest Make Hay While the Sun Shines Leather