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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Vest of the Thousand Needles
24Chest Spread the Word Leather
Dustwind Vest
24Chest Forcible Acquisition Leather
Vest of Restraint
24Chest Third Sample: Implanted Eggs Leather
Walloper's Chestpiece
24Chest The Good Stuff Leather
Fizzle's Vest
23Chest Deliver the Goods Leather
Pozzik's Vest
23Chest Deliver the Goods Leather
Raptor Hunter Tunic
23Chest Leather
Rookie's Tunic
23Chest Leather
Warpwood Bark Vest
22Chest Alzzin the Wildshaper Leather
Brogg's Battle Harness
22Chest Leather
Marshwarden's Tunic
22Chest Corrosion Prevention Leather
Plaguebat Vest
22Chest Rough Roads Leather
Swindler's Vest
22Chest Back to Crazzle Leather
Swindler's Vest
22Chest Back to Riznek Leather
Vest of Discovery
22Chest Villains of Darrowshire Leather
Charlga's Breastplate
21Chest Agamaggan's Charge Leather
Bullmastiff Vest
21Chest Foxes and Hounds Leather
Farmer's Vest
21Chest A Mighty Hunger Leather
Gloria's Work Vest
21Chest Memories from a Lost Past Leather
Grimtotem Earthbinder's Tunic
21Chest Direhorn Raiders Leather
Jangdor's Handcrafted Vest
21Chest Improved Quality Leather
Pratt's Handcrafted Vest
21Chest Improved Quality Leather
Bruised Vest
20Chest Turning the Brashtide Leather
Vest of Abomification
20Chest Smarts-is-Smarts Leather
Vest of Bael'dun Keep
20Chest Bael'dun Rescue Leather
Vest of Flowing Water
19Chest Return and Report Leather
Gilt Cuirass
19Chest To the Hilt! Leather
Gilt Cuirass
19Chest To the Hilt! Leather
Riptide Vest
19Chest Swabbing Duty Leather
Sandrene's Invisible Vest
19Chest Dark Vessels Leather
Sandrene's Invisible Vest
19Chest Dark Vessels Leather
Vest of the Nightmare Rift
19Chest The Nightmare Scar Leather
Temple's Vest
18ChestQuest Leather
Brawnhide Armor
18ChestUnobtainable Leather
Breastplate of Zul'Mamwe
18Chest Zul'Mamwe Mambo Leather
Breastplate of Zul'Mamwe
18Chest Zul'Mamwe Mambo Leather
Grizzly Tunic
18Chest Leather
Iconic Vest
18Chest If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Leather
Messenger's Chestpiece
18Chest No Time for Goodbyes! Leather
Raptorbane Armor
18Chest Leather
Ribbed Breastplate
18Chest Leather
Snapbrook Armor
18Chest Leather
Steelgut Vest
18Chest Drowned Sorrows Leather
Velvety Vest
18Chest Plush Pelts Leather
Vest of Dark Rumors
18Chest Wanted! Marez Cowl Leather
Boorguard Tunic
17Chest King of the Foulweald Leather
Mistspray Vest
17Chest The Real Threat Leather
Panther Armor
17Chest Leather
Vest of Ashes
17Chest Ashes to Ashes Leather
Braintrust Vest
16Chest The Goblin Braintrust Leather
Jinxed Vest
16Chest Leather
Barkshell Tunic
16Chest Leather
Bone-Studded Leather
16Chest Leather
Dry Moss Tunic
16Chest Leather
Expedition Scouting Gear
16Chest Stopping Kurzen's Legacy Leather
Mizjah Vest
16Chest The Defense of Grom'gol: Ogre Oppression Leather
Watch Master's Breastplate
16Chest Bones That Walk Leather
Tunic of Westfall
15Chest Leather
Potioner's Vest
15Chest A Deadly Vine Leather
Vest of the Phantom
15Chest Deception and Trickery Leather
Camouflaged Tunic
14Chest Leather
Je'neu's Hunting Vest
14Chest Before You Go... Leather
Snellig's Vest
14Chest The Cursed Crew Leather
Thenysil's Vest
14Chest Return Fire Leather
Aberrant Vest
13Chest Freedom for Lydon Leather
Felfire-Tainted Vest
13Chest Playing With Felfire Leather
Night Watch Vest
13Chest Wolves at Our Heels Leather
Powder Burn Vest
13Chest Explosives Shredding Leather
Stoutfist Breastplate
13Chest Assault on Menethil Keep Leather
Bear Hide Vest
12Chest Glorious Harvest Leather
Blue Hide Vest
11Chest Fade to Black Leather
Hide Vest of the Shaman
11Chest Taragaman the Hungerer Leather
Hide Vest of the Shaman
11Chest The Dark Shaman Leather
Vest of the Dragon Slayer
11Chest Razormaw Leather
Soothsaying Vest
10Chest Soothing the Elements Leather
Spongy Vest
10Chest Full of Hot Water Leather
Vest of the Changing Heart
10Chest His Heart Must Be In It Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Tunic
10Chest Leather
Vest of Fortune
9Chest Gazlowe's Fortune Leather
Aetherion Imbued Vest
9Chest Call Down the Thunder Leather
Black Leather Jerkin
9Chest Report to Magister Kaendris Leather
Maatparm's Fungus Lined Vest
9Chest Ysera's Tears Leather
Nozzlepot's Vest
9Chest Sludge Beast! Leather
Retainer Vest
9Chest WANTED: Cap'n Garvey Leather
Starvation Vest
9Chest Like a Fart in the Wind Leather
Spore-Covered Tunic
8Chest Root Samples Leather
Unabashed Vest
7Chest Leather
Wolfsbane Vest
7Chest In Time, All Will Be Revealed Leather
Bloodfang Vest
6Chest Steel Thunder Leather
Bulldozer Vest
6Chest Dozercism Leather
Farstrider's Tunic
6Chest Report to Captain Helios Leather
Footman Tunic
6Chest WANTED: "Hogger" Leather
Harness of Binding
6Chest Leather
Harness of Forward Directions
6Chest Message for Saurfang Leather
Kranal's Vest
6Chest Crossroads Caravan Pickup Leather
Sentinel Hill Vest
6Chest In Defense of Westfall Leather
Tysha's Chestguard
6Chest Denying Manpower Leather
Uncovered Breastplate
6Chest Heartfelt Appreciation Leather
Yngwie's Vest
6Chest Leather
Arachnophobe's Breastplate
5Chest Queen-Sized Troubles Leather