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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Spothide Leggings
7Legs Jango Spothide Leather
Igneous Leggings
6Legs Victory! Leather
Britches of Desperate Measures
6Legs Nowhere to Run Leather
Leggings of Uncanny Courage
6Legs In Defense of the King's Lands Leather
Orbital Leggings
6Legs Escape Velocity Leather
Shard-Covered Leggings
6Legs Learning from the Crystals Leather
Vagabond Leggings
6Legs Leather
Britches of Turning Fortune
5Legs The Vengeance of Elune Leather
Duskwatcher's Leggings
5Legs Wildmane Cleansing Leather
Expeditionary Leather Legguards
5LegsQuest Leather
Expeditionary Leather Legguards
5LegsQuest Leather
Hightailing Leggings
5Legs Losing Your Tail Leather
Maggot-Ridden Leggings
5Legs Iterating Upon Success Leather
Patched Pants
5Legs Cloth and Leather Armor Leather
Ravager Hide Leggings
5Legs Beasts of the Apocalypse! Leather
Restless Leggings
5Legs A Love Eternal Leather
Savage Leggings
5Legs Gurf's Dignity Leather
Senator's Dignified Pants
5Legs The Public Servant Leather
Shackled Bindings
5Legs The Enchanted Glade Leather
Tranquillien Breeches
5Legs Anok'suten Leather
Witchdoctor Leggings
5Legs Three Little Pygmies Leather
Duskbat Pants
4Legs The Chill of Death Leather
Quilboar Hide Leggings
4Legs Raggaran's Fury Leather
Rough-Hewn Kodo Leggings
4LegsQuest Leather
Sailor's Leggings
4Legs The Enemy of My Enemy Leather
Caregiver's Leggings
3Legs Save the Children! Leather
Springpaw Hide Leggings
3Legs Pelt Collection Leather
Wendigo Leggings
3Legs Pilfered Supplies Leather
Canopy Leggings
2Legs Fel Moss Corruption Leather
Cold Focus Leggings
2Legs No More Mercy Leather
Dust-Covered Leggings
2Legs Leather
Dwarven Leather Pants
2LegsUnobtainable Leather
Poison-Cured Britches
2Legs Sting of the Scorpid Leather
Rabbit Chaser's Leggings
2Legs Rite of Courage Leather
Rough Leather Leggings
2LegsQuest Leather
Slashed Leather Leggings
2Legs Leather
Spymaster's Legs
2LegsQuest Leather
Tight-Fitting Leather Leggings
2Legs Rolling with my Homies Leather
Zombie Skin Leggings
2Legs Night Web's Hollow Leather
Preened Wildfeather Leggings
1LegsAchievement, Vendor Leather
Stained Shadowcraft Pants
1LegsAchievement, Vendor Leather
CRobinson Leather Pants
1Legs Leather
Lookout's Pants
1Legs Leather