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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Streamslither Chestguard
44ChestLooted Mail
Streamslither Gauntlets
44HandsLooted Mail
Streamslither Helm
44HeadLooted Mail
Streamslither Legguards
44LegsLooted Mail
Streamslither Spaulders
44ShouldersLooted Mail
Thorignir Javelin Mantle
44Shoulders Wings of Liberty Mail
Thornbrace Boots
44Feet To Old Friends Mail
Thornbrace Chainmail
44Chest Entangled Dreams Mail
Thornbrace Helm
44Head Entangled Dreams Mail
Thornbrace Spaulders
44Shoulders To Old Friends Mail
Troll Auxillary Chainmail
44Chest Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Mail
Violet Guardian's Helm
44Head Assault on Violet Hold: Purple Pain Mail
Wall Watcher's Coif
44Head Ending the New Beginning Mail
Whitewater Amice
44Shoulders The Underking Mail
Whitewater Boots
44Feet The Three Mail
Whitewater Chestwrap
44Chest Can't Hold a Candle To You Mail
Whitewater Headguard
44Head The Underking Mail
Whitewater Helmet
44Head The Three Mail
Whitewater Links
44Waist Demon Detainment Mail
Academy Chain
44Waist Hit the Books Mail
Apostate's Hauberk
44Chest Our Very Bones Mail
Armbands of Unrelenting Anguish
44Wrists The Nightmare Lord Mail
Blackfeather Grips
44HandsQuest Mail
Blighthound Master's Greaves
44Feet A Grim Trophy Mail
Charged Stormwing Belt
44WaistQuest Mail
Dark Ranger Shoulderguards
44Shoulders The Splintered Fleet Mail
Dark Ranger Wristguards
44Wrists The Splintered Fleet Mail
Deep Squatter's Belt
44Waist Guhruhlruhlruh Mail
Elementally Infused Boots
44Feet Nobundo's Last Stand Mail
Felmonger's Treads
44Feet They Have A Pitlord Mail
Greywatch Spaulders
44Shoulders Cut Out the Heart Mail
Gryphonstalker's Visage
44Head A Grim Trophy Mail
Helm of the Fel Shaman
44Head They Have A Pitlord Mail
Helmet of Demon Warding
44Head Reignite the Wards Mail
Humming Stormwing Chest
44ChestQuest Mail
Lead-Studded Chestguard
44Chest Scout It Out Mail
Mistcaller Mail Belt
44Waist Accessories of the Cursed Mail
Nobundo's Earthshaper Kilt
44Legs Nobundo's Last Stand Mail
Oenologer's Protection Bands
44Wrists Challiane Vineyards Mail
Pinerock Tracker's Shoulderguards
44Shoulders Scout It Out Mail
Runesworn Boots
44Feet Regal Remains Mail
Scrapper's Coif
44Head Round 1, Fight! Mail
Seaspray Bracers
44Wrists The Headmistress' Keys Mail
Seaspray Chain Boots
44Feet The Scythe of Souls Mail
Seaspray Cinch
44Waist They Came From the Sea Mail
Seaspray Gauntlets
44Hands Their Dying Breaths Mail
Seaspray Helm
44Head They Came From the Sea Mail
Seaspray Leggings
44Legs Our Very Bones Mail
Seaspray Mantle
44Shoulders Round 1, Fight! Mail
Seaspray Pants
44Legs Save Yourself Mail
Seaspray Sabatons
44Feet Save Yourself Mail
Shark-Link Gloves
44Hands Hit the Books Mail
Shotgun Rider's Bracers
44Wrists Cut Out the Heart Mail
Skyfire Engineer's Mantle
44Shoulders Greymane's Gambit Mail
Skyfire Engineer's Wristguards
44Wrists Greymane's Gambit Mail
Soul-Stealer's Chain Pants
44Legs Reignite the Wards Mail
Standard Earthen Ring Regalia
44Legs Making the World Safe for Profit Mail
Starlance Mantle
44Shoulders Back from the Dead Mail
Stormborn Bracers
44Wrists Bjornharta Mail
Stormborn Cinch
44Waist Shadows in the Mists Mail
Stormborn Cuffs
44Wrists A Gift for Greymane Mail
Stormborn Gloves
44HandsQuest Mail
Stormborn Hauberk
44Chest What the Bonespeakers Buried Mail
Stormborn Legguards
44Legs Regal Remains Mail
Stormborn Monnion
44Shoulders A Gift for Greymane Mail
Stormborn Tunic
44ChestQuest Mail
Stormborn Waistguard
44WaistQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Belt
44WaistQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Bracers
44WristsQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Chain Belt
44WaistQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Gauntlets
44HandsQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Sabatons
44FeetQuest Mail
Stormsteppe Wristwraps
44Wrists Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot Mail
Streamtalker Armbands
44Wrists Mail
Streamtalker Belt
44Waist Mail
Streamtalker Boots
44Feet Mail
Streamtalker Coif
44Head Mail
Streamtalker Gloves
44Hands Mail
Streamtalker Legwraps
44Legs Mail
Streamtalker Pauldrons
44Shoulders Mail
Streamtalker Tunic
44Chest Mail
Sweat-Swollen Bracers
44Wrists Guhruhlruhlruh Mail
Thornbrace Gauntlets
44Hands The Farmsteads Mail
Thornbrace Girdle
44Waist The Farmsteads Mail
Thornbrace Grips
44Hands Totemic Call Mail
Thornbrace Leggings
44Legs Spread Your Lunarwings and Fly Mail
Thornbrace Sabatons
44Feet Spread Your Lunarwings and Fly Mail
Thornbrace Waistguard
44Waist Totemic Call Mail
Thornbrace Wristguards
44Wrists Maiev's Trail Mail
Tinkerer's Thinking Hat
44Head Signal Boost Mail
Tinkmaster's Buzzing Kickers
44Feet Signal Boost Mail
Trailseeker Belt
44Waist Mail
Trailseeker Bracers
44Wrists Mail
Trailseeker Gauntlets
44Hands Mail
Trailseeker Greaves
44Feet Mail
Trailseeker Helm
44Head Mail
Trailseeker Legguards
44Legs Mail
Trailseeker Spaulders
44Shoulders Mail
Trailseeker Vest
44Chest Mail
Whelp Protector's Mantle
44Shoulders Runas the Shamed Mail