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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Mawsworn Scout's Chainmail
20060Chest Mail
Mawsworn Scout's Cincture
20060Waist Mail
Mawsworn Scout's Coif
20060Head Mail
Mawsworn Scout's Greaves
20060Legs Mail
Mawsworn Scout's Grips
20060Hands Mail
Mawsworn Scout's Shoulderguards
20060Shoulders Mail
Mawsworn Scout's Striders
20060Feet Mail
Dredged Chain Armguards
20040Wrists Mail
Dredged Chain Breeches
20040Legs Mail
Dredged Chain Clasp
20040Waist Mail
Dredged Chain Footguards
20040Feet Mail
Dredged Chain Gauntlets
20040Hands Mail
Dredged Chain Helm
20040Head Mail
Dredged Chain Spaulders
20040Shoulders Mail
Dredged Chain Vest
20040Chest Mail
zzzRated - Mail Belt
19560Waist Mail
zzzRated - Mail Gauntlets
19560Hands Mail
zzzRated - Mail Helm
19560Head Mail
zzzRated - Mail Leggings
19560Legs Mail
zzzRated - Mail Monnion
19560Shoulders Mail
zzzRated - Mail Sabatons
19560Feet Mail
zzzRated - Mail Vest
19560Chest Mail
zzzRated - Mail Wristwraps
19560Wrists Mail
Haru Kiemund's Sabatons
19060Feet Mail
Bone Crushing Vicegrips
18760Hands Mail
Ironroot Bindings
18760Wrists Mail
Jingling Stone Stompers
18760Feet Mail
Mortanis's Ribcage
18760Chest Mail
Servo-Chain Waistguard
18760Waist Mail
Mail Caster Leatherworking Helm
18778Head Mail
Mail Melee Leatherworking Bracer
18778Wrists Mail
Mail Melee Leatherworking Chest
18778Chest Mail
Mail Melee Leatherworking Shoulders
18778Shoulders Mail
Dread Harrier's Pauldrons
18360Shoulders Mail
Grips of the Dreadhound Tamer
18360Hands Mail
Sinful Aspirant's Chain Breeches
17560Legs Mail
Sinful Aspirant's Chain Buckle
17560Waist Mail
Sinful Aspirant's Chain Coils
17560Wrists Mail
Sinful Aspirant's Chain Footguards
17560Feet Mail
Sinful Aspirant's Chain Grips
17560Hands Mail
Sinful Aspirant's Chain Helmet
17560Head Mail
Sinful Aspirant's Chain Monnion
17560Shoulders Mail
17560Chest Mail
Boneshatter Armguards
17560WristsCrafted Mail
Boneshatter Gauntlets
17560HandsCrafted Mail
Boneshatter Greaves
17560LegsCrafted Mail
Boneshatter Helm
17560HeadCrafted Mail
Boneshatter Pauldrons
17560ShouldersCrafted Mail
Boneshatter Treads
17560FeetCrafted Mail
Boneshatter Vest
17560ChestCrafted Mail
Boneshatter Waistguard
17560WaistCrafted Mail
QR IC32 Mail Physical Feet2 - PH
174Feet Mail
QR IC36 Mail Physical Shoulder3 - PH
174Shoulders Mail
QR IC39 Mail Physical Chest3 - PH
174Chest Mail
Articulated Ectoplasmic Specs
16560HeadCrafted Mail
Bonerivitted Armguards
16560WristsCrafted Mail
Bonerivitted Gauntlets
16560HandsCrafted Mail
Bonerivitted Greaves
16560LegsCrafted Mail
Bonerivitted Helm
16560HeadCrafted Mail
Bonerivitted Pauldrons
16560ShouldersCrafted Mail
Bonerivitted Treads
16560FeetCrafted Mail
Bonerivitted Vest
16560ChestCrafted Mail
Bonerivitted Waistguard
16560WaistCrafted Mail
Shadowscale Armguards
16560WristsCrafted Mail
Shadowscale Gauntlets
16560HandsCrafted Mail
Shadowscale Greaves
16560LegsCrafted Mail
Shadowscale Helm
16560HeadCrafted Mail
Shadowscale Pauldrons
16560ShouldersCrafted Mail
Shadowscale Treads
16560FeetCrafted Mail
Shadowscale Vest
16560ChestCrafted Mail
Shadowscale Waistguard
16560WaistCrafted Mail
Sinscale Armguards
16560WristsCrafted Mail
Sinscale Gauntlets
16560HandsCrafted Mail
Sinscale Greaves
16560LegsCrafted Mail
Sinscale Helm
16560HeadCrafted Mail
Sinscale Pauldrons
16560ShouldersCrafted Mail
Sinscale Treads
16560FeetCrafted Mail
Sinscale Vest
16560ChestCrafted Mail
Wildskin Armguards
16560WristsCrafted Mail
Wildskin Gauntlets
16560HandsCrafted Mail
Wildskin Greaves
16560LegsCrafted Mail
Wildskin Helm
16560HeadCrafted Mail
Wildskin Pauldrons
16560ShouldersCrafted Mail
Wildskin Treads
16560FeetCrafted Mail
Wildskin Vest
16560ChestCrafted Mail
Wildskin Waistguard
16560WaistCrafted Mail
Leyguard Cuirass
16460Chest Mail
Leyguard Greaves
16460Legs Mail
Leyguard Mantle
16460Shoulders Mail
Absonant Construct's Handguards
15860Hands Mail
Amphitheater Stalker's Hood
15860Head Mail
Belt of Wretched Manipulations
15860Waist Mail
Blightbone Spaulders
15860Shoulders Mail
Blightborne Chain Legguards
15860Legs Mail
Boots of Shuddering Matter
15860Feet Mail
Clasp of Waning Shadow
15860Waist Mail
Cosmic Aspirant's Chain Belt
15860Waist Mail
Cosmic Aspirant's Chain Bracer
15860Wrists Mail
Cosmic Aspirant's Chain Clasp
15860Waist Mail
Cosmic Aspirant's Chain Gauntlets
15860Hands Mail