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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Mountainscaler Heavy Gauntlets
3733HandsVendor Plate
Narsong Gloves
37Hands Profit Mastery Plate
Narsong Handwraps
37Hands Why So Serious? Plate
Nar'thalas Gauntlets
44Hands Their Dying Breaths Plate
Nazmani Warplate Battlegloves
50Hands Krag'wa the Terrible Plate
Nazmani Warplate Crushers
50Hands Plate
Nazmani Warplate Gauntlets
50Hands Improper Burial Plate
Nazmani Warplate Grasps
50Hands That Which Haunts the Dead Plate
Nazmani Warplate Handguards
50Hands Reuniting the Company Plate
Necropolis Gloves
3530HandsLooted Plate
Nethergarde Gloves
28Hands Eliminate the Okril'lon Plate
Night Guardian Gauntlets
10050Hands Plate
Night Watch Gauntlets
13Hands Plate
Nightsfall Gauntlets
5040HandsLooted Plate
Nokhud Reaver Crushers
20058Hands Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
6850Hands Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
6850Hands Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
5045Hands Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
4440Hands Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
4440Hands Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
44Hands Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
3935Hands Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
3935Hands Plate
Oathsworn Handguards
6850Hands Plate
Oathsworn Handguards
6850Hands Plate
Oathsworn Handguards
5045Hands Plate
Oathsworn Handguards
4440Hands Plate
Oathsworn Handguards
3935Hands Plate
Oathsworn Handguards
3935Hands Plate
Obsidian Combatant's Draconium Gauntlets
33070Hands Plate
Ogre Defiler's Handguards
31Hands A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans! Plate
Onyx Grips
32HandsQuest Plate
Ornate Mithril Gloves
2417HandsCrafted Plate
Overlord's Gauntlets
2519HandsLooted Plate
Palestrider Gloves
16Hands Plate
Palewind Gauntlets
38Hands The Endless Swarm Plate
Paoquan Burnished Gloves
37Hands Taking a Crop Plate
Plainsthunder Gauntlets
44HandsQuest Plate
Polar Gauntlets
14Hands Plate
Portalguard Gauntlets
5040HandsLooted Plate
Preservative-Stained Gauntlets
34Hands An Issue of Trust Plate
Primordial Bloodsoaked Gauntlets
3835HandsLooted Plate
Protective Field Grips
6Hands Catch and Release Plate
QR 10574 Plate Warrior Gloves
114Hands Plate
QR IC36 Plate Healer Glove - PH
174Hands Plate
Rastari Battlegloves
50Hands He's Gone Mad! Plate
Rastari Gauntlets
50Hands Offensively Defensive Plate
Rastari Gloves
50Hands Hope's Blue Light Plate
Rastari Grips
50Hands Plate
Rastari Handguards
50Hands Rastakhan's Might Plate
Rattling Bone Crushers
6050HandsLooted Plate
Ravencrest Gauntlets
3631HandsLooted Plate
Ravenskar Gauntlets
4238HandsLooted Plate
Razorfin Gauntlets
6050HandsLooted Plate
Reaver Gloves
3126HandsLooted Plate
Redsteel Gauntlets
3530HandsCrafted Plate
Refitted Bruiser Gauntlets
22Hands Challenge to the Black Flight Plate
Retaliation Gauntlets
104Hands Plate
Rethban Gauntlets
3529HandsLooted Plate
Revenant Gauntlets
3529HandsLooted, Mined Plate
Revenant Gauntlets
2620HandsLooted Plate
Rhut'van Gauntlets
4440HandsLooted Plate
Rimeplate Gauntlets
3935HandsLooted Plate
Riveted Gauntlets
12Hands Plate
Rockbound Gauntlets
5040HandsLooted Plate
Rockgrab Crushers
19Hands Mystery Solved Plate
Rockspine Gauntlets
3936HandsLooted Plate
Rooksguard Gauntlets
44Hands The Farmsteads Plate
Rooksguard Grips
44Hands Totemic Call Plate
Ruby Plate Gauntlets
4135Hands Plate
Rugged Mail Gloves
11Hands Plate
Rune-Scribed Gauntlets
36Hands Therazane's Mercy Plate
Saldean's Working Gloves
6Hands It's Alive! Plate
Saltstone Gauntlets
2217HandsLooted Plate
Scalding Gloves
10Hands Full of Hot Water Plate
Scarlet Gauntlets
2114Hands Plate
Scavenger's Armored Gauntlets
37Hands Plate
Scavenger's Burnished Gloves
37Hands Plate
Scavenger's Heavy Gauntlets
37Hands Plate
Schooner-Savior's Grips
35Hands Blood and Thunder! Plate
Sea Raider's Crushers
50HandsQuest Plate
Sea Raider's Gauntlets
50HandsQuest Plate
Sea Raider's Gloves
50Hands Hold My Hand Plate
Sea Raider's Grips
50Hands Hold Still Plate
Sea Raider's Handguards
50HandsQuest Plate
Sea Rusted Gauntlets
33Hands Slay Loguhn Plate
Shardback Gauntlets
4036HandsLooted Plate
Sharptusk Gauntlets
4238HandsLooted Plate
Sha'tari Keeper Gauntlets
42Hands Aruumel's Rest Plate
Shattered Hand Gauntlets
3227HandsLooted Plate
Shorebreaker's Gauntlets
20060Hands Plate
Silversteel Gauntlets
32HandsQuest Plate
Skoldiir Gauntlets
5040HandsLooted Plate
Slagplate Gauntlets
25Hands Plate
Snowy Gauntlets
3833HandsLooted Plate
Sparring Trainer's Gauntlets
8548Hands Assessing Your Spirit Plate
Spiked Cobalt Gauntlets
3328HandsCrafted Plate
Spiritguard Gauntlets
3732HandsCrafted Plate
Spiritualist's Gauntlets
31Hands A Fate Worse Than Death Plate
Starless Gauntlets
25070Hands Plate