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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Gauntlets of Outrage
830Hands Plate
QR IC36 Plate Healer Glove - PH
174Hands Plate
DB42 Plate Healer Glove2
146Hands Plate
QR 10574 Plate Warrior Gloves
114Hands Plate
Retaliation Gauntlets
104Hands Plate
Gauntlets of Absolute Authority
78Hands Plate
High Speed Gauntlets
78Hands Plate
Fangproof Gauntlets
59HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Gauntlets of the Avian Sentinel
59HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Gauntlets of Total Subservience
59HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Grips of the Everlasting Guardian
59HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Power-Assisted Vicegrips
59HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Risen Lord's Oversized Gauntlets
59HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Rope-Scored Gauntlets
59HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Sharktooth-Knuckled Grips
59HandsLooted, Vendor Plate
Battlegloves of Rezan's Bladeguard
58Hands Plate
Bleakweald Handguards
58Hands Plate
Bone-Fetished Crushers
58Hands Plate
Dunecrawler Crushers
58Hands Plate
Harbormaster Gauntlets
58Hands Plate
Honorbound Centurion's Gauntlets
58Hands Plate
Shoalbreach Crushers
58Hands Plate
The Soulbinder's Gauntlets
50Hands Trial of Valor: The Once and Future Lord of Shadows Plate
Earthguard Gauntlets
50Hands The Hammer of Khaz'goroth Plate
Reinforced Mook Handguards
50Hands Time to Collect Plate
Siegebreaker's Gauntlets
50Hands Ravencrest's Legacy Plate
Dread Corsair Gauntlets
50Hands Unnecessary Duress Plate
Dread Corsair Gloves
50Hands Gunpowder Plot Plate
Dread Corsair Grips
50Hands I like Turtles Plate
Dread Corsair Handguards
50Hands Plate
Dread Corsair Strikers
50Hands Grizzled Plate
Exiled Veteran's Crushers
50Hands Dressed for Battle Plate
Exiled Veteran's Gauntlets
50Hands The Little Ones Plate
Exiled Veteran's Grasps
50Hands Dead Men Tell No Tales Plate
Exiled Veteran's Handguards
50Hands The Source of the Problem Plate
Exiled Veteran's Handlers
50Hands The Great Cranium Caper Plate
Nazmani Warplate Battlegloves
50Hands Krag'wa the Terrible Plate
Nazmani Warplate Crushers
50Hands Plate
Nazmani Warplate Gauntlets
50Hands Improper Burial Plate
Nazmani Warplate Grasps
50Hands That Which Haunts the Dead Plate
Nazmani Warplate Handguards
50Hands Reuniting the Company Plate
Rastari Battlegloves
50Hands He's Gone Mad! Plate
Rastari Gauntlets
50Hands Offensively Defensive Plate
Rastari Gloves
50Hands Hope's Blue Light Plate
Rastari Grips
50Hands Plate
Rastari Handguards
50Hands Rastakhan's Might Plate
Sea Raider's Crushers
50Hands A Marine Out of Water Plate
Sea Raider's Gauntlets
50Hands Message from the Management Plate
Sea Raider's Gloves
50Hands Hold My Hand Plate
Sea Raider's Grips
50Hands Plate
Sea Raider's Handguards
50Hands A Cure from the Sea Plate
Waycrest Militia Crushers
50Hands Life Preserver Plate
Waycrest Militia Gauntlets
50Hands The Burden of Proof Plate
Waycrest Militia Gloves
50Hands Plate
Waycrest Militia Grips
50Hands Odds and Ends Plate
Waycrest Militia Handguards
50Hands A Traitor's Death Plate
Gauntlets of Legion Devastation
45Hands Hiding in the Stacks Plate
Goldsteel Gloves
44HandsLooted Plate
Gutcrusher Gauntlets
44HandsLooted Plate
Incarnadine Gauntlets
44HandsLooted Plate
Krag'goth's Iron Gauntlets
44HandsLooted Plate
Nar'thalas Grips
44Hands Feasting on the Dragon Plate
Plainsthunder Handguards
44Hands The Shadow of the Void Plate
Rivet-Sealed Crushers
44HandsLooted Plate
Sieging Gauntlets of Erilar
44Hands Wings of Liberty Plate
Verdant Plate Grips
44HandsLooted Plate
Blackfeather Handguards
44HandsQuest Plate
Dreadsworn Gauntlets
44HandsQuest Plate
Fortified Librarian's Grips
44Hands Hit the Books Plate
Heart-Lesion Gauntlets
44Hands Plate
Nar'thalas Gauntlets
44Hands Their Dying Breaths Plate
Oathsworn Gauntlets
44Hands Plate
Plainsthunder Gauntlets
44HandsQuest Plate
Rooksguard Gauntlets
44Hands The Farmsteads Plate
Rooksguard Grips
44Hands Totemic Call Plate
Sunsoul Gauntlets
44Hands Plate
Thunderpeak Gauntlets
44Hands Titanic Showdown Plate
Thunderpeak Handguards
44Hands Spray and Prey Plate
Cragplate Gauntlets
43HandsQuest Plate
Sha'tari Keeper Handguards
42HandsQuest Plate
Sha'tari Keeper Gauntlets
42HandsQuest Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Gauntlets
41HandsQuest Plate
Karabor Honor Guard Gauntlets
40Hands Gestating Genesaur Plate
Foundry-Fired Plate Handguards
40HandsQuest Plate
Frostwolf Stalwart Gauntlets
40Hands The Butcher of Bladespire Plate
Wallbuilder Gauntlets
40Hands Shimmering Gauntlets Plate
Serenity Gloves
39Hands The Leader Hozen Plate
Summit Guardian Gauntlets
39Hands The Leader Hozen Plate
Wallwatcher Gauntlets
39Hands The Leader Hozen Plate
Bladesworn Gauntlets
39Hands Nope Plate
Bladesworn Handwraps
39Hands Rending Daggers Plate
Coldbite Gauntlets
39Hands Nope Plate
Coldbite Handwraps
39Hands Rending Daggers Plate
Lucidity Gloves
39Hands Nope Plate
Lucidity Handwraps
39Hands Rending Daggers Plate
Mismatched Plate Gauntlets
39Hands Shattered Hand Torturer Plate
Goldtalon Gloves
38Hands The Endless Swarm Plate
Palewind Gauntlets
38Hands The Endless Swarm Plate
Temple Guardian Gauntlets
38Hands The Endless Swarm Plate
Fallen Brotherhood Gauntlets
37Hands The Fall of Neferset City Plate