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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Gold-Plated Coldsteel Girdle
81WaistQuest Plate
Lost Crusader Waistguard
81Waist A Visit to the Curator Plate
Seething Waistguard
81Waist Rescuing Evanor Plate
Girdle of Many Blessings
80WaistLooted Plate
Girdle of the Immovable
80WaistLooted Plate
Rubium War-Girdle
80WaistLooted Plate
Sha'tari Vindicator's Waistguard
80Waist How to Break Into the Arcatraz Plate
Girdle of the Lost Vindicator
79Waist Aldor No More Plate
Starcaller's Plated Belt
79Waist Arconus the Insatiable Plate
Zephyrion's Belt
79Waist Surveying the Ruins Plate
Girdle of Valorous Deeds
77WaistLooted Plate
Engraved Cattleman's Buckle
77Waist When the Cows Come Home Plate
Borak's Belt of Bravery
76Waist The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered Plate
Lightwarden's Girdle
76Waist Deathblow to the Legion Plate
Belt of the Soul Saver
75Waist There Can Be Only One Response Plate
Goblin Girdle
75Waist Breaking Down Netherock Plate
Last Year's "In" Belt
73Waist Gauging the Resonant Frequency Plate
Muscle Toning Belt
73Waist Ride the Lightning Plate
Ogre Beater's Belt
71Waist The Bloodmaul Ogres Plate
Fearless Girdle
69WaistQuest Plate
Girdle of the Penitent
69Waist Helping the Lost Find Their Way Plate
Bog Walker's Belt
63Waist Jyoba's Report Plate
Stalwart Girdle
63WaistQuest Plate
Vindicator's Cinch
63Waist An Unnatural Drought Plate
Unmelting Ice Girdle
58Waist Azuregos Plate
Zandalar Freethinker's Belt
58Waist Plate
Zandalar Vindicator's Belt
58Waist Plate
Belt of Heroism
58Waist Plate
Belt of Shrunken Heads
58Waist Plate
Soulforge Belt
58Waist Plate
Stalwart Belt
58WaistLooted Plate
The Plaguebringer's Girdle
58WaistVendor Plate
Rockpool Belt
57Waist Neptool's Revenge Plate
Gearforge Girdle
56Waist Plate
Stalwart Clutch
56Waist Plate
Strengthening Belt
56Waist The Amulet of Grol Plate
Strengthening Belt
55Waist The Amulet of Grol Plate
Sinister Belt
53Waist The Darkest Depths Plate
Winterfall Belt
50Waist Threat of the Winterfall Plate
Iron Summit Belt
49Waist The Mysteries of the Fire-Gizzard Plate
Rosy Tablet Belt
49Waist The Grand Tablet Plate
Rosy Tablet Belt
49Waist The Grand Tablet Plate
Belt of Regret
47Waist Hazzard Disposal Plate
Belt of Tyrannic Rule
46Waist The Ritual Plate
Belt of the Sanctuary
45Waist Culling the Corrupted Plate
Barthalomew's Belt
43Waist Like Rats Plate
Joseph's Spare Belt
41Waist I'm Not Supposed to Tell You This Plate
Rustproof Waistguard
40Waist Corrosion Prevention Plate
Stonefist Girdle
35Waist Plate
Belt of Lingering Corruption
35Waist Scholomancer Plate
Belt of Lingering Corruption
35Waist Scholomancer Plate
Mutineer's Noose
35Waist Making Mutiny Plate
Belt of the Stars
33Waist Plate
Crusader Belt
33Waist Plate
Crackling Girdle
32Waist Return and Report Plate
Brightplate Girdle
32Waist The Branch of Cenarius Plate
Direglob-Slimed Belt
32Waist Prime Slime Plate
Skulk Rock Belt
32Waist Prime Slime Plate
Profound Girdle
31Waist To the Hilt! Plate
Profound Girdle
31Waist To the Hilt! Plate
Corpsepump Belt
30Waist If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Plate
Hambone's Spare Collar
30Waist Plush Pelts Plate
Paxton's Belt
30Waist Re-Take the Courtyard Plate
Steel-Patched Belt
30Waist Raptor Scraps Plate
G-Team Belt
29WaistQuest Plate
Captain Nials' Belt
28Waist Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest Plate
Belt of Gutted Ruin
27Waist Call to Arms Plate
Greenpaw Belt
26Waist King of the Foulweald Plate
Felbane Belt
25Waist Morbent's Bane Plate
Stalwart Belt
25WaistLooted Plate
Weaponized Belt
25Waist They're Out There! Plate
Pocket-Nuke Belt
24Waist Stormpike Apocalypse Plate
Belt of Equilibrium
24Waist Vortex Plate
Belt of Equilibrium
24Waist Vortex Plate
Swiftgear Belt
23Waist Dinosaur Crisis Plate
Binding Plates
20Waist Human Infestation Plate
Drunkard's Belt
20Waist Sedimentary, My Dear Plate
Segmented Girdle
20Waist Culling the Flutterers Plate
Fractured Belt
19Waist Hezrul Bloodmark Plate
Shalewind Belt
19Waist The Grand Magus Doane Plate
Searing Belt
18Waist Taragaman the Hungerer Plate
Searing Belt
18Waist The Dark Shaman Plate
Wrenchmen Belt
17Waist Extermination Plate
Silver Plated Belt
15Waist Disturbing Connections Plate
Belt of the Sons
15Waist Still Assessing the Threat Plate
Belt of Unwanted Aid
15Waist Plate
Cinched Belt
15Waist Plate
Kessel's Sturdy Riding Handle
15Waist Declaration of Power Plate
Korok's Ring
15Waist Korok the Colossus Plate
Rusted Plate Girdle
15Waist Curbing the Plague Plate
Girdle of Common Causes
12Waist Message for Saurfang Plate
Girdle of Servitude
12Waist Plate
Mountaineer's Belt
12Waist Bigger and Uglier Plate
Skull Rock Belt
12Waist Skull Rock Plate
Steel Thunder Belt
12Waist Steel Thunder Plate
Tightly Cinched Belt
12Waist Westfall Stew Plate
Thistle Bear Girdle
11Waist The Ritual Bond Plate
Blackened Plate Girdle
11Waist Warning Fairbreeze Village Plate
Defusing Cinch
10Waist Plate
Gol'Bolar Miner's Belt
10Waist The Public Servant Plate