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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Shattered Hand Helmet
3227HeadLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Legplates
3227LegsLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Sabatons
3227FeetLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Vambraces
3227WristsLooted Plate
Shieldguard Girdle
5040Waist Glimmering Treasure Chest Plate
Shieldguard's Breastplate
144Chest Plate
Shieldguard's Gauntlets
144Hands Plate
Shieldguard's Girdle
144Waist Plate
Shieldguard's Greathelm
144Head Plate
Shieldguard's Greaves
144Legs Plate
Shieldguard's Shoulderplates
144Shoulders Plate
Shieldguard's Vambraces
144Wrists Plate
Shieldguard's Warboots
144Feet Plate
Shining Armplates
29Wrists Plate
Shinkicker Boots
24FeetUnobtainable Plate
Shocksteel Shoulderguards
33Shoulders Steady as a Rock? Plate
Shoulderguards of Empty Memory
35Shoulders Get Me Outta Here! Plate
Shoulderguards of Protection
19Shoulders Elune's Gifts Plate
Shoulderguards of Warning
18Shoulders No Time for Goodbyes! Plate
Shredder-Salvage Spaulders
36Shoulders Mo' Better Shredder Plate
Shrouded Bearskin Breastplate
5Chest Protect the Frontier Plate
Signal Smoke Shoulderpads
36Shoulders Call in the Artillery Plate
Silversteel Gauntlets
32HandsQuest Plate
Singed Vambraces
32WristsQuest Plate
Sinister Belt
27Waist The Darkest Depths Plate
Sinking Pauldrons
32Shoulders Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! Plate
Size-Cutting Bracers
36Wrists The Axe of Earthly Sundering Plate
Skoldiir Bracers
5040Wrists Plate
Skoldiir Breastplate
5040ChestLooted Plate
Skoldiir Gauntlets
5040HandsLooted Plate
Skoldiir Helm
5040HeadLooted Plate
Skoldiir Legguards
5040LegsLooted Plate
Skoldiir Sabatons
5040Feet Plate
Skoldiir Shoulderguards
5040ShouldersLooted Plate
Skoldiir Waistplate
5040Waist Plate
Skulk Rock Belt
19Waist Prime Slime Plate
Skull Rock Belt
6Waist Skull Rock Plate
Skull-Reshaper's Helm
33HeadQuest Plate
Skybreaker's Pauldrons
32Shoulders Enraged Spirits of Air Plate
Skyfallen Plate Belt
36Waist Twilight Skies Plate
Skyfire Greaves
29LegsQuest Plate
Skyfire Marine's Pauldrons
44Shoulders Greymane's Gambit Plate
Skyfire Marine's Vambraces
44Wrists Greymane's Gambit Plate
Slabchisel Boots
12Feet The Floodsurge Core Plate
Slagplate Gauntlets
25Hands Plate
Slagplate Leggings
25Legs Plate
Slaver's Plate
17Chest Speaking with Nezzliok Plate
Sleetguard Greatbelt
6050Waist Plate
Sleetguard Warboots
6050Feet Plate
Smashing Breastplate
16Chest The Defense of Grom'gol: Ogre Oppression Plate
Snake Plate Belt
4Waist Bilgewater Cartel Represent Plate
Snapjaw Bracers
19Wrists Gammerita, Mon! Plate
Snaptooth Legplates
33LegsQuest Plate
Snowy Breastplate
3833ChestLooted Plate
Snowy Gauntlets
3833HandsLooted Plate
Snowy Girdle
3833WaistLooted Plate
Snowy Helm
3833HeadLooted Plate
Snowy Legplates
3833LegsLooted Plate
Snowy Pauldrons
3833ShouldersLooted Plate
Snowy Sabatons
3833FeetLooted Plate
Snowy Vambraces
3833WristsLooted Plate
Song-Reflecting Spaulders
36Shoulders Siren's Song Plate
Soul Saver's Chest Plate
31Chest Show Them Gnome Mercy! Plate
Soul-Trapper's Greaves
44Legs Reignite the Wards Plate
Southsea Head Bucket
24Head Plate
Spare Metal Pauldrons
18Shoulders Venture Company Mining Plate
Spare Part Leggings
17Legs Spare Parts Up In Here! Plate
Sparkmetal Coif
19Head Plate
Sparky's Discarded Helmet
31Head Dr. Boom! Plate
Sparring Trainer's Gauntlets
8548Hands Plate
Spaulders of Sealing
20Shoulders Portals of the Legion Plate
Spaulders of Sealing
20Shoulders Portals of the Legion Plate
Spiked Cobalt Belt
3328WaistCrafted Plate
Spiked Cobalt Boots
3327FeetCrafted Plate
Spiked Cobalt Bracers
3428WristsCrafted Plate
Spiked Cobalt Chestpiece
3328ChestCrafted Plate
Spiked Cobalt Gauntlets
3328HandsCrafted Plate
Spiked Cobalt Helm
3227HeadCrafted Plate
Spiked Cobalt Legplates
3328LegsCrafted Plate
Spiked Cobalt Shoulders
3328ShouldersCrafted Plate
Spikemender Shoulderplates
35Shoulders A Standard Day for Azrajar Plate
Spikemender Shoulderplates
35Shoulders A Standard Day for Azrajar Plate
Spiritforged Helm
33Head Subject to Interpretation Plate
Spiritforged Legguards
33Legs Voices From the Dust Plate
Spiritguard Belt
3732WaistCrafted Plate
Spiritguard Boots
3732FeetCrafted Plate
Spiritguard Bracers
3732WristsCrafted Plate
Spiritguard Breastplate
3732ChestCrafted Plate
Spiritguard Gauntlets
3732HandsCrafted Plate
Spiritguard Legplates
3732LegsCrafted Plate
Spiritguard Shoulders
3732ShouldersCrafted Plate
Spiritualist's Gauntlets
31Hands A Fate Worse Than Death Plate
Stability Girdle
34Waist The Stone That Started A Revolution Plate
Stabilized Incendicite Legguards
12Legs Incendicite Ore Plate
Staffseeker Shoulderplates
36Shoulders Just the Tip Plate
Stalwart Girdle
30WaistQuest Plate
Starcaller's Plated Belt
32Waist Arconus the Insatiable Plate
Starcaller's Plated Stompers
32Feet Escape from the Staging Grounds Plate
Starlance Pauldrons
44Shoulders Back from the Dead Plate
Steamsmith Helm
25Head Recon Essentials Plate