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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Shadowghast Gauntlets
17560HandsCrafted Plate
Shadowghast Breastplate
17560ChestCrafted Plate
Shadowghast Armguards
17560WristsCrafted Plate
Sinful Aspirant's Plate Vambraces
17560Waist Plate
Sinful Aspirant's Plate Shoulderplates
17560Shoulders Plate
Sinful Aspirant's Plate Sabatons
17560Feet Plate
Sinful Aspirant's Plate Legplates
17560Legs Plate
Sinful Aspirant's Plate Greathelm
17560Head Plate
Sinful Aspirant's Plate Gloves
17560Hands Plate
Sinful Aspirant's Plate Chestguard
17560Chest Plate
Sinful Aspirant's Plate Chain
17560Wrists Plate
Dreadguard's Greathelm
18360Head Plate
Bracers of the Tenebrous Retinue
18360Wrists Plate
Valinor's Ground Pounders
18760Feet Plate
Stonebark Girdle
18760Waist Plate
Shoulderblade Vambraces
18760Wrists Plate
Oversized Centurion Helm
18760Head Plate
Hardened Castle Crushers
18760Hands Plate
Tabone's Branded Pauldrons
19060Shoulders Plate
Desm's Fistos
19060Hands Plate
Crumbling Plate Warboots
20040Feet Plate
Crumbling Plate Vambraces
20040Wrists Plate
Crumbling Plate Shoulderguards
20040Shoulders Plate
Crumbling Plate Legguards
20040Legs Plate
Crumbling Plate Greatbelt
20040Waist Plate
Crumbling Plate Gloves
20040Hands Plate
Crumbling Plate Faceguard
20040Head Plate
Crumbling Plate Chestpiece
20040Chest Plate
Corroded Plate Warboots
20050FeetLooted Plate
Corroded Plate Vambraces
20050WristsLooted Plate
Corroded Plate Shoulderguards
20050ShouldersLooted Plate
Corroded Plate Legguards
20050Legs Oppressive Artificer Plate
Corroded Plate Greatbelt
20050WaistLooted Plate
Corroded Plate Gloves
20050HandsLooted Plate
Corroded Plate Faceguard
20050Head Plate
Corroded Plate Chestpiece
20050Chest Oppressive Artificer Plate
10.0 Poor Item Template - <Descriptor> Plate Warboots
20050Feet Plate
10.0 Poor Item Template - <Descriptor> Plate Vambraces
20050Wrists Plate
10.0 Poor Item Template - <Descriptor> Plate Shoulderguards
20050Shoulders Plate
10.0 Poor Item Template - <Descriptor> Plate Legguards
20050Legs Plate
10.0 Poor Item Template - <Descriptor> Plate Greatbelt
20050Waist Plate
10.0 Poor Item Template - <Descriptor> Plate Gloves
20050Hands Plate
10.0 Poor Item Template - <Descriptor> Plate Faceguard
20050Head Plate
10.0 Poor Item Template - <Descriptor> Plate Chestpiece
20050Chest Plate
Test Warbound until equipped (DNT)
20060Head Plate
Spearbreaker Vambraces
20058Wrists Plate
Spearbreaker Footguards
20058Feet Plate
Spearbreaker Chestguard
20058Chest Plate
Spearbreaker Belt
20058Waist Plate
Sleet Shined Waistguard
200Waist Plate
Sleet Shined Stompers
200Feet Plate
Sleet Shined Shoulderguards
200Shoulders Plate
Sleet Shined Legplates
200Legs Plate
Sleet Shined Chestplate
200Chest Plate
Sleet Shined Armguards
200Wrists Plate
Shorebreaker's Pauldrons
20060Shoulders Plate
Shorebreaker's Legguards
20060Legs Plate
Shorebreaker's Helm
20060Head Plate
Shorebreaker's Gauntlets
20060Hands Plate
Shorebreaker's Footguards
20060Feet Plate
Shorebreaker's Cincture
20060Waist Plate
Shorebreaker's Breastplate
20060Chest Plate
Shorebreaker's Armplates
20060Wrists Plate
Ruby Guardian's Girdle
20058Waist Plate
Reinforced Beekeeper's Helm
20058Head Plate
Plundered Gjalerbron Pauldrons
200110Shoulders Plate
Nokhud Reaver Waistguard
20058Waist Plate
Nokhud Reaver Stompers
20058Feet Plate
Nokhud Reaver Skullguard
20058Head Plate
Nokhud Reaver Shoulderguards
20058Shoulders Plate
Nokhud Reaver Legplates
20058Legs Plate
Nokhud Reaver Crushers
20058Hands Plate
Nokhud Reaver Chestplate
20058Chest Plate
Nokhud Reaver Armguards
20058Wrists Plate
Mawsworn Guard's Vambraces
20060Wrists Plate
Mawsworn Guard's Sabatons
20060Feet Plate
Mawsworn Guard's Pauldrons
20060Shoulders Plate
Mawsworn Guard's Legguards
20060Legs Plate
Mawsworn Guard's Helm
20060Head Plate
Mawsworn Guard's Girdle
20060Waist Plate
Mawsworn Guard's Gauntlets
20060Hands Plate
Mawsworn Guard's Breastplate
20060Chest Plate
Expedition Guard's Wristguards
20058Wrists Plate
Expedition Guard's Vambraces
20058Wrists Plate
Expedition Guard's Spaulders
20058Shoulders Plate
Expedition Guard's Sabatons
20058Feet Plate
Expedition Guard's Legguards
20058Legs Plate
Expedition Guard's Helm
20058Head Plate
Expedition Guard's Greaves
20058Legs Plate
Expedition Guard's Girdle
20058Waist Plate
Expedition Guard's Gauntlets
20058Hands Plate
Expedition Guard's Chestguard
20058Chest Plate
10.0 Zone Uncommon Template <Descriptor> Pauldrons
20060Shoulders Plate
10.0 Zone Uncommon Template <Descriptor> Legguards
20060Legs Plate
10.0 Zone Uncommon Template <Descriptor> Helm
20060Head Plate
10.0 Zone Uncommon Template <Descriptor> Gauntlets
20060Hands Plate
10.0 Zone Uncommon Template <Descriptor> Footguards
20060Feet Plate
10.0 Zone Uncommon Template <Descriptor> Cincture
20060Waist Plate
10.0 Zone Uncommon Template <Descriptor> Breastplate
20060Chest Plate
10.0 Zone Uncommon Template <Descriptor> Armplates
20060Wrists Plate