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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Art Template Plate Legs - Plate_PVPDeathKnight_C_02 - Blue
179LegsUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Head - Plate_PVPPaladin_E_01 - Dark
179HeadUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Head - Plate_PVPPaladin_C_01 - Orange
179HeadUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Head - Plate_PVPDeathKnight_C_02 - Blue
179HeadUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Head - Plate_Common_B_02 - Red
179HeadUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Hand - Plate_PVPPaladin_C_01 - Orange
179HandsUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Hand - Plate_Cataclysm_B_01 - Blue
179HandsUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Chest - Plate_PVPPaladin_C_01 - Orange
179ChestUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Chest - Plate_PVPDeathKnight_C_01 - Blood
179ChestUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Chest - Plate_Common_C_01 - Silver
179ChestUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Boot - Plate_PVPPaladin_C_01 - Orange
179FeetUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Belt - Plate_PVPPaladin_C_01 - Red
179WaistUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Belt - Plate_PVPPaladin_C_01 - Orange
179WaistUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Belt - Plate_PVPDeathKnight_C_02 - Rust
179WaistUnobtainable Plate
Art Template Plate Belt - Plate_Common_C_01 - Silver
179WaistUnobtainable Plate
Worg Handler's Gloves
2HandsQuest Plate
Wolf Hunter's Vest
2ChestQuest Plate
Trogg Repeller Platemail
2Legs Hold the Line! Plate
Rockjaw Breastplate
2Chest Make Hay While the Sun Shines Plate
Initiate's Plate Belt
2Waist The Lesson of Stifled Pride Plate
Initiate's Gauntlets
2Hands The Disciple's Challenge Plate
Initiate's Armguards
2Wrists The Lesson of the Sandy Fist Plate
Bragger's Gauntlets
2Hands Cutting Teeth Plate
Boots of the Blameless
2Feet Give 'em What-For Plate
Bloodtalon Keeper Leggings
2Legs Consort of the Sea Witch Plate
Thorn-Proof Wristguard
3Wrists Stop the Thorncallers Plate
Swift Plate Armbands
3Wrists Young and Vicious Plate
Stormwind Infantry Belt
3WaistQuest Plate
Merchant's Chestguard
3Chest While You're At It Plate
Initiate's Breastplate
3Chest The Way of the Tushui Plate
Hearth Defender Bracers
3Wrists Invaders in Our Home Plate
Friction Gloves
3Hands Finishin' the Job Plate
Crosscheck Breastplate
3ChestQuest Plate
Cracking Whip
3Waist Do it Yourself Plate
Carapace Boots
3Feet Sting of the Scorpid Plate
Vile Jersey
4Chest Vile Familiars Plate
Spitescale Breastplate
4Chest No More Mercy Plate
Initiate's Sabatons
4Feet Fanning the Flames Plate
Initiate's Legguards
4Legs The Way of the Huojin Plate
Inertial Bracers
4Wrists No Tanks! Plate
Braided Boarskin Belt
4Waist The Battleboars Plate
Zuni's Family Heirloom
5Waist An Ancient Enemy Plate
Weathered Plate Tunic
5Chest The Blood Elves Plate
Vault Cracker Gloves
5Hands The Great Bank Heist Plate
Unmarred Belt
5Waist The Lesson of Dry Fur Plate
Tracking Boots
5Feet Fel Moss Corruption Plate
Total Disaster Bracers
5Wrists Pirate Party Crashers Plate
Sun Pearl Bracers
5Wrists The Sun Pearl Plate
Slightly Rusted Bracers
5WristsQuest Plate
Rustmetal Bracers
5Wrists Recruitment Plate
Rugged Plate Vest
5Chest Night Web's Hollow Plate
Roamer's Leggings
5Legs Scourge on our Perimeter Plate
Pikeman Trousers
5Legs Report to Goldshire Plate
Painted Plate Leggings
5Legs Plate
Outfitter Boots
5FeetQuest Plate
Ouster's Leggings
5Legs Burning Blade Medallion Plate
Legs of the Wayward Elemental
5Legs Ice and Fire Plate
Green Plate Vest
5Chest Unfortunate Measures Plate
Green Plate Gauntlets
5HandsQuest Plate
Green Plate Boots
5Feet Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle Plate
Green Plate Belt
5Waist Major Malfunction Plate
Goldshire Iron Bracer
5WristsQuest Plate
Glistening Breastplate
5Chest A New Friend Plate
Girdle of Honor
5Waist Back to the Den Plate
Gilnean Soldier's Waistband
5Waist Hold the Line Plate
Gas Soaked Boots
5Feet 447 Plate
Cannoneer's Leggings
5Legs By Blood and Ash Plate
Bracers of the Queen's Gate
5Wrists By the Skin of His Teeth Plate
Belt of Static Equilibrium
5Waist Down with Crushcog! Plate
Beaten Plate Leggings
5LegsQuest Plate
Barkplate Vest
5Chest Iverron's Antidote Plate
Legs of the Long Day
6Legs Winterhoof Cleansing Plate
Leader's Boots
6Feet Leader of the Pack Plate
Herb-Stained Gauntlets
6Hands The Perfect Stout Plate
Gloves of Protection
6Hands Save the Children! Plate
Gauntlets of Earth and Water
6Hands The Spirit and Body of Shen-zin Su Plate
Gatewatcher's Plate Gloves
6Hands The Dead Scar Plate
Gallow's End Gauntlets
6Hands Holland's Experiment Plate
Durotar Gauntlets
6Hands The War of Northwatch Aggression Plate
Dancing Boots
6Feet Missing Mallet Plate
Comfortable Greaves
6Legs Still Good! Plate
Cog Belt
6Waist Operation Recombobulation Plate
Unvarnished Vambraces
7Wrists Rewritten Wisdoms Plate
Swiftroot Boots
7Feet Twisted Hatred Plate
Rough Copper Vest
72ChestCrafted Plate
Reinforced Plate Boots
7Feet Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2... Plate
Razor Hill Grunt's Bracers
7Wrists Loss Reduction Plate
Rainwalker's Bracer
7Wrists Rite of Vision Plate
Marrowpetal Boots
7Feet Variety is the Spice of Death Plate
Kobold Hunter's Trophy Belt
7Waist Kobold Candles Plate
Jasperlode Chestguard
7Chest Gold Dust Exchange Plate
Fur Lined Breastplate
7Chest Pelt Collection Plate
Crowley's Belt
7Waist The Hungry Ettin Plate
Copper Bracers
72WristsCrafted Plate
Chestguard of the Beating Drum
7Chest The Restless Earth Plate
Banana Holder
7Waist Monkey Business Plate
Vile Fin Belt
8Waist Off the Scales Plate
Vagash Breastplate
8Chest Protecting the Herd Plate
Tunic of Celebration
8Chest Lost But Not Forgotten Plate
Swoopskin Gloves
8Hands Mazzranache Plate