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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Handguards
15860Hands Plate
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Headguard
15860Head Plate
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Helm
15860Head Plate
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Legguards
15860Legs Plate
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Pauldrons
15860Shoulders Plate
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Shoulders
15860Shoulders Plate
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Stompers
15860Feet Plate
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Warboots
15860Feet Plate
Unchained Aspirant's Plate Wargreaves
15860Legs Plate
Unyielding Combatant's Pauldrons
15860Shoulders Plate
Vambraces of the Depraved Warden
15860Wrists Plate
Vile Butcher's Pauldrons
15860Shoulders Plate
Waistguard of Expurged Anguish
15860Waist Plate
Warboots of Ruthless Conviction
15860Feet Plate
Wing Commander's Helmet
15860Head Plate
Wrathbark Greathelm
15860Head Plate
QR ZD25 Plate Physical Chest2 - PH
158Chest Plate
Bladesworn Harbinger's Chestguard
15560Chest The Traitor Unmasked Plate
Bladesworn Harbinger's Crushers
15560Hands The Last Labor Plate
Bladesworn Harbinger's Greathelm
15560Head Crush 'Em All Plate
Bladesworn Harbinger's Greaves
15560Legs Bringing It All Together Plate
Bladesworn Harbinger's Pauldrons
15560Shoulders Pauldrons of Imperium Plate
Bladesworn Harbinger's Stompers
15560Feet The Final Reagent Plate
Bladesworn Harbinger's Vambraces
15560Wrists Bindings of Fleshcrafting Plate
Bladesworn Harbinger's Warbelt
15560Waist See What You've Done Plate
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Chestplate
15560Chest Plate
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Girdle
15560Waist Plate
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Greatboots
15560Feet Plate
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Grips
15560Hands Plate
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Headgear
15560Head Plate
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Legguards
15560Legs Plate
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Spaulders
15560Shoulders Plate
Dread Sentinel's Ebony Vambraces
15560Wrists Plate
Achillite's Unbreakable Grip
15560Hands Plate
Hooktail's Commanding Gaze
15560Head Plate
Implacable Weatherproof Treads
15560Feet Plate
Improvisational Cinch
15560Waist Plate
Novaburst Warplate
15560Chest Plate
Quantum Leapers
15560Legs Plate
Queensguard Chestplate
15560Chest Their New Home Plate
Queensguard Gauntlets
15560Hands Winter Be Comin' Plate
Queensguard Girdle
15560Waist Return to the Den Plate
Queensguard Greathelm
15560Head Parting Ways Plate
Queensguard Greaves
15560Legs Tracking the Shadows Plate
Queensguard Pauldrons
15560Shoulders Unbroken Bonds Plate
Queensguard Sabatons
15560Feet The Garden of Night Plate
Queensguard Vambraces
15560Wrists Report to Lord Herne Plate
Stoneflesh Spaulders
15560Shoulders Plate
Vambraces of Verification
15560Wrists Plate
Winterborn Chestplate
15550Chest Plate
Winterborn Gauntlets
15550Hands Plate
Winterborn Girdle
15550Waist Plate
Winterborn Greathelm
15550Head Plate
Winterborn Greaves
15550Legs Plate
Winterborn Pauldrons
15550Shoulders Plate
Winterborn Sabatons
15550Feet Plate
Winterborn Vambraces
15550Wrists Plate
QR IC32 Plate Physical Shoulder3 - PH
154Shoulders Plate
9.0 Covenant - Bastion - Plate - Chest
15050Chest Plate
9.0 Covenant - Bastion - Plate - Feet
15050Feet Plate
9.0 Covenant - Bastion - Plate - Hands
15050Hands Plate
9.0 Covenant - Bastion - Plate - Head
15050Head Plate
9.0 Covenant - Bastion - Plate - Legs
15050Legs Plate
9.0 Covenant - Bastion - Plate - Shoulders
15050Shoulders Plate
9.0 Covenant - Bastion - Plate - Waist
15050Waist Plate
9.0 Covenant - Bastion - Plate - Wrists
15050Wrists Plate
Selfless Collector's Chestplate
15050Chest Her Will, Inflicted Plate
Selfless Collector's Gauntlets
15050Hands Enhancing the Hold Plate
Selfless Collector's Girdle
15050Waist Descended Plate
Selfless Collector's GreatHelm
15050Head The Seal of Contrition Plate
Selfless Collector's Legguards
15050Legs Ascended Plate
Selfless Collector's Spaulders
15050Shoulders Pursuit of Justice Plate
Selfless Collector's Warboots
15050Feet Evil Grubbies Plate
Selfless Collector's Wristguards
15050Wrists Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons Plate
Ember-Scarred Girdle
14860Waist Plate
Sapsteel Breastplate
14860Chest Plate
Sapsteel Clasp
14860Waist Plate
Sapsteel Gauntlets
14860Hands Plate
Sapsteel Legplates
14860Legs Plate
Sapsteel Pauldrons
14860Shoulders Plate
Sapsteel Sabatons
14860Feet Plate
Sapsteel Vambraces
14860Wrists Plate
Sapsteel Warhelm
14860Head Plate
Shieldguard's Breastplate
14860Chest Plate
Shieldguard's Gauntlets
14860Hands Plate
Shieldguard's Girdle
14860Waist Plate
Shieldguard's Greathelm
14860Head Plate
Shieldguard's Greaves
14860Legs Plate
Shieldguard's Shoulderplates
14860Shoulders Plate
Shieldguard's Vambraces
14860Wrists Plate
Shieldguard's Warboots
14860Feet Plate
Steelcore Chestplate
14860Chest Plate
Steelcore Gauntlets
14860Hands Plate
Steelcore Girdle
14860Waist Plate
Steelcore Helmet
14860Head Plate
Steelcore Legguards
14860Legs Plate
Steelcore Shoulders
14860Shoulders Plate
Steelcore Warboots
14860Feet Plate
Steelcore Wristwraps
14860Wrists Plate
Stone-Infused Sabatons
14860Feet Plate