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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Rugged Trapper's Boots
1Feet Mail
Rugged Trapper's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Rugged Trapper's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Rugged Trapper's Pants
1Legs Mail
Rugged Trapper's Vest
1Chest Mail
Runner's Belt
2Waist Leather
Runner's Boots
2Feet Leather
Russet Belt
3732Waist Cloth
Russet Boots
3732Feet Cloth
Russet Bracers
3732Wrists Cloth
Russet Gloves
3732Hands Cloth
Russet Hat
3732Head Cloth
Russet Pants
3732Legs Cloth
Russet Vest
3732Chest Cloth
Rusted Buckler
5045Off Hand Shield
Rusted Chain Belt
5Waist Mail
Rusted Chain Boots
5Feet Mail
Rusted Chain Bracers
5Wrists Mail
Rusted Chain Gloves
5Hands Mail
Rusted Chain Leggings
5Legs Mail
Rusted Chain Vest
5Chest Mail
Rustic Belt
1Waist Mail
Rustmetal Bracers
5Wrists Plate
Rusty Chain Belt
5Waist Mail
Rusty-Chain Galoshes
10Feet Mail
Safari Hat
1Head Head
Safety Goggles
1Head Cloth
Sailor's Leggings
8Legs Leather
Sailor's Legguards
8Legs Mail
Salma's Oven Mitts
12Hands Cloth
Salt-Stained Leather Bracers
5Wrists Leather
Salvaged Bracers
8Wrists Cloth
Salvaged Chain Armor
105Chest Mail
Salvaged Chain Belt
105Waist Mail
Salvaged Chain Boots
105Feet Mail
Salvaged Chain Bracers
105Wrists Mail
Salvaged Chain Gloves
105Hands Mail
Salvaged Chain Leggings
105Legs Mail
Salvaged Leather Belt
5Waist Leather
Sandcomber Boots
14Feet Cloth
Sandrunner Wristguards
8Wrists Leather
Sapphire Pinky Ring
1Finger Finger
Sapphire Spectacles
1Head Cloth
Satin Lined Boots
11Feet Cloth
Satin Lined Gloves
9Hands Cloth
Scalemail Belt
2217Waist Mail
Scalemail Boots
2217Feet Mail
Scalemail Bracers
2217Wrists Mail
Scalemail Gloves
2217Hands Mail
Scalemail Pants
2217Legs Mail
Scalemail Vest
2217Chest Mail
Scarlet Initiate Robes
4Chest Cloth
Scarred Battleboar Breastplate
4Chest Mail
Scarred Battleboar Chest
4Chest Leather
Scavenger Tunic
5Chest Leather
Scavenger Vest
5Chest Mail
Scout Hunter Vest
3Chest Leather
Scouting Spaulders
2318Shoulders Leather
Scout's Boots
1Feet Mail
Scout's Cloak
11Back Back
Scout's Pants
1Legs Mail
Scout's Vest
1Chest Mail
Sea Witch's Bracers
5Wrists Cloth
Seasoned Fighter's Cloak
9Back Back
Sedge Hat of the Enlightened
5Head Cloth
Sedgeweed Britches
5Legs Cloth
Seer's Mantle
2116Shoulders Cloth
Sentry's Chain Shirt
6Chest Mail
Service Greaves
9Legs Mail
Sewing Gloves
8Hands Leather
Shackled Girdle
11Waist Mail
Shark's Tooth of Bona Fide Fluidic Mobility
20Neck Neck
Shattered Chain Girdle
5Waist Mail
Shield of Blazing Will
5Off Hand Shield
Shimmering Amice
2419Shoulders Cloth
Shimmering Silk Robes
2318Chest Cloth
Shimmerweed Boots
6Feet Leather
Shimmerweed Brewer Treads
6Feet Mail
Shiny Silver Necklace
1Neck Neck
Short Duskbat Cape
5Back Back
Shrouded Gauntlets
10Hands Mail
Siege Brigade Vest
10Chest Mail
Silk Shoes
6Feet Cloth
Silk Wristbands
8Wrists Cloth
Silver Cufflinks
1Wrists Cloth
Silver Dress Robes
5045Chest Cloth
Silver Piffeny Band
30Finger Finger
Silver Totem of Aquementas
1Off Hand Off Hand
Silver-Lined Bracers
105Wrists Cloth
Simmer's Bracers
6Wrists Cloth
Simple Bands
127Wrists Cloth
Simple Black Dress
1Chest Chest
Simple Cape
116Back Back
Simple Cord
127Waist Cloth
Simple Dress
1Chest Chest
Simple Gloves
138Hands Cloth
Simple Linen Boots
94Feet Cloth
Simple Linen Pants
72Legs Cloth
Simple Shoes
127Feet Cloth
Simple Wildflowers
10Off Hand Off Hand