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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Watcher's Boots
1610FeetLooted Cloth
Watcher's Cap
1912Head Hatefury Trickster Cloth
Watcher's Cape
159BackLooted Back
Watcher's Cinch
1710Waist Cloth
Watcher's Cloak of Vigilance
30Back Drain Schematics Back
Watcher's Cuffs
1610WristsLooted Cloth
Watcher's Handwraps
1811Hands Pridewing Wyvern Cloth
Watcher's Jerkin
1811Chest Cloth
Watcher's Leggings
1811Legs Cloth
Watcher's Mantle
1811Shoulders Cloth
Watcher's Pendant of Courage
44Neck The Shattered Watcher Neck
Watcher's Robes
1811ChestLooted Cloth
Watcher's Star
1811Off Hand Off Hand
Watchman's Bracers
18Wrists Leather
Watchpost Amulet
38Neck Thinning the Sik'thik Neck
Waterbearer's Robes
5Chest Wildmane Cleansing Cloth
Water-Drill Treads
36Feet Any Portal in a Storm Cloth
Waterfall Cap
38Head Unmasking the Yaungol Cloth
Waterfall Cord
38Waist The Snackrifice Cloth
Waterfall Cord
3834WaistLooted Cloth
Waterfall Cowl
3834HeadLooted Cloth
Waterfall Drape
37BackQuest Back
Waterfall Handwraps
3834HandsLooted Cloth
Waterfall Hood
38HeadQuest Cloth
Waterfall Leggings
3834LegsLooted Cloth
Waterfall Mantle
38Shoulders A Funeral Cloth
Waterfall Robe
38Chest One Traveler's Misfortune Cloth
Waterfall Robe
3834ChestLooted Cloth
Waterfall Sandals
3834FeetLooted Cloth
Waterfall Shoulderpads
3834ShouldersLooted Cloth
Waterfall Treads
38Feet The Burlap Grind Cloth
Waterfall Wristwraps
38Wrists Resupplying One Keg Cloth
Waterfall Wristwraps
3834WristsLooted Cloth
Waterlogged Leggings
104Legs Leather
Watermelon Bomb
37Trinket A Poor Grasp of the Basics Trinket
Waterproof Britches
12Legs The Floodsurge Core Mail
Waterproof Leggings
12Legs The Floodsurge Core Leather
Waterworn Ogre Carving
41NeckQuest Neck
Wavecaller Buckler
5850Off HandLooted Shield
Wavecrash Buckle
5850Waist Plate
Wavecrash Chestplate
5850Chest Plate
Wavecrash Crushers
5850Hands Plate
Wavecrash Greatcloak
5850Back Back
Wavecrash Greaves
5850Legs Plate
Wavecrash Headguard
5850Head Plate
Wavecrash Shoulderplates
5850Shoulders Plate
Wavecrash Smashers
5850Feet Plate
Wavecrash Wristguards
5850Wrists Plate
Wavekeeper's Helm
81Head Mail
Waverunner Waistband
32Waist Not Without a Fight! Mail
Wavespeaker's Focus
35Trinket Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir Trinket
Wavespeaker's Focus
35Trinket Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir Trinket
Wax Catcher
5Off Hand "I TAKE Candle!" Shield
Wax-Coated Chestguard
33ChestQuest Leather
Wax-Filled Hood
36Head Siren's Song Leather
Wax-Polished Armor
85Chest Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Waycrest Inquisitor's Cloak
50BackQuest Back
Waycrest Inquisitor's Shield
50Off Hand The First Watch Shield
Waycrest Militia Armplates
50Wrists Witchrending Plate
Waycrest Militia Belt
50Waist A Steady Ballast Plate
Waycrest Militia Bindings
50WristsQuest Plate
Waycrest Militia Boots
50Feet Building Defenses Plate
Waycrest Militia Bracers
50WristsQuest Plate
Waycrest Militia Buckle
50Waist Rescue Rangers Plate
Waycrest Militia Chausses
50Legs Rescue Rangers Plate
Waycrest Militia Cinch
50Waist Hold The Barricade! Plate
Waycrest Militia Crushers
50HandsQuest Plate
Waycrest Militia Footguards
50Feet Terminal Degree Plate
Waycrest Militia Gauntlets
50Hands The Burden of Proof Plate
Waycrest Militia Girdle
50Waist Hope They Can't Swim Plate
Waycrest Militia Gloves
50Hands Hold The Barricade! Plate
Waycrest Militia Greatbelt
50WaistQuest Plate
Waycrest Militia Greaves
50Legs The Final Effigy Plate
Waycrest Militia Grips
50HandsQuest Plate
Waycrest Militia Handguards
50Hands A Traitor's Death Plate
Waycrest Militia Legguards
50Legs Building Defenses Plate
Waycrest Militia Legplates
50Legs A Traitor's Death Plate
Waycrest Militia Pants
50Legs Odds and Ends Plate
Waycrest Militia Sabatons
50FeetQuest Plate
Waycrest Militia Stompers
50Feet Witchrending Plate
Waycrest Militia Vambraces
50WristsQuest Plate
Waycrest Militia Wristguards
50Wrists Drustfall Plate
Wayfarer's Cloak
3227BackLooted Back
Wayfaring Gloves
9Hands Cloth
Wayfinder's Bracers
33WristsQuest Cloth
Waywalker's Girdle
33WaistQuest Plate
Weapon-Bearer Bracers
36Wrists Somethin' for the Boys Plate
Weaponized Belt
16Waist They're Out There! Plate
Weaponseeker Bracers
36Wrists Ancient Weapons Plate
Weatherbeaten Warsong Locket
44Neck Golmash Hellscream Neck
Weathered Worker Cloak
32BackQuest Back
Weavers of the Unending Tale
18Hands Saving Yenniku Leather
Web Coated Leggings
12Legs Human Infestation Mail
Web Encased Tunic
12Chest Glorious Harvest Mail
Webspinner Bindings
3529WristsLooted Leather
Webspinner Boots
3529FeetLooted Leather
Webspinner Cord
3529WaistLooted Leather
Webspinner Gloves
3529HandsLooted Leather
Webspinner Hood
3529HeadLooted Leather
Webspinner Leggings
3529LegsLooted Leather