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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Bronzebeard Mitts
1Hands Cosmetic
Bronzebeard Pauldrons
1Shoulders Cosmetic
Bronzebeard Stompers
1Feet Cosmetic
Bronzebeard Tunic
1Chest Cosmetic
Bronzebeard Wristclamps
1Wrists Cosmetic
Bronze-Bound Sinstone
160Back Back
Brutalizer's Mantle
150Shoulders Cosmetic
Bucket of Morbid Treats
1Off Hand Cosmetic
Bulwark of the Wild Hunt
160Off Hand Tracking the Shadows Shield
Burnished Crypt Keeper's Mantle
150Back Back
Burnished Death Shroud Belt
150Waist Leather
Burnished Death Shroud Bindings
150Wrists Leather
Burnished Death Shroud Boots
150Feet Leather
Burnished Death Shroud Breeches
150Legs Leather
Burnished Death Shroud Cloak
150Back Back
Burnished Death Shroud Gloves
150Hands Leather
Burnished Death Shroud Hood
150Head Leather
Burnished Death Shroud Spaulders
150Shoulders Leather
Burnished Death Shroud Vest
150Chest Leather
Burnished Eye Crescent
160Back Back
Burnished Sinstone Chain
150Back Back
Burnished Skull Crescent
160Back Back
Burnished Soul Restraint
160Back Back
Cape of the Honored Valarjar
1Back Back
Cape of the Regal Wanderer
160Back Back
Celestial Observer's Astral Walkers
1Feet Cosmetic
Celestial Observer's Buckle
1Waist Cosmetic
Celestial Observer's Constellations
1Shoulders Cosmetic
Celestial Observer's Gloves
1Hands Cosmetic
Celestial Observer's Leggings
1Legs Cosmetic
Celestial Observer's Robe
1Chest Cosmetic
Celestial Observer's Skygazer
1Head Cosmetic
Celestial Observer's Starshroud
1Back Back
Celestial Observer's Wristwraps
1Wrists Cosmetic
Chain Leggings of the Chosen Dead
145Legs Mail
Chain Shirt of the Chosen Dead
145Chest Mail
Chains of Temptation's Call
Remix: Pandaria
1Waist Cloth
Chains of the Alluring Call
1Waist Cloth
Champion Stormrider's Boots
1Feet Cosmetic
Champion Stormrider's Breastplate
1Chest Cosmetic
Champion Stormrider's Buckle
1Waist Cosmetic
Champion Stormrider's Cape
1Back Back
Champion Stormrider's Epaulets
1Shoulders Cosmetic
Champion Stormrider's Grips
1Hands Cosmetic
Champion Stormrider's Helmet
1Head Cosmetic
Champion Stormrider's Pants
1Legs Cosmetic
Champion Stormrider's Wristguards
1Wrists Cosmetic
Chestguard of the Howling Beast
135ChestVendor Mail
Chestguard of the Lich Lord
135Chest Plate
Chestplate of the Chosen Dead
145Chest Plate
Chestplate of the Golden King
135Chest Plate
Chestplate of the Holy Warrior
135Chest Plate
Chestwrap of the Regal Lord
135Chest Leather
Chronoscryer Bracers
145Wrists Cloth
Chronoscryer Cord
145Waist Cloth
Chronoscryer Epaulets
145Shoulders Cloth
Chronoscryer Gloves
145Hands Cloth
Chronoscryer Hood
145Head Cloth
Chronoscryer Leggings
145Legs Cloth
Chronoscryer Robe
145Chest Cloth
Chronoscryer Slippers
145Feet Cloth
Cinch of the Holy Avenger
Remix: Pandaria
1Waist Plate
Cinch of the Howling Beast
135WaistVendor Mail
Cinch of the Light Avenger
1Waist Plate
Circlet of the Chosen Dead
145Head Cloth
Circlet of the Honored Valarjar
1Head Cloth
Circlet of the Mother Tree
158Back Back
Clasp of Ursine Rage
1Waist Leather
Climber's Pack
160Back Back
Cloak of the Chosen Dead
145Back Back
Cloak of the Honored Valarjar
1Back Back
Cloak of Unrelenting Justice
1Back Back
Coif of the Chosen Dead
145Head Mail
Coif of the Honored Valarjar
1Head Mail
Cold Burden of the Damned
160Back Back
Colors of the Undying Army
1Tabard Tabard
Conservator's Ironwood Chestplate
160Chest Plate
Conservator's Ironwood Cloak
160Back Back
Conservator's Ironwood Gauntlets
160Hands Plate
Conservator's Ironwood Girdle
160Waist Plate
Conservator's Ironwood Greathelm
160Head Plate
Conservator's Ironwood Greaves
160Legs Plate
Conservator's Ironwood Pauldrons
160Shoulders Plate
Conservator's Ironwood Sabatons
160Feet Plate
Conservator's Ironwood Vambraces
160Wrists Plate
Conservator's Leather Anklewraps
160Feet Leather
Conservator's Leather Armguards
160Hands Leather
Conservator's Leather Belt
160Waist Leather
Conservator's Leather Bracers
160Wrists Leather
Conservator's Leather Britches
160Legs Leather
Conservator's Leather Cape
160Back Back
Conservator's Leather Crest
160Head Leather
Conservator's Leather Mantle
160Shoulders Leather
Conservator's Leather Tunic
160Chest Leather
Conservator's Leather Vestment
160Chest Leather
Conservator's Scale Armguards
160Wrists Mail
Conservator's Scale Boots
160Feet Mail
Conservator's Scale Buckle
160Waist Mail
Conservator's Scale Gloves
160Hands Mail
Conservator's Scale Greatcloak
160Back Back