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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Commemorative Jed'hin Belt
1Waist Leather
Congealed Orb
31Off Hand Off Hand
Cord of Mandibles
3740Waist Cloth
Corroded Mail Armor
2926Chest Mail
Corroded Mail Belt
2926Waist Mail
Corroded Mail Boots
2926Feet Mail
Corroded Mail Bracers
2926Wrists Mail
Corroded Mail Circlet
2926Head Mail
Corroded Mail Gloves
2926Hands Mail
Corroded Mail Pants
2926Legs Mail
Corroded Mail Shoulderpads
2926Shoulders Mail
Corroded Plate Chestpiece
20050Chest Plate
Corroded Plate Faceguard
20050Head Plate
Corroded Plate Gloves
20050Hands Plate
Corroded Plate Greatbelt
20050Waist Plate
Corroded Plate Legguards
20050Legs Plate
Corroded Plate Shoulderguards
20050Shoulders Plate
Corroded Plate Vambraces
20050Wrists Plate
Corroded Plate Warboots
20050Feet Plate
Cracked Buckler
3Off Hand Shield
Cracked Hide Belt
3740Waist Leather
Cracked Hide Boots
3740Feet Leather
Cracked Hide Gloves
3740Hands Leather
Cracked Hide Hood
3740Head Leather
Cracked Hide Pants
3740Legs Leather
Cracked Hide Shoulders
3740Shoulders Leather
Cracked Hide Vest
3740Chest Leather
Cracked Hide Wristguards
3740Wrists Leather
Cracked Inquisitor's Band
10050Finger Finger
Creaking Legplates of the Innocent
3945Legs Plate
Crested Buckler
2822Off Hand Shield
Crochet Belt
2316Waist Cloth
Crochet Boots
2418Feet Cloth
Crochet Bracers
2417Wrists Cloth
Crochet Cloak
2518Back Back
Crochet Gloves
2519Hands Cloth
Crochet Hat
2316Head Cosmetic
Crochet Pants
2417Legs Cloth
Crochet Shoulderpads
2519Shoulders Cloth
Crochet Vest
2316Chest Cloth
Cross-Stitched Belt
1811Waist Cloth
Cross-Stitched Bracers
1811Wrists Cloth
Cross-Stitched Cloak
1811Back Back
Cross-Stitched Gloves
1610Hands Cloth
Cross-Stitched Pants
1710Legs Cloth
Cross-Stitched Sandals
1811Feet Cloth
Cross-Stitched Shoulderpads
1811Shoulders Cloth
Cross-Stitched Vest
1811Chest Cloth
Crumbling Ceremonial Vestments
3740Chest Cloth
Crumbling Chain Belt
3740Waist Mail
Crumbling Chain Coif
3740Head Mail
Crumbling Chain Gloves
3740Hands Mail
Crumbling Chain Hauberk
3740Chest Mail
Crumbling Chain Leggings
3740Legs Mail
Crumbling Chain Sabatons
3740Feet Mail
Crumbling Chain Spaulders
3740Shoulders Mail
Crumbling Chain Wristguards
3740Wrists Mail
Crumbling Plate Chestpiece
20040Chest Plate
Crumbling Plate Faceguard
20040Head Plate
Crumbling Plate Gloves
20040Hands Plate
Crumbling Plate Greatbelt
20040Waist Plate
Crumbling Plate Legguards
20040Legs Plate
Crumbling Plate Shoulderguards
20040Shoulders Plate
Crumbling Plate Vambraces
20040Wrists Plate
Crumbling Plate Warboots
20040Feet Plate
Cryptstalker Handguards
130Hands Mail
Cryptstalker Headpiece
130Head Mail
Cryptstalker Spaulders
130Shoulders Mail
Cryptstalker Tunic
130Chest Mail
Damaged Berserker's Plate Helm
3740Head Plate
Decayed Cloth Armbands
13740Wrists Cloth
Decayed Cloth Cincture
13740Waist Cloth
Decayed Cloth Footpads
13740Feet Cloth
Decayed Cloth Grips
13740Hands Cloth
Decayed Cloth Hood
13740Head Cosmetic
Decayed Cloth Legwraps
13740Legs Cloth
Decayed Cloth Mantle
13740Shoulders Cloth
Decayed Cloth Vestments
13740Chest Cloth
Decaying Leather Armor
2926Chest Leather
Decaying Leather Belt
2926Waist Leather
Decaying Leather Boots
2926Feet Leather
Decaying Leather Bracers
2926Wrists Leather
Decaying Leather Gloves
2926Hands Leather
Decaying Leather Helmet
2926Head Leather
Decaying Leather Pants
2926Legs Leather
Decaying Leather Shoulderpads
2926Shoulders Leather
Defiled Chain Armguards
13740Wrists Mail
Defiled Chain Breeches
13740Legs Mail
Defiled Chain Clasp
13740Waist Mail
Defiled Chain Footguards
13740Feet Mail
Defiled Chain Gauntlets
13740Hands Mail
Defiled Chain Helm
13740Head Mail
Defiled Chain Spaulders
13740Shoulders Mail
Defiled Chain Vest
13740Chest Mail
Deflecting Tower
2721Off Hand Shield
Dented Triptych Shield
3945Off Hand Shield
Deprecated Dwarven Squire's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Deprecated Frayed Shoulderpads
3Shoulders Cloth
Deprecated Sturdy Brown Pants
1Legs Cloth
Desiccated Scale Belt
13740Waist Mail