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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Inquisitors Wand
10.32.00Ranged Wand
Mastiff Trainer's Wand
50.72.00Ranged From the Shadows Wand
Long Lost Wand
50.72.00Ranged Wand
Alchemist's Wand
71.01.80Ranged Wand
Touch of Dawn
81.12.00Ranged Thunderhorn Cleansing Wand
Lesser Magic Wand
1050.72.00RangedCrafted Wand
Hill's Eye Wand
100.72.00Ranged The Eyes of Ashenvale Wand
Tournament Gladiator's Touch of Defeat
Warlords Tournament
101001.42.00Ranged Wand
Tournament Gladiator's Touch of Defeat
Warlords Tournament
101001.42.00Ranged Wand
Tournament Gladiator's Baton of Light
Warlords Tournament
101001.42.00Ranged Wand
Tournament Gladiator's Baton of Light
Warlords Tournament
101001.42.00Ranged Wand
Nub's Wand
110.82.00Ranged The Gilneas Liberation Front Wand
Hoodoo Wand
110.82.00Ranged Zul'Marosh Wand
Wand of Separation
120.92.00Ranged The Tortusk Takedown Wand
Stillpine Stinger
120.92.00Ranged The Prophecy of Akida Wand
Star Shooter
120.92.00Ranged Heartfelt Appreciation Wand
Fire Wand
1270.92.00RangedLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Wand
Stillpine Shocker
130.92.00Ranged Saving Princess Stillpine Wand
Elven Wand
130.92.00Ranged Wand
Shadow Wand
1491.02.00RangedLooted Wand
Mystic Riverpaw Wand
141.02.00Ranged Jango Spothide Wand
Dryad's Wand
141.02.00Ranged Strategic Strikes Wand
Arcanist's Wand
141.02.00Ranged Windrunner Village Wand
Submariner Killer
151.12.00Ranged Vengeance for Our Soldiers Wand
Indiscriminate Wand
161.22.00Ranged Lake Everstill Clean Up Wand
Cinder Wand
161.22.00Ranged Wand
Spark of the People's Militia
171.22.00Ranged Wand
171.22.00Ranged Containing the Threat Wand
Blazing Wand
17121.22.00RangedLooted, Fished Wand
Cookie's Stirring Stick
171.22.00Ranged The Defias Kingpin Wand
Cookie's Stirring Stick
171.22.00Ranged The Defias Kingpin Wand
Moonstone Wand
181.32.00Ranged Wand
Greater Magic Wand
18131.32.00RangedCrafted Wand
Flaring Baton
181.32.00Ranged Wand
Dwarven Flamestick
181.32.00Ranged Wand
Banshee Rod
18131.32.00RangedLooted Wand
Blackwood Ritual Stick
191.42.00Ranged The Defiler Wand
Smoldering Wand
20152.82.00RangedVendor Wand
Opaque Wand
20151.42.00RangedLooted, Fished Wand
Ley-Keeper's Wand
201.42.00Ranged Dar'Khan's Lieutenants Wand
Brazie's Plant Light
201.42.00Ranged Lawn of the Dead Wand
Wind Rider Wand
201.42.00Ranged The Conquest of Azshara Wand
Suppressor's Wand
201.42.00Ranged Counterattack! Wand
Cookie's Stirring Rod
20151.42.00RangedLooted Wand
Gloom Wand
21162.92.00RangedVendor Wand
Wand of Infectious Dementia
211.52.00Ranged Assault on Menethil Keep Wand
Wand of Decay
211.52.00Ranged Wand
Torchlight Wand
211.52.00Ranged The Coastal Menace Wand
21161.52.00RangedLooted Wand
21161.52.00RangedLooted Wand
Sable Wand
221.62.00Ranged Wand
Durak's Wand
221.62.00Ranged Rain of Destruction Wand
Charred Razormane Wand
23183.22.00Ranged Wand
Sizzle Stick
231.72.00Ranged Wand
Exorcist's Wand
231.72.00Ranged Roland's Doom Wand
Archivist's Lighter
231.72.00Ranged The Stolen Letters Wand
Lilith's Wand
241.72.00Ranged Deception and Trickery Wand
Searching Wand
241.72.00Ranged Wand
Dusk Wand
25203.52.00RangedVendor Wand
Burning Wand
25203.52.00RangedVendor Wand
Wand of Bought Time
261.92.00Ranged Commandeer That Balloon! Wand
Spellcrafter Wand
261.92.00Ranged Wand
Dire Wand
26211.92.00RangedLooted Wand
27222.02.00RangedLooted Wand
Wand of Imagination
282.02.00Ranged The Mind's Eye Wand
Stingshot Wand
282.02.00Ranged Wand
Charred Wand
282.02.00Ranged Wand
Stone Etcher
292.12.00Ranged Saving Yenniku Wand
29242.12.00RangedLooted Wand
Gravestone Scepter
292.12.00Ranged Wand
Wand of Destructive Talent
302.22.00Ranged To Battlescar! Wand
Moonbeam Wand
302.22.00Ranged Wand
Excavation Rod
302.22.00Ranged Wand
Consecrated Wand
302.22.00Ranged Wand
Lesser Mystic Wand
31262.22.00RangedCrafted Wand
Gyromatic Icemaker
31262.22.00RangedLooted Wand
Necrotic Wand
31262.22.00Ranged Wand
Wand of Oomph
322.32.00Ranged Prime Slime Wand
Wand of Eventide
32272.32.00RangedLooted, Fished Wand
Research Assistant's Wand
322.32.00Ranged Prime Slime Wand
Pot Stirrer
322.32.00Ranged Marching On Our Stomachs Wand
Groady Goblin Wand
322.32.00Ranged Siegebreaker Wand
Combustible Wand
34294.72.00RangedVendor Wand
Venture Blaster
342.52.00Ranged Drive-By Piracy Wand
Summoner's Wand
34292.52.00RangedLooted Wand
34292.52.00RangedLooted Wand
Pestilent Wand
35304.92.00RangedVendor Wand
Scorching Wand
35302.52.00RangedLooted Wand
Greater Mystic Wand
35302.52.00RangedCrafted Wand
Captain Rackmore's Tiller
362.62.00Ranged Wand
Spider Frier
372.72.00Ranged This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup) Wand
Flash Wand
372.72.00Ranged Wand
372.72.00Ranged Questioning Reethe Wand
Noxious Shooter
37322.72.00RangedLooted Wand
Kodo Brander
382.72.00Ranged Wand
Fizzle's Zippy Lighter
382.72.00Ranged Wand
Goblin Igniter
402.92.00RangedUnobtainable, Quest Wand
Gnomish Zapper
402.92.00Ranged Wand
Crawling Wand
402.92.00Ranged ... and Bugs Wand
Burning Sliver
402.92.00Ranged Wand