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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Militia Shortsword
20.52.60Main Hand Ending the Invasion! One-handed Sword
Militia Warhammer
20.63.60Two Hand Ending the Invasion! Two-handed Mace
Mining Pick
22.00Main HandVendor Miscellaneous
Monster - Staff, Velen TEMP
10.53.00Two Hand Staff
Morning Star
24183.22.60Main HandVendor One-handed Mace
Mud Splattering Hammer
20.63.60Two Hand Rite of Strength Two-handed Mace
Neophyte's Mace
10.42.60Main Hand One-handed Mace
Night Web Crossbow
20.63.00Ranged Night Web's Hollow Crossbow
Ogre Claymore
50.93.20Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Ogre Cleaver
50.93.20Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Old Blunderbuss
10.53.00Ranged Gun
OLDCeremonial Club
12.20 Miscellaneous
Ornate Blunderbuss
420.83.00RangedVendor Gun
Oversized Tenderizer
10.53.60Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Parrying Dagger
1621.51.80Off Hand Dagger
Peacebringer's Staff
20.63.60Two Hand Ending the Invasion! Staff
Pellet Rifle
320.73.00RangedLooted Gun
Pestilent Wand
20132.22.00RangedVendor Wand
Pitchwood Wand
24173.22.00RangedVendor Wand
Pitted Defias Shortsword
20.52.60Main Hand One-handed Sword
Placeholder 1H Axe
10.42.60One HandUnobtainable One-handed Axe
Placeholder 1H Mace
10.42.60One HandUnobtainable One-handed Mace
Placeholder 1H Sword
10.42.60One HandUnobtainable One-handed Sword
Placeholder 2H Sword
10.53.60Two HandUnobtainable Two-handed Sword
Placeholder Dagger 1
10.41.80Main HandUnobtainable Dagger
Placeholder Dagger 2
10.41.80One HandUnobtainable Dagger
Plain Wooden Staff
10.53.60Two HandVendor Staff
Polished Shortbow
20.63.00RangedVendor Bow
1171.21.80One HandVendor Dagger
Practice Sword
320.73.60Two HandLooted, Vendor Two-handed Sword
Precious Metal Cracker
22.00Main Hand Miscellaneous
Primitive Bow
20.63.00Ranged Bow
Primitive Hand Blade
20.51.80One Hand Dagger
Primitive Hatchet
20.52.60Main Hand One-handed Axe
Primitive Walking Stick
20.63.60Two Hand Staff
Promotion Prodder
20.63.60Two Hand Staff
Pruning Knife
50.71.80One Hand Mossy Tumors Dagger
Putrid Wooden Hammer
20.52.60Main Hand One-handed Mace
Quarter Staff
951.33.60Two HandVendor Staff
Quilboar Crusher
40.83.60Two Hand Raggaran's Fury Two-handed Mace
Quilboar Sticker
40.61.80One Hand Raggaran's Fury Dagger
Raider Shortsword
830.92.50Main Hand One-handed Sword
Ranger's Notched Dirk
40.61.80One Hand The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll Dagger
Ranger's Pocketknife
50.71.80One Hand The Spearcrafter's Hammer Dagger
Razor Hill Axe
30.52.60One Hand From Bad to Worse One-handed Axe
Razor Hill Blade
30.52.60One Hand From Bad to Worse One-handed Sword
Razor Sharp Fillet Knife
32274.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Razormane Backstabber
1381.31.80One Hand Dagger
Recruit's Shortsword
10.42.60Main Hand One-handed Sword
Recruit's Sword
12.60Main HandCreated Miscellaneous
Red Ceremonial Dagger
20.51.80One Hand Rite of Strength Dagger
Reinforced Bow
1381.73.00RangedVendor Bow
Rigging Slicer
20.51.80One HandVendor Dagger
Rock Chipper
851.23.60Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Rock Hammer
1381.73.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Mace
Rockjaw Blade
420.62.60Main Hand One-handed Sword
Rockmagus Stave
29295.33.60Two HandVendor Staff
Rodentia Shortsword
530.72.60Main Hand One-handed Sword
24173.21.80One HandVendor Dagger
Rough Broad Axe
30.72.80Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Rusted Claymore
941.33.10Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Rusty Mace
30.52.60One Hand Lost Armaments One-handed Mace
Rusty Prybar
20.63.60Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Rusty Sin'dorei Stiletto
30.51.80Main Hand Lost Armaments Dagger
Rusty Sin'dorei Sword
30.52.60Main Hand Lost Armaments One-handed Sword
Ryedol's Lucky Pick
11.80One Hand Miscellaneous
1171.22.60One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Scuffed Dagger
720.91.50One Hand Dagger
Scythe Blade
30.52.60One Hand Reaping the Reapers One-handed Sword
Seafarer's Blade
50.93.60Two Hand Show Gnomercy Two-handed Sword
Sen'Jin Bow
30.73.00Ranged Purge the Valley Bow
Sen'jin Staff
30.73.60Two Hand Purge the Valley Staff
Shadow Hunter Knife
19122.01.80One Hand Dagger
Sharp Axe
30.52.60One Hand Pushing Forward One-handed Axe
Sharp Dagger
10.41.80One Hand Dagger
Sharp Dirk
10.41.80One Hand Dagger
Sharp Kitchen Knife
50.71.80One Hand Dagger
Shattered Oar
20.63.60Two Hand Staff
Short Knife
30.51.80One Hand The Dwarven Spy Dagger
Short Sabre
420.62.60Main Hand One-handed Sword
Short Spear
16102.03.60Two HandVendor Polearm
Short Staff
20.63.60Two HandVendor Staff
20.52.60One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Simmer's Cudgel
30.52.60One Hand Reaping the Reapers One-handed Mace
Simmer's Dirk
30.51.80One Hand Reaping the Reapers Dagger
Simple Dagger
30.51.80One HandLooted, Vendor Dagger
Skinning Knife
21.60One HandLooted, Vendor Miscellaneous
Skull Hatchet
420.62.60Main Hand One-handed Axe
Skyrocket Gun
20.63.00Ranged Rolling with my Homies Gun
Slicing Claw
16101.52.60One HandVendor Fist Weapon
Slightly Used Ranger's Blade
40.62.60Main Hand The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll One-handed Sword
Small Green Dagger
530.71.80One Hand Dagger
Small Knife
40.61.40One Hand Dagger
Small Tomahawk
830.91.80One Hand One-handed Axe
Small Wooden Hammer
20.52.60Main Hand One-handed Mace
Smoldering Wand
1271.22.00RangedVendor Wand
Smooth Metal Staff
50.93.60Two Hand The Spearcrafter's Hammer Staff
Smooth Walking Staff
20.63.60Two Hand Staff
Smotts' Cutlass
16101.52.60One Hand One-handed Sword
Snubnose Blunderbuss
30.73.00Ranged Pushing Forward Gun