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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Quilboar Tomahawk
850.72.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Ritual Blade
850.71.80One Hand Dagger
Seryl's Promise
80.53.60Two Hand They Have Allies, But So Do We Staff
Silver-Edged Blade
80.32.60One Hand The Stolen Silver One-handed Sword
Stonesplinter Mace
850.32.60One Hand One-handed Mace
Submariner Killer
80.32.00Ranged Vengeance for Our Soldiers Wand
Survival Knife
80.71.80One Hand Dagger
Swiftwind Blade
80.72.60One Hand Vyrin's Revenge One-handed Sword
Thun'grim's Axe
80.72.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Thun'grim's Mace
80.72.60One Hand One-handed Mace
Thun'grim's Sword
80.72.60One Hand One-handed Sword
Tranquillien Flamberge
850.93.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
Umbral Axe
80.72.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Umbral Dagger
80.71.80One Hand Dagger
Umbral Mace
80.72.60One Hand One-handed Mace
Umbral Sword
80.72.60One Hand One-handed Sword
Whiteclaw Dagger
80.71.80One Hand Remembrance of Auberdine Dagger
Wild Howl Dagger
80.71.80One Hand Fall Back! Dagger
Brass Knuckles
850.72.60One HandVendor Fist Weapon
850.93.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
850.72.60One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Giant Mace
850.93.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Mace
Inscribed Mace
822.60Main HandCreated Miscellaneous
Left-Handed Brass Knuckles
850.72.60One Hand Fist Weapon
Raider Shortsword
830.72.50Main Hand One-handed Sword
Rock Chipper
850.93.60Two Hand Master Digger Two-handed Axe
Small Tomahawk
830.71.80One Hand One-handed Axe
Mace of the Blood Price
70.93.60Two Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Two-handed Mace
Marshalling Point
70.71.80One Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Dagger
Rallying Charge
70.93.60Two Hand The Battle for Gilneas City Two-handed Sword
Arcanist's Dagger
70.31.80One Hand Windrunner Village Dagger
Arcanist's Wand
70.32.00Ranged Windrunner Village Wand
Briarsteel Shortsword
70.72.60One HandUnobtainable One-handed Sword
Curved Dagger
740.71.80One HandLooted, Fished Dagger
Curvewood Dagger
70.71.80One HandUnobtainable Dagger
Darkthorn Piercer
70.72.60One Hand Into the Raptor's Den One-handed Sword
Daryl's Bow
70.93.00Ranged Bow
Daryl's Rifle
70.93.00Ranged Gun
Dryad's Wand
70.32.00Ranged Strategic Strikes Wand
Enamelled Broadsword
740.72.60One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Marek's Dagger
70.71.80One Hand Dagger
Mystic Riverpaw Wand
70.32.00Ranged Jango Spothide Wand
Oakthrush Staff
70.43.60Two HandUnobtainable Staff
Orcish Battle Bow
70.93.00Ranged Bow
Pointed Axe
70.72.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Shadow Wand
740.32.00RangedLooted Wand
Staunch Hammer
740.72.60One HandLooted, Fished One-handed Mace
Alchemist's Wand
70.61.80Ranged Wand
Hunter's Boomstick
740.83.00RangedVendor Gun
Light Hammer
720.61.70Main Hand One-handed Mace
740.62.60One HandVendor One-handed Mace
Scuffed Dagger
720.61.50One Hand Dagger
740.83.60Two HandVendor Two-handed Axe
Fisherman Knife
740.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Old Greatsword
740.53.60Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Rusty Warhammer
740.53.60Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Worn Hatchet
740.42.60Main HandLooted One-handed Axe
Talon of Vultros
630.61.80One HandLooted Dagger
Arugoo's Crossbow of Destruction
60.83.00Ranged The Prophecy of Akida Crossbow
Aynasha's Spare Sword
60.62.60One Hand Timely Arrival One-handed Sword
Balanced Spell Staff
60.43.60Two Hand WANTED: "Hogger" Staff
60.83.60Two Hand Deaths in the Family Two-handed Mace
Bush Chicken Remote Injector
60.83.00Ranged It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It Gun
Carved Stone Mace
60.32.60One Hand Gathering Idols One-handed Mace
Coldridge Hammer
60.83.60Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Compact Fighting Knife
60.61.80One Hand Supervisor Fizsprocket Dagger
Compact Hammer
60.62.60One Hand One-handed Mace
Compact Shotgun
640.83.00RangedLooted, Fished Gun
Copper Battle Axe
640.83.60Two HandCrafted Two-handed Axe
Craftsman's Dagger
60.61.80One HandUnobtainable Dagger
Cranial Thumper
630.62.60One Hand One-handed Mace
Darkwood Staff
60.43.60Two Hand Deaths in the Family Staff
Defender Axe
60.62.60One Hand One-handed Axe
Elven Wand
60.32.00Ranged Wand
Far Watch Musket
60.83.00Ranged The Kodo's Return Gun
Farstrider's Bow
60.83.00Ranged Bow
Feral Blade
640.62.60One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Fire Wand
630.32.00RangedLooted, Fished, Pick Pocketed Wand
Goblin Smasher
60.83.60Two Hand Supervisor Fizsprocket Two-handed Mace
Heartache Dagger
60.61.80One Hand Dagger
Heartache Dagger
60.61.80One HandQuest Dagger
Heavy Mace
630.62.60One HandLooted, Fished One-handed Mace
Jealousy's Edge
60.83.60Two Hand What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway? Two-handed Axe
Jealousy's Edge
60.83.60Two Hand What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway? Two-handed Axe
Ley Staff
60.43.60Two HandQuest Staff
Mace of Calculated Loss
60.32.60One Hand Nowhere to Run One-handed Mace
Mankrik's Boar Slicer
60.83.60Two Hand Consumed by Hatred Two-handed Axe
Marcus' Pickaxe
60.62.60One Hand Slaves to No One One-handed Axe
Old Dwarven Hammer
60.83.60Two Hand Heartfelt Appreciation Two-handed Mace
Oomlot Staff
60.83.60Two Hand Staff
Pale Skinner
630.62.60One Hand Fedfennel One-handed Sword
Shipwreck Bow
60.83.00Ranged An Ocean Not So Deep Bow
Short Bastard Sword
630.83.60Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Sword
Silver Crossbow
60.83.00Ranged Crossbow
Skorn's Hammer
60.62.60One Hand The Demon Scarred Cloak One-handed Mace
Skorn's Rifle
60.83.00Ranged The Demon Scarred Cloak Gun
Spiked Club
640.83.60Two HandLooted, Fished Two-handed Mace
Staff of Dubious Pacts
60.43.60Two Hand Message for Saurfang Staff
Staff of the Formidable Opponent
60.83.60Two Hand No Escape Staff
Staff of the Unwelcome
60.43.60Two Hand Staff