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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
Restoring Sanctity 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
Saving Princess Stillpine 1010-60
Pick one:
Bloodmyst Isle
Searching for Galaen 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
Signs of the Legion 1010-60 35 Bloodmyst Isle
Strange Findings 55-20 Azuremyst Isle
Talk to the Hand 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
The Bear Necessities 1010-60 35 Bloodmyst Isle
The Bloodcurse Legacy 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
The Bloodcursed Naga 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
The Cryo-Core 1010-60
Pick one:
Bloodmyst Isle
The Hopeless Ones... 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
The Kurken's Hide 55-20
Pick one:
Azuremyst Isle
The Sun Gate 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
The Unwritten Prophecy 1010-60
Pick one:
Bloodmyst Isle
Travel to Azure Watch 55-20 Azuremyst Isle
Truth or Fiction 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
Urgent Delivery 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle
WANTED: Deathclaw 1010-60
Pick one:
75 Bloodmyst Isle
Warn Your People 55-20 Azuremyst Isle
A Donation of Mageweave 4040-60 The Exodar
A Donation of Runecloth 5050-60 The Exodar
A Donation of Silk 2626-60 The Exodar
A Donation of Wool 1212-60 The Exodar
Additional Runecloth 5050-60 The Exodar
Learn to Ride at the Exodar 2020-120 Azuremyst Isle
They're Alive! Maybe... 1616-19 Bloodmyst Isle
Azuremyst: aa - A - Quest Flag 000 55-8 Azuremyst Isle
Fulfilling a Promise 77-8
Pick one:
Azuremyst Isle
A Hearty Thanks! 55-20 25 Azuremyst Isle
The Sun King's Command 1010-60 Bloodmyst Isle