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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains
Work Order: Stormscales 110110
Work Order: Tears of the Naaru 110110
Work Order: Warhide Footpads 110110
Work Order: Word of Critical Strike 110110
Work Order: Word of Strength 110110
Alchemy: Draught of Grotesque Strength 6060
Alchemy: Elixir of Humility
Alchemy: Potion of Hibernal Rest 6060
Ancient Leystone Deposits
Blacksmithing: Polished Kyrian Shield 6060
Blacksmithing: Prideful Manacles
Blacksmithing: Soul Razor 6060
Blacksmithing: Stalker Arrowheads 6060
Brimstone Destroyer 4545
Brimstone Destroyer 4545
Brimstone Destroyer
Brimstone Destroyer 4545
Brimstone Destroyer
Bristly Musken Hide 4545
Buoy Fishing 4545
Bushy Dreamleaf 4545
Bushy Foxflower 4545
Charged Leystone Deposits 4545
Cooking: Arden Apple Pie
Cooking: Skewered Meats
Cooking: Spider Jerky
Cooking: Steward Stew 6060
Darkened Felslate Deposits 4545
Dense Storm Silver 5050
Dense Storm Silver
Pick one:
Enchanting: Boundless Basket 6060
Enchanting: Everburning Brand 6060
Enchanting: True Aim 6060
Enchanting: Unbreakable Crystal
Engineering: Boneclad Stake Launcher
Engineering: Bug Zapifier 6060
Engineering: Duelist's Pistol 6060
Engineering: Power Hammer 6060
Felhide 4545
Felwort 4545
Fishing: Bloodthroated Grouper
Fishing: Glorious Shimmerfin 6060
Fishing: Skeletal Mudskipper
Fishing: Speckled Flametail 6060
Flourishing Riverbud
Pick one:
Gemcutter Needed 4545
Gemcutter Needed 4545
Gemcutter Needed 4545
Gemcutter Needed
Gemcutter Needed
Heavy Felslate Deposits 4545
Herbalism: Engorged Marrowroot 6060
Herbalism: Lambent Vigil's Torch 6060
Herbalism: Lush Widowbloom
Huge Cursed Queenfish
Huge Highmountain Salmon
Huge Stormrays 4545
Huge Stormrays 4545
Inscription: Catalog of Sins
Inscription: Hymnal of Reprise 6060
Inscription: Litany of Might 6060
Jewelcrafting: Carved Crystal Ring
Jewelcrafting: Gem Studded Bangle 6060
Jewelcrafting: Sinister Choker
Leatherworking: Bonestudded Fists
Leatherworking: Courtly Leather Boots 6060
Leatherworking: Stalker's Leather Quiver
Leatherworking: Steelhide Leather Harness
Lively Cursed Queenfish 4545
Lively Highmountain Salmon 4545
Lively Mossgill Perch
Lively Runescale Koi
Lively Runescale Koi
Lively Stormrays 4545
Mining: Ligneous Phaedrum Cluster
Mining: Luminous Solenium Cluster 6060
Mining: Menacing Sinvyr Cluster 6060
Mining: Monolithic Oxxein Cluster
Rocket Boot Fishing
Rugged Wolf Hide 4545
Shaggy Saber Hide 4545
Skinning: Horrific Leather Hide 6060
Skinning: Plush Copperfur Pelts 6060
Skinning: Rugged Carapace 6060
Skinning: Thick Gormhide
Slab of Bacon
Slab of Bacon 4545
Slab of Bacon 4545
Slab of Bacon
Slab of Bacon 4545
Slab of Bacon 4545
Slab of Bacon 4545
Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
Pick one:
Tailoring: Cloak of Camouflage
Tailoring: Haunting Hood 6060
Tailoring: Looming Tapestry
The Angler Mangler 4545
Vantus Rune Work Order: Il'gynoth, The Heart of Corruption 4545