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"Totems of the Grizzlemaw" Track Loot
"Try Not to Explode" - Full Conversation
"Try Not to Explode" Abandoned
"VICTORY" Perfume
"Volcano" Duck
"Volcano" Duck
"We are Leaving" Exit Trigger
"We Ride!" Complete Dummy
"Weapon" Toss
"Weapon" Toss
"Welcome to Ardenweald" Conversation
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Well Fed"
"Where Hope Dies" - Sira Fight Begun
"Where Hope Dies" - Sira Fight Done
"Wizardry" Cologne
"Yipp-Saron" Costume
"Your Next Move" OnAbandon
(Cosmetic) Blacksmithing
(Cosmetic) Blacksmithing
(Cosmetic) Blazing Hammer
(Cosmetic) Blazing Hammer
(Cosmetic) Might of the Forge
(Cosmetic) Might of the Forge
(DND) Belnistrasz Idol Shutdown Visual
(DND) Tonk Target Tracker (ENEMY VEHICLE)
(DNT) - Generic - Water Walk - No Visual
(DNT) Bomb Countdown
(DNT) Breadcrumb Blocker
(DNT) Cancel Aura - B-b-bombs! In My Backpack?!
(DNT) Cancel Aura, End Client Scene
(DNT) Carrying Crate
(DNT) Cosmetic Ready2H
(DNT) Explosion 02, Kill Credit
(DNT) Explosion 03, Kill Credit
(DNT) Explosion 04, Kill Credit
(DNT) Explosion 05, Kill Credit
(DNT) Explosion and Knockback
(DNT) Explosion Trigger 01
(DNT) Explosion Trigger 02
(DNT) Explosion Trigger 03
(DNT) Explosion Trigger 04
(DNT) Explosion Trigger 05
(DNT) Falling
(DNT) Fire Ballista A
(DNT) Fire Ballista B
(DNT) Fire Ballista C
(DNT) Fire Ballista D
(DNT) Kill Credit - Djaradin Ballista Destroyed
(DNT) Kill Credit - Djaradin Forces Defeated
(DNT) Kill Credit - Dragon Nests Cage Opened
(DNT) Kill Credit - Dragon Nests Zone Inspected
(DNT) Kindred Spirits
(DNT) Mikanikos FX Aura
(DNT) Mikanikos FX Aura
(DNT) Play RTC
(DNT) Play Scene
(DNT) Player's a Friendly
(DNT) RIVER RAPIDS RIDE: Override Spells
(DNT) Rolie Molie Olie: Cancel Everything
(DNT) Rolie Molie Olie: Override Spells
(DNT) Scouting Scope
(DNT) Start Conversation (Ebyssian Start)
(DNT) Start Conversation (Ignax)
(DNT) Start Conversation (To Dragon Nests)
(DNT) Stun, No Casting, No Fall Dmg
(DNT) Teleport to Dragon Nests
(DNT) Teleport to Dragon Nests
(DNT) Teleport to Zaralek Cavern
(DNT) Travel Instantly to Valdrakken
(DNT) Tyrande Talks to Elothir 1
(TEST) Legion Blacksmith
(TEST) Legion Blacksmithing
(TEST) Legion Engineering
(TEST) Legion Engineering
(TEST) Pandaria Engineering
(TEST) Pandaria Engineering
... It Will Come: Energy Fountain Visual
... It Will Come: Ground Rift
... It Will Come: Ground Rumble Earthquake
... It Will Come: Ground Rumble Visual
... It Will Come: Ick'thys Beam Controller
... It Will Come: Ick'thys Beam Visual
... It Will Come: Quest Accept Visual
...And A Shark, Too!
.Kite - Lightning Strike Player
[[DND] Summon Tracking Missile 1
[Daon Test]Beast Battle-Training Stone
[Daon Test]Immaculate Elemental Battle-Stone