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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Breaker Two Rare

Two enormous breakers have been spotted out on Gorgrond. What better way to test our might?

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Burning Blademasters Rare

A group of burning blademaster spirits has been roused by the activities in Nagrand. We should investigate.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Death's Bite Again?

A powerful spider named Death's Bite has returned as an undead, and terrorizes Talador yet again.

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500
Eldritch Horrors Rare

Rumors abound of terrible demons near Shattrath that could drive a follower insane by just looking at them.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000

Warlocks in the northwest are draining life from the land, preparing to summon a demon lord. Well? Don't just stand there!

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500
Fiery Friends Rare

A group of tiny fiery puppies was spotted deep within Blackrock Foundry. If we save them, we may be able to raise them.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Green Fel

The reckless warlock Gul'dan intends to create a fel volcano in the center of Shadowmoon Valley. Stop him before he dooms us all.

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500
Lessons of the Blade Rare

You will find Yozshura the Blademaster atop Mount Volwrath. Seek his wisdom, challenge him, and return enlightened.

100Combat6752× 60 6 hrs1500
Monstrous Menagerie Rare

Tanaan Jungle is a harsh landscape, home to some of the most powerful beasts on this world.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Night of the Primals

Our scouts report that the botani are snatching workers from the quarries. Kill the primals and find out what they are using the orcs for.

100Combat6752× 60 8 hrs1500
Ogrecoming Adversity Rare

The ogres found a huge supply cache out in Frostfire Ridge. Who's up for some ogre hunting?

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Spring Preening

We cannot allow the arakkoa to acquire more of their deadly Apexis technology. Raid their excavation sites. Leave nothing but dust behind!

100Combat6752× 60 8 hrs1500
The Botani Stirr Rare

The botani of Shadowmoon have regrown, stonger than ever. Let us show them our might and test ourselves in the process.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
The Consuming Void Rare

A deep chasm, filled with blackness, was found deep within the burial grounds. Who knows what horrors await us there?

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Too Much Business

We suspect a goblin merchant of selling to both us and the Iron Horde. Tail him, and if he is double-dealing, drag him back by his ears.

100Combat6752× 60 8 hrs1500
What's Mine Is A Mine

Word has it that an Iron Horde mine near our outpost has hit a rich vein. We can't let them have nice things. Storm in and claim the mine.

100Combat6752× 60 10 hrs1500