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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Leading the Flock

A charismatic high arakkoa priest is inciting his congregation to raid nearby settlements in the name of Terokk. We must defend our allies.

94Combat1× 10 60 min500
Lending a Hand Rare

Shattered Hand raiders do not simply kill, they take trophies from their victims. We know their next target. Stop them.

94Combat3× 15 1.5 hrs750
Lens Some Hands

Your photos turned out great, but now we need some more creative shots. Head back out to the field and see what you can do!

100Logistics1× 20 4 hrs150
Lessons of History Rare

Shadowmoon orcs are summoning void beasts through hastily opened portals that could tear Draenor apart, once again. Stop them!

91Combat3× 15 1.5 hrs300
Lessons of the Blade Rare

You will find Yozshura the Blademaster atop Mount Volwrath. Seek his wisdom, challenge him, and return enlightened.

100Combat6752× 60 6 hrs1500
Listen All Y'all

They won't stand it. They'll know we planned it. The Iron Horde will think we're a mirage, but it's just sabotage.

100Combat6153× 15 8 hrs1500
Little Biters

A group of goren has settled in a valuable quarry nearby. We need to get them out if we plan to use the quarry in the future.

93Combat1× 10 60 min400
Logistics Are For Professionals

The Blackrocks need an uninterrupted supply of metal to fuel production of their war machines. Let's make life difficult for them.

100Combat6303× 30 8 hrs1500
Lord of War

The Bloodmaul ogres have begun raiding Horde outposts, costing us soldiers and supplies. We believe a new warlord is to blame.

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Lost in the Foundry

The Iron Horde excavations taking place in The Pit occasionally turn up rare diamonds. Retrieve one and we'll make use of it.

100Treasure2 6 hrs1500
Lost in the Weeds Rare

A failed Stonemaul assault on the Overlook Ruins has left ogre corpses everywhere. Search them for an Abrogator stone!

100Combat3× 50 23.9 hrs1500
Lug'dol's Thugs

Lug'dol and his nascent brawler thugs are using our supply escorts for combat practice. You know we can't allow this to continue.

99Patrol2× 10 60 min1000
Lunch Breakers

We need to get the gronn riled again. Kill the local meat-based wildlife and see if starvation turns them against the Iron Horde nearby.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Magical Mystery Tour

The Kirin Tor who were sent to Gorgrond have gone silent. Turned or slain? Find out what's going on, and get them back on task if you can.

100Combat6303 6 hrs1500
Many-Headed Menace

Habitat changes in Gorgrond have forced hydras to encroach on draenei settlements. It is a pity, but we must kill these desperate beasts.

92Combat1 45 min300
Mean Screech

We have crafted a device to mimic an arakkoa's cries for help. Deploy it in the Spires of Arak to draw our feathery foes into an ambush.

90Combat3× 10 60 min100
Medical Necessity

Our soldiers in the field need medical supplies, but Warsong orcs are patrolling the road. Escort the caravan so it makes its destination.

98Combat1 1.5 hrs900
Mercy Killing

War has ravaged the region's plant life, and the clefthoof don't have enough to eat. We should thin out their numbers before they starve.

98Combat1 1.5 hrs900
Miner Difficulties

The Bloodmaul use slave labor to fuel their efforts. If we liberate the miners, we'll disrupt their operations. Textbook win-win situation.

100Combat6153× 20 8 hrs1500
Mogor's Dilemma Rare

Mogor the Ogre is having trouble with some gladiators, but slaughtering other ogres would look bad for him. He'll pay us for the dirty work.

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
Monstrous Menagerie Rare

Tanaan Jungle is a harsh landscape, home to some of the most powerful beasts on this world.

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000
Mother Araneae

With great risk comes great reward. Plumb the dangers of Darksting Cave in southern Gorgrond and see what you can find.

92Treasure1 60 min300
Mountain of Spirits

The ancient communal site of Oshu'gun holds offerings from various orc clans. If not for the murderous void elementals unleashed by the pale, it would be a nice place to visit.

98Exploration3× 15 4 hrs1200
Mulch Ado about Nothing

The podlings have been raiding the graves of our allies to feed one of their genesaur. Recover the bodies. If they want mulch, mulch them!

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Murder Most Fowl

The denizens of Skyreach have stymied the war effort in arakkoan territory. Time to implement our new strategy: Operation Open Season.

100Combat6303× 30 8 hrs1500
Murkbog Terror

Scouts report a many-headed beast named Festerbloom waylaying travelers crossing the Murkbog. Clear the path for everyone's sake.

96Combat3× 20 10 hrs1400
Mushroom Mystery

The Umbrafen swamps have been overgrown by giant fungi for as long as anyone can remember - why are Ogre ruins buried here?

91Exploration1× 15 4 hrs100
Mysteries of Lok-rath Rare

The Warsong clan stationed in Lok-rath is rumored to stockpile some strange form of currency. It may hold some historic significance.

98Exploration1× 10 60 min900
Nest Raid

Rylak's collect an immense amount of fur when building their nests. Raid a nest and recover the fur.

100Tailoring2× 20 4 hrs1500

We think the recent dread raven attacks are connected to the arakkoa. We'll investigate them. You hunt down and kill their minions.

97Combat1 60 min800
Night of the Primals

Our scouts report that the botani are snatching workers from the quarries. Kill the primals and find out what they are using the orcs for.

100Combat6752× 60 8 hrs1500
No Dwarf Left Behind

Shadowmoon forces have abducted a Wildhammer shaman near the Cursed Woods. Rescue our foolhardy ally and bring the orcs to justice.

91Combat1× 10 60 min200
No Rest for Auchindoun

The Shadow Council is raising warriors interred at Auchindoun to create draenei constructs. Stop them before they defile the place further.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
No Rest for the Noble

Using a mausoleum as a staging ground is a completely new level of disrespect. Let's allow the departed to rest with smiles on their faces.

100Combat6153× 20 8 hrs1500
Not The Bees!

Our allies in Spires of Arak have requested our aid against a large swarm of ravager wasps threatening their oil-pumping operations.

100Combat3× 15 4 hrs1500
Nuisance Gronnling

Gronnlings continue to interrupt our efforts to expand into Gorgrond. We need to thin their numbers if we wish to gain a foothold.

93Combat1× 10 30 min400
Off the Rails

Two words: Orcish engineering. Even odds their rail system will take care of itself, but let's stack the odds in our favor.

100Combat6153× 20 8 hrs1500
Ogre Confident

The Bladespire clan has concocted a "foolproof" plan of defense. Make it backfire by killing their elite and leaving their "fools" alive.

90Combat3× 10 60 min100
Ogre Remedies

Bladespire ogres on the Burning Glacier usually carry packs of supplies when they venture out into the dunes of Frostfire. They may contain new types of potions.

90Alchemy1× 10 30 min100
Ogrecoming Adversity Rare

The ogres found a huge supply cache out in Frostfire Ridge. Who's up for some ogre hunting?

100Combat6753× 100 12 hrs2000

High ogre warriors are in battle array, screaming that they're going to "destroy the interlopers." Do you think they're talking about us?

99Combat1× 10 2 hrs1000
Ogres in the Desert!

Kill the ogres in the desert.

90Tailoring3 8 sec100
Ogre-Stepping Boundaries

Those Highmaul ogres are annexing more land than we can afford to lose. We're green-lighting a terminal solution to this problem: you.

90Combat3× 10 60 min100
Ogron's Out of the Bag

We know the ogron are going to attack soon because they told us. No one ever said they were smart. Stop them before they do any real harm.

93Combat1 45 min400
One Mission To Rule Them All

The sword of a thousand truths must be destroyed in the Blackrock Foundry. Make it happen dawg.

90Combat1 10 min200
Operation Skybreach

The arakkoa view us "ground dwellers" as nothing more than beasts. Let us see what they think after we lay waste to their lofty spires.

100Combat6303× 20 8 hrs1500
Orcs in the Mountains!

Kill the orcs in the mountains.

90Treasure5 8 sec100
Orcs in the Mountains!

Kill the orcs in the mountains.

90Exploration5 8 sec100
Orcs in the Mountains!

Kill the orcs in the mountains.

90Patrol3 8 sec100
Out of His Element

Enraged, Stonegar has begun attacking shaman near the Throne of the Elements. We must send forces to aid.

99Combat1 1.5 hrs1000
Outcast Relations Rare

As we have a number of arakkoa allies, let's run some joint operations to build relations.

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
Path of the Titans Rare

Behold! Endless customization awaits in this system within a system within a system.

90Training3× 25 8 hrs400
Peace unto You Rare

The distressed spirits of fallen Azeroth soldiers have begun to rise. Quickly, let us end their torment.

96Combat3× 15 1.9 hrs1050
Pier Pressure

The Iron Horde have built a harbor in Gorgrond that they call the Iron Docks. Show our enemy how fragile their vaunted "iron" truly is.

100Combat6153× 20 8 hrs1500
Pluck Them All

Our alchemists have found uses for the oils secreted by arakkoa feathers. Gather as many as you can - by any means necessary.

100Combat6153× 30 6 hrs1500
Podling Patrol

Wayward podlings have stolen a crate of our giant growth elixirs. Recover the potions before the creatures consume them and run amok.

91Combat1 60 min200
Podlings of Unusual Size

Some say the podlings of Gloomshade Grove bow to the mad king of the east. Find him, and end his reign of podling terror.

91Patrol1× 10 45 min200

Poundface has cornered a small group of our allies bringing oil from the Blackrock Foundry. Help them get the oil back to our garrison.

100Combat3× 15 4 hrs1500
Powdered Gronnling

Gronnling bones have been discovered in the cavern behind the garrison. Your alchemists are interested in digging them up for research purposes.

90Alchemy1× 10 30 min100
Precious Riches

Rumors grow of a Pale orc that thrives on ambushing the unsuspecting for anything that shines. He might be found in a cave to the southwest.

90Treasure1 30 min100
Primal Savages

The saberon continue to be a menace to our outpost in Gorgrond. Let's show them why this world isn't named Sabronia.

93Patrol2× 10 45 min400
Primals in the Plains

Kill the primals in the plains.

90Inscription3 8 sec100
Prime Directive

We'll leave the elementals of Nagrand to themselves right after we've gotten some of the elemental samples we need.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Profitable Machinations

A joint operation between the Venture Co. and Iron Horde is taking place on Darktide Roost. Profit must be some sort of motive.

100Treasure2 6 hrs1500
Profiting From Profiteers

The goblins of Pinchwhistle *are* the noxious local environment. I see no reason we shouldn't relieve them of some valuables.

97Treasure2 1.5 hrs700

The high arakkoa have enslaved their outcast brethren to dig in the apexis excavation site, looking for ancient artifacts. Set the workers free.

96Exploration2× 15 4 hrs800
Pumping Iron Rare

Elemental Runes have been smuggled into the Iron Siegeworks. Essentially a suicide mission. Send followers you don't like.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500
Raider Danger

Warsong orcs have razed our camp to the north, and the lone survivor says they're headed this way. We must repel the invaders!

99Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs1000
Raiders of the Lost Shard

The arakkoa have enslaved more outcasts and have resumed their excavation efforts. Another setback for them is in order.

96Patrol2× 10 60 min700
Raiding the Raiders

Iron Horde raiders have descended on nearby draenei villages. Find the raiders' camp and raid it. Turnabout, they say, is fair play.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
Rangari Rescue

The Shadowmoon have taken several Rangari and Alliance forces captive. Infiltrate and rescue!

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Ravager Infestation

Pests! These ravagers are everywhere - in our supplies, in our barracks! Eradicate their nest in the Spires of Arak before they overrun us.

100Combat2× 15 4 hrs1500
Ravenous Genesaur

The Gorgrond genesaur have overhunted in their territory and are raiding nearby draenei camps for food. Attack them and lure them away.

92Combat1× 10 60 min300
Reagents of Mass Destruction

As it happens, the reagents used by the Shadow Council fetch a handy sum on the black market. We're certain there's a stockpile in Gul'rok.

95Treasure2 60 min600
Relic Hunter: Amulet of Rukhmar

Claim the power of the arakkoa god before the Adherents of Rukhmar can take it for themselves.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Dream of Argus

Recover the ancient crystal shards to restore this mysterious artifact of the draenei.

100Combat6303× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Grimoire of Nameless Void

Destroy the ancient barrier to access this dark and powerful tome.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Gronnsbane

Seek the blessings of Frostfire to empower the ancient Thunderlord spear.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Gutrek's Cleaver

Reforge the weapon of the most brutal gladiator to fight in the Ring of Blood.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Relic Hunter: Silent Skull

Take the cursed skull mask from the legendary Laughing Skull assassin.

100Combat6301× 75 4 hrs1500
Rescue on the Bloody Cliffs

The bloodmaul ogres of the Stonefury Cliffs are infamous as brutal slavemasters. Show no quarter and free their slaves.

100Patrol3× 15 6 hrs1500
Resources at the Ridge

A decrepit ogre caravan was spotted in Frostfire, surrounded by hostile wildlife. It looks like they were hauling oil.

100Combat6602× 40 8 hrs1500
Restless Dead

An elder Warsong shaman's spirit has been disturbed by unrest in Nagrand. The ogres would be willing to trade some supplies with us if we can put it to rest.

100Combat3× 15 4 hrs1500
Restless Spirits

Shadowmoon Valley is haunted by orc spirits that lash out in confusion and rage. Until they are put to rest, no one is safe.

90Combat1× 10 30 min100
Return to Sender

Orcs from an alternate universe invaded our Blackrock Mountain. How ironic. Let's educate them on what happened to the previous residents.

100Combat6153× 20 8 hrs1500
Ring of Cooperation Rare

Head to neutral ground at the Ring of Trials and learn a thing or two about fighting alongside ogres.

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
Rise to Power

The Sargerei have taken control of Socrethar's Rise and are establishing countless demonic portals, we can't let this continue.

100Patrol3× 20 8 hrs1500
Rock the Boat Rare

Disrupt tense negotiations between the Iron Horde and the Highmaul ogres to acquire an Abrogator Stone for Khadgar.

100Combat3× 50 23.9 hrs1500
Rocks Fall. Everyone Dies. Rare

The Iron Horde have subjugated a stone fury in Ironfist Harbor. It's got the Elemental Runes Khadgar seeks.

100Combat3× 75 23.9 hrs1500

Comb the northern wastelands of Gorgond for Rolkor. Find him and defeat him for the glory of the garrison.

92Combat3× 20 10 hrs600
Rollin' like a Kraken

With some diving gear and a little luck, a seaborne attack could be our best chance of infiltrating the heavily fortified Iron Docks.

100Combat6303× 30 8 hrs1500
Ruinous Portents

If our troops are to become battle hardened, there would be no better test than the immense magnaron, Drov the Ruiner.

100Patrol3× 10 6 hrs1500
Rukhmar Rare

A manifestation of a Sun God, Rukhmar demands fealty and obedience. She will not be defeated easily.

100Combat3× 25 10 hrs1500
Running Aground

The Iron Horde's flagship is at the Iron Docks. It's intimidating, but if it's steered into a shoal, it'll founder like any other boat.

100Combat6153× 20 6 hrs1500
Rustle in the Bushes

The natives are restless. Again. The Kirin Tor have asked us to help them with some "gardening."

100Combat6303× 30 10 hrs1500
Rylak Attrition

Killing full-grown rylaks has not diminished their numbers in the least. Scour their nesting grounds and end this menace at the source.

91Combat1× 10 60 min200
Ryled Up

Our livestock have gone missing. Tracks point to the rylaks. Deal with the threat, but don't take them lightly.

97Combat1× 10 1.5 hrs800
Saberon Ambush

Patrols have reported that roving bands of saberon are waylaying merchants traveling through Nagrand. Find them and stop them.

100Combat2× 10 4 hrs1500
Safer Up Close

Iron Horde siege weapons are deadly at a distance but vulnerable up close. Targeting their armaments with a small force may prove wise.

93Combat1× 10 60 min400
Savage Kindred

The gronn and the ogres are working together on a two-pronged attack. We must disrupt their machinations before they overwhelm us.

100Combat3× 15 10 hrs1500