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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
The Night Watch

A regular patrol around the garrison seems like a good idea...

90Patrol1× 5 30 min100
The Upper Hand

The Shattered Hand clan is positioned on the Shattered Rise and likely to strike again. Handle it!

97Patrol2× 10 60 min800
Tracking Griftah Rare

Some shifty troll sold our troops a bunch of worthless junk. Rough him up a bit and get a refund!

90Patrol1× 10 30 min500
Warpstalker Predators

We'll need to regularly fend off warpstalkers in the Shimmering Mor to ensure a steady supply of fey dragons for transport purposes.

91Patrol1× 10 45 min200
Takeout Pizza

The troops are hungry, go pick up a few pies.

90Provision1× 5 30 min100
The Burning Crusade Rare

Rumor has it there's a chili cook-off soon, and frankly I'm tired of eating the same gruel every day. Send someone to get whatever wins.

90Provision1× 10 4 hrs200
Hunting the Hunters

The garn are primarily known for their ferocity, but they are only slightly lesser well known for their sumptuous furry pelts.

100Tailoring3× 20 6 hrs1500
Nest Raid

Rylak's collect an immense amount of fur when building their nests. Raid a nest and recover the fur.

100Tailoring2× 20 4 hrs1500
Ogres in the Desert!

Kill the ogres in the desert.

90Tailoring3 8 sec100
Hearthstone Tournament Rare

We could use a master tactician around here. Plus, we might get some autographs.

90Training1 3 hrs400
Hearthstone Tournament Rare

We could use a master tactician around here. Plus, we might get some autographs.

90Training1 3 hrs400
Path of the Titans Rare

Behold! Endless customization awaits in this system within a system within a system.

90Training3× 25 8 hrs400
The Dance Studio Rare

Rumored not to exist, yet clearly baseless.

90Training1× 5 30 min100
The Ring of Trials Rare

Sometimes, a follower's skills just aren't cutting the mustard. The ring offers a rare opportunity to retrain.

100Training1× 25 16 hrs1500
Blackrock Munitions

Not only does the ammunition of the Iron Horde carry value on the black market, but lifting some means less for the Earthbreaker cannon.

100Treasure2 6 hrs1500
Borrok's Fools

The Grimfrost ogres regularly rob Frostwolf orcs and offer them as sacrifices to Brorrok the Devourer. Let's relieve them of their stolen goods.

91Treasure1 60 min200
Flint's Hide

Get it!

98Treasure2 2 hrs900
Honey I Got Your Money

Don't you worry. Just make like a bear, get in, get the honey, and get out.

97Treasure2 1.5 hrs800
Lost in the Foundry

The Iron Horde excavations taking place in The Pit occasionally turn up rare diamonds. Retrieve one and we'll make use of it.

100Treasure2 6 hrs1500
Mother Araneae

With great risk comes great reward. Plumb the dangers of Darksting Cave in southern Gorgrond and see what you can find.

92Treasure1 60 min300
Orcs in the Mountains!

Kill the orcs in the mountains.

90Treasure5 8 sec100
Precious Riches

Rumors grow of a Pale orc that thrives on ambushing the unsuspecting for anything that shines. He might be found in a cave to the southwest.

90Treasure1 30 min100
Profitable Machinations

A joint operation between the Venture Co. and Iron Horde is taking place on Darktide Roost. Profit must be some sort of motive.

100Treasure2 6 hrs1500
Profiting From Profiteers

The goblins of Pinchwhistle *are* the noxious local environment. I see no reason we shouldn't relieve them of some valuables.

97Treasure2 1.5 hrs700
Reagents of Mass Destruction

As it happens, the reagents used by the Shadow Council fetch a handy sum on the black market. We're certain there's a stockpile in Gul'rok.

95Treasure2 60 min600
Steamscar Plunder

The Steamscar of Gorgrond are notorious looters. Let's repossess the valuables for great justice.

93Treasure1 60 min400
The Golden Halls of Skyreach Rare

You and I both know the arakkoa are loaded. Feels like we could make a fortune just chipping away at the walls.

100Treasure3 6 hrs1500
The Hypnocroak

Legends speak of a cave above the Nightmarsh replete with valuable trade resources - along with an amphibious abomination residing in it.

91Treasure1 60 min200
The One True Brambleking

Rumor has it that Brambleking Fili's staff points the way to a hidden cache. Myth?

100Treasure2 6 hrs1500
The Tomb of Lights

Shadow Council pillagers continue to ravage the Auchenai catacombs of the Tomb of Lights.

94Treasure1× 10 60 min500
The Wolfmother's Pelts

The wolfmother Gar'lua raises the most ferocious of Warsong wolves. Their pelts would dent the Warsong war effort and fetch a tidy sum.

99Treasure2 2 hrs900
Ug'lok the Incompetent

Even an ogre as incompetent as Ug'lok the Frozen can amass a fortune via slave labor, but be prepared to counter his magic should it happen to work.

100Treasure2 6 hrs1500
Umbrafen Treasures

Scouts have heard rumors of valuables within a mysterious cave in the Umbrafen.

90Treasure1 30 min100