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Name Level Req. Level Pieces Type Class
Lieutenant Commander's Redoubt 2925            Plate
Lieutenant Commander's Refuge 2925            Leather
Lieutenant Commander's Regalia 2924            Cloth
Lieutenant Commander's Sanctuary 2924            Leather
Lieutenant Commander's Threads 2924            Cloth
Lieutenant Commander's Vestments 2924            Leather
Lightforge Armor 28-2922-24                Plate
Magister's Regalia 28-2922-24                Cloth
Major Mojo Infusion 2925    Ring
Mana-Etched Regalia 3227          Cloth
March of the Legion 5040    Necklace, Ring
Might of the Warsong 4439    Ring
Mooncloth Battlegear 3227          Cloth
Moonglade Raiment 3227          Leather
Necropile Raiment 2417          Cloth
Nightwell Arcanum 5040    Cloth
Oakheart Raiment 15560                    Leather, Cloak
Oblivion Raiment 3227          Cloth
Opportunist's Battlegear 3227          Leather
Ornate Saronite Battlegear 3529                Plate
Overcaster Battlegear 3529                Leather
Overlord's Resolution 2925    Ring
Prayer of the Primal 2925    Ring
Primal Batskin 2925      Leather
Queensguard Warbark 15560                  Plate, Cloak
Raine's Revenge 3328-29    Necklace, Ring
Regalia of Undead Cleansing 2924      Cloth
Righteous Armor 3227          Plate
Runewarden's Guise 15560                    Mail, Cloak
Sandstorm Plate 5850          Plate
Satin Battlegear 3227          Cloth
Savage Plate Battlegear 3227          Plate
Savage Saronite Battlegear 3529                Plate
Scales of Raging Tempests 35060                Mail
Sea Sisters' Cunning 5850    Cloth
Seer's Linked Battlegear 3227          Mail
Seer's Mail Battlegear 3227          Mail
Seer's Ringmail Battlegear 3227          Mail
Shadowcraft Armor 28-2922-24                Leather
Shroud of Raging Tempests 35060                Leather
Spider's Kiss 2923    One-handed Mace, Dagger
Spiritmender 36-3730-31                Cloth
Stalker's Chain Battlegear 3227          Mail
Stormhide Battlegear 3529                Mail
Stormshroud Armor 28-2921-23        Leather
Strength of the Clefthoof 3227      Leather
Swiftarrow Battlegear 3529                Mail
Tailwind Regalia 5850          Cloth
The Big Wave 35-3730-31                Mail
The Dark Brand 35-3730-31                Leather
The Darksoul 2925      Plate
The Elements 28-2922-24                Mail
The Mail Courier 100-14848-60                Mail
The Postmaster 2620          Cloth, Ring
The Scale's Embrace 138          Mail
Thundercrash Armor 5850          Mail
Tidefury Raiment 3227          Mail
Tradition of Cooking       Off Hand, Tabard, Misc
Traitor's Oath 5040    Mail
Umbra-Weaver's Portent 5040      Cloth
Undead Slayer's Armor 2924      Leather
Velen's Lament 5040    Ring
Venombite Garb 5850          Leather
Vestments of the Devout 28-2922-24                Cloth
Vestments of the Selfless 15050                  Cloth, Cloak
Vestments of the Selfless 15050                  Plate, Cloak
Wastewalker Armor 3227          Leather
Waycrest Legacy 59    Ring, Trinket
Wildheart Raiment 28-2922-24                Leather
Wyrmhide Battlegear 3227          Leather
Zanzil's Concentration 2925    Ring
Borean Embrace 32-3327-28                Leather
Brewfest Garb                 Cosmetic
Duskweaver 33-3428-29                Cloth
Fel Iron Chain 30-3125        Mail
Fel Iron Plate 30-3125-26          Plate
Felscale Armor 30-3124-26        Mail
Frostscale Binding 32-3327-28                Mail
Frostwoven Power 3227-28                Cloth
Iceborne Embrace 32-3327-28                Leather
Illidari Slayer 44    Warglaive
Demon Hunter
Imperial Plate 27-2920-23              Plate
Midsummer Reveler       Cosmetic
Nerubian Hive 32-3327-28                Mail
Netherweave Vestments 30-3225-27              Cloth
Scaled Draenic Armor 30-3124-26        Mail
Spring Tuxedo     Cosmetic, Shirt
Thick Draenic Armor 30-3124-26        Leather
Volcanic Armor 27-2921-23      Leather
Wild Draenish Armor 30-3124-26        Leather
Winter Garb           Cosmetic
Awesome Party Ensemble      
Azshara's Garments
Bonescythe Battlegear 30          Leather
Cryptstalker Battlegear 30          Mail
Dreadnaught Battlegear 30          Plate
Dreadnaught Plate 30          Plate
Dreamwalker Battlegear 30          Leather
Dreamwalker Garb 30          Leather
Dreamwalker Regalia 30          Leather