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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Silkmasters' Satin Cord
37Waist The Quest for Better Barley Cloth
Silkwood Cord
37Waist Attention Cloth
Band of the One Hundred and One
36Waist Followers and Leaders Cloth
Pillarbind Waistguard
36Waist The Middle Fragment Cloth
Dragonmender Waistguard
36Waist Breach in the Defenses Cloth
Girdle of the Rescuer
36Waist The Pit of Scales Cloth
Stolen Neferset Waistguard
36Waist Ancient Weapons Cloth
Flowing Sash of Order
35WaistLooted Cloth
Girdle of Bane
35WaistLooted Cloth
Living Mojo Belt
35WaistLooted Cloth
Sly Mojo Sash
35WaistQuest Cloth
Snowmelt Silken Cinch
35WaistLooted Cloth
Cone-Snail Cinch
35Waist Decompression Cloth
Cone-Snail Cinch
35Waist Decompression Cloth
Girdle of Nullified Infiltration
35Waist Flames from Above Cloth
Inquisitor's Girdle
35Waist Some Spraining to Do Cloth
Repurposed Twilight Girdle
35Waist In the Rear With the Gear Cloth
Wound-Binding Girdle
35Waist Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir Cloth
Wound-Binding Girdle
35Waist Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir Cloth
Bridenbrad's Sash
34Waist Light Within the Darkness Cloth
Binding of Purified Corpses
34Waist An Issue of Trust Cloth
Frosthowl Cinch
34WaistQuest Cloth
Lithe Stalker's Cord
34Waist The Vile Hold Cloth
Mammoth Sinew Cinch
34Waist Ample Inspiration Cloth
Tooth-Marked Girdle
34Waist Crocolisk Mastery: The Ambush Cloth
Wrap of Vigorous Destruction
33WaistQuest Cloth
Alystros' Plume Cinch
33Waist The Plume of Alystros Cloth
Braided Bat Sinew
33Waist Clipping Their Wings Cloth
Cords of Duplicity
33Waist So Far, So Bad Cloth
Crusader's Ripcord
33Waist Parachutes for the Argent Crusade Cloth
Foreseer's Girdle
33Waist Ruuna's Request Cloth
Miraculous Waistwarming Band
33Waist Harp on This! Cloth
Path-Cutter's Cord
33Waist Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Cloth
Sash of the Nibbling Plague
33Waist Let Them Not Rise! Cloth
Wastewind Cinch
33WaistQuest Cloth
A'dal's Gift
32Waist How to Break Into the Arcatraz Cloth
Akama's Sash
32WaistQuest Cloth
Belt of Depravity
32WaistLooted Cloth
Coldwhisper Cord
32WaistLooted Cloth
Cord of Belief
32WaistLooted Cloth
Glyph-Lined Sash
32WaistLooted Cloth
Mage-Fury Girdle
32WaistLooted Cloth
Diviner's Cinch
32Waist Escape from the Staging Grounds Cloth
Dragonmaw Augur's Cinch
32Waist A Job Unfinished... Cloth
Dusk Watcher's Belt
32WaistQuest Cloth
Embossed Ermine Girdle
32WaistQuest Cloth
Flame Hardened Waistband
32Waist Saragosa's End Cloth
Gholamcloth Wrap
32WaistQuest Cloth
Grom'tor's Bloodied Bandage
32Waist The Cipher of Damnation - The First Fragment Recovered Cloth
Kirin'Var Journeyman's Belt
32Waist The Sigil of Krasus Cloth
Sweltering Belt
32Waist Rescuing Evanor Cloth
Consortium Prince's Wrap
31Waist Cloth
Belt of the Sage
31Waist Information Gathering Cloth
Chief Engineer's Belt
31Waist Elemental Power Extraction Cloth
Cilice of Suffering
31Waist Helping the Lost Find Their Way Cloth
Dreadwing Skin Belt
31Waist Slay the Brood Mother Cloth
Ethereal Sash
31Waist Gava'xi Cloth
Inciter's Cord
31Waist Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Cloth
Ogre Vanquisher's Belt
31Waist The Bladespire Ogres Cloth
Fine Sash
30Waist WANTED: Blacktalon the Savage Cloth
Foreman's Sash
30Waist The Mastermind Cloth
Wastewalker's Sash
30Waist The Rock Flayer Matriarch Cloth
Belt of the Dark Bog
29Waist Ysondre Cloth
Zandalar Confessor's Bindings
29Waist Cloth
Deathmist Belt
29Waist Cloth
Enumerated Belt
29WaistLooted Cloth
Sorcerer's Belt
29Waist Cloth
Virtuous Belt
29Waist Cloth
Brantwood Sash
28Waist Cloth
Turquoise Sash
28Waist Cloth
Valconian Sash
28Waist Cloth
Beach Party Thong
27Waist Drinks on the Rocks Cloth
Gourmand's Sash
27Waist You Gotta Have Eggs Cloth
Gatewatcher Belt
25Waist Ancient Obstacles Cloth
Gatewatcher Belt
25Waist Ancient Obstacles Cloth
Shadowy Belt
25Waist Cloth
Cleansed Shadow Council Belt
24Waist Lord Banehollow Cloth
Hieronymus' Belt
24Waist Return to Blam Cloth
Hieronymus' Belt
24Waist Return to Blam Cloth
Scorching Sash
24Waist Cloth
Swashbuckler Sash
24WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Belt of False Promises
23Waist The Ancient Brazier Cloth
Sash of the Unhonored
23Waist Cloth
Send-Off Belt
23Waist Deliver the Goods Cloth
Send-Off Belt
23Waist Deliver the Goods Cloth
Caravan Sash
22Waist A Gift For Fiona Cloth
Razzeric's Customized Seatbelt
22WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Teacher's Sash
22WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Cryptkeeper's Belt
21Waist Ambushed! Cloth
Direhorn Cinch
21Waist Direhorn Raiders Cloth
Dithering Belt
21Waist Who Needs Cauldrons? Cloth
Lilac Sash
21Waist Cloth
Dark Crystal Waistband
20WaistQuest Cloth
Emblazoned Girdle
19Waist Mystery Solved Cloth
Singleton Sash
19Waist Futile Resistance Cloth
Zykes' Belt
19Waist Stalling the Survey Cloth
Nesingwary's Sash
18Waist Big Game Hunter Cloth
Demon-Trafficker's Belt
18Waist Wanted! Marez Cowl Cloth
Sage's Sash
18WaistLooted Cloth
Warsong Sash
17Waist Cloth