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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Nose Thumber Gloves
24Hands Dead Man's Chest Mail
Pratt's Handcrafted Gauntlets
24Hands The Mark of Quality Mail
Rash Gloves
23Hands Ix'lar the Underlord Mail
Finder's Keepers
22Hands I'm Not Supposed to Tell You This Mail
Gloves of Approaching Victory
22Hands Supporting the Troops Mail
Gloves of Approaching Victory
22Hands Supporting the Troops Mail
Ice Cream Mitts
22Hands We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die! Mail
Lovely Gloves
22HandsQuest Mail
Pirate Sinker's Gauntlets
22HandsQuest Mail
Stonemaul Gauntlets
22Hands Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern Mail
Stormfire Gauntlets
22Hands Reagents for Reclaimers Inc. Mail
Faded Mail Gauntlets
21Hands Combat Training Mail
Mud's Chain Boots
21Hands Hungry as an Ogre! Mail
Ravensun Gloves
21Hands Combat Training Mail
Earthbound Grips
20HandsLooted Mail
Earthbound Handgrips
20HandsLooted Mail
Windwhipped Grips
20Hands Cleansing Our Crevasse Mail
Windwhipped Grips
20Hands Cleansing Our Crevasse Mail
Grips of Fanatical Zealotry
20Hands The Shell of Shadra Mail
Grips of Fanatical Zealotry
20Hands The Shell of Shadra Mail
Ironpatch Handguards
20Hands Drive-By Piracy Mail
Gauntlets of Desolation Hold
19Hands Changing of the Gar'dul Mail
Gauntlets of Strange Words
19Hands Hunt the Keeper Mail
Gauntlets of Strange Words
19Hands Hunt the Keeper Mail
Mizzy's Gauntlets
19Hands Batteries Not Yet Included Mail
Savage Handguards
19Hands Stranglethorn Fever Mail
Singleton Gauntlets
19Hands Futile Resistance Mail
Surveying Gauntlets
19Hands Stalling the Survey Mail
Eye-Plucker Grips
18Hands The Mind's Eye Mail
Grips of the Weary
18Hands Stromgarde Badges Mail
Hammerfall Gauntlets
18Hands Guile of the Raptor Mail
Linkers of the Unending Tale
18Hands Saving Yenniku Mail
Sassy Grippers
18Hands If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around... Mail
Velvet-Lined Chain Gloves
18Hands Plush Pelts Mail
Grips of the Forsaken
17Hands Alina's Reward Mail
Yorgen's Mitts
16Hands Morbent's Bane Mail
Overseer's Handguards
16Hands Windshear Mine Cleanup Mail
Saurboz's Handwraps
16Hands Barrier to Entry Mail
Nuke Resistant Gauntlets
15Hands Stormpike Apocalypse Mail
Soothing Wraps
15Hands For Peat's Sake Mail
Subduer's Gauntlets
15Hands Vortex Mail
Subduer's Gauntlets
15Hands Vortex Mail
Gauntlets of the Hero
14Hands Heroes of the Horde! Mail
Brightwood Gauntlets
14Hands The Stolen Letters Mail
Cosmologist's Grips
14Hands Classy Glass Mail
Ingot-Handler Grips
14Hands The Mosshide Job Mail
Cobrahn's Scale Gloves
13Hands Cleansing the Caverns Mail
Battlefield Medic Handguards
13Hands Rescue the Fallen Mail
Feero's Ringmail Grips
13Hands Respect for the Fallen Mail
Grips of the Lightning Fast Assasin
12Hands Lightning Strike Assassination Mail
Ravager Scale Grips
12Hands Clearing the Way Mail
Sparkproof Gauntlets
12Hands Incendicite Ore Mail
Winning Mail Gloves
12Hands Welcome to the Machine Mail
Hands of Unfocused Rage
11Hands Hezrul Bloodmark Mail
Muckdweller Handguards
11Hands Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform Mail
Seedhandler's Soft Grips
11Hands The Seeds of Life Mail
Wild Rider's Mail Gauntlets
10Hands Mor'shan Caravan Delivery Mail
Gravedigger's Grips
10Hands Troll Juju Mail
Lakeshire Handwraps
10Hands Surveying Equipment Mail
Thessera's Gratitude
10Hands The Waking Nightmare Mail
Gazlowe's Grips
9Hands WANTED: Cap'n Garvey Mail
War Blood Gloves
8Hands Vengeance for Our Soldiers Mail
Ointment-Coated Handwraps
7Hands In Fungus We Trust Mail
Troublesome Grips
7Hands Big Trouble in Moonbrook Mail
Analyst's Gloves
6Hands Catch and Release Mail
Cardio-Extractor Handguards
6HandsQuest Mail
Fine-Link Gauntlets
6Hands Profitability Scouting Mail
Foreman Handguards
6Hands Protecting the Shipment Mail
Protective Field Gloves
6HandsUnobtainable Mail
Quilboar Linked Gauntlets
6Hands Consumed by Hatred Mail
Scaled Gloves of the Serpent
6Hands Sisters of the Sea Mail
Starbreeze Gauntlets
6Hands Timely Arrival Mail
Tharill's Boon
6Hands Power Over the Tides Mail
Cloudsbreak Grips
5Hands Mist Mail
Expeditionary Mail Gauntlets
5HandsQuest Mail
Expeditionary Mail Gauntlets
5HandsQuest Mail
Gor's Re-Inforced Gloves
5Hands Fizzled Mail
Grasps of the Survivor
5Hands Waiting to Exsanguinate Mail
Gunner's Grips
5Hands The Pride of Kezan Mail
Plainstrider Handguards
5Hands Preparation for Ceremony Mail
Uncorrupted Gloves
5Hands The Vengeance of Elune Mail
Wrangling Grips
5Hands Manhunt Mail
Shrouded Gauntlets
5Hands Cleanup on Isle E. Mail
Hatchling Gloves
4Hands Surrender or Else! Mail
Auntie's Oven Mitts
4Hands Goldtooth Mail
Battle Worn Grips
4Hands Bandits! Mail
Mulit-Scaled Gloves
4Hands Gathering Leather Mail
Thunderhorn Handguards
4Hands Thunderhorn Cleansing Mail
Monkey Handler Fists
3Hands Monkey Business Mail
The Stone's Gauntlets
3Hands Two By Sea Mail
Well-Oiled Chain Gauntlets
3Hands Operation Recombobulation Mail
Xavren's Gauntlets
3Hands Variety is the Spice of Death Mail
Aid-Lender's Grips
2Hands Back to the Den Mail
Darius' Handguards
2Hands By the Skin of His Teeth Mail
Debt Collector's Grips
2Hands Do it Yourself Mail
Glen Culler's Grips
2Hands The Balance of Nature Mail
Painted Chain Gloves
2Hands Mail
Proprietor's Mitts
2Hands Rest and Relaxation Mail
Smith's Chain Gloves
2Hands Rest and Relaxation Mail
Torque-Applying Grips
2Hands No Tanks! Mail