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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Sagebrush Spaulders
47Shoulders Mail
Safeguard Spaulders
36Shoulders Draconic Mending Mail
Rough Bronze Shoulders
148ShouldersCrafted Mail
Rocket-Chief Pauldrons
31Shoulders Breaking Down Netherock Mail
Ritualistic Shoulderguards
33Shoulders Hell Hath a Fury Mail
Renegade Pauldrons
2114ShouldersLooted Mail
Reefwalker Monnion
5850Shoulders Mail
Razorshell Shoulders
10480ShouldersCreated Mail
Ravenchain Spaulders
42Shoulders Hidden in Plain Sight Mail
Ravascale Shoulderguards
5850ShouldersLooted Mail
Ravager's Mantle
2316ShouldersLooted Mail
Rangari Initiate Spaulders
40ShouldersQuest Mail
QR IC36 Mail Physical Shoulder3 - PH
174Shoulders Mail
Purifying Spaulders
35Shoulders Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows Mail
Protector Pads
2620Shoulders Mail
Plundered Dragonrider Spaulders
200110Shoulders Mail
Plainhunter's Epaulettes
32ShouldersQuest Mail
Pinerock Tracker's Shoulderguards
44Shoulders Scout It Out Mail
Pillager's Pauldrons
2113ShouldersLooted Mail
Phalanx Spaulders
1912ShouldersLooted Mail
Pauldrons of the Teachings
23Shoulders Darkcloud Grimtotem Mail
Pauldrons of the Ascent
34Shoulders The Drakkensryd Mail
Pauldrons of Swift Replenishment
34Shoulders Dreadsaber Mastery: Ready to Pounce Mail
Pauldrons of Resolution
34Shoulders It Could Be Anywhere! Mail
Pauldrons of Darrowshire
22Shoulders The Battle of Darrowshire Mail
Pauldrons of Blooming Hope
22Shoulders Amidst Death, Life Mail
Patched Trapper Pauldrons
33ShouldersQuest Mail
Palm Frond Pauldrons
16Shoulders Headhunting Mail
Packrunner Spaulders
4440ShouldersLooted Mail
Overgrown Shoulderguards
39Shoulders Mail
Otherworldly Pauldrons
32Shoulders Retrieving the Goods Mail
Osul Peak Spaulder
38Shoulders Mists' Opportunity Mail
Osul Peak Pauldron
38Shoulders First Assault Mail
Ossein Scale Spaulders
10050Shoulders Mail
Ornate Pauldrons
2822ShouldersLooted Mail
Orkus' Riding Spaulders
14Shoulders Kasha Will Fly Again Mail
Oribos Quest Mail Shoulder
15550Shoulders Mail
Orc-Shock Spaulders
36Shoulders Dragonmaw Takedown Mail
Orca Spaulders
3327ShouldersLooted Mail
Njord Shoulderguards
3227ShouldersLooted Mail
Nifflevar Shoulderguards
3227ShouldersLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Mantle
3025ShouldersLooted Mail
Netherstorm Shoulderguards
3227ShouldersLooted Mail
Netherstalker Mantle
3024ShouldersLooted Mail
Nerubian Shoulders
3328ShouldersCrafted Mail
Nazferiti Spaulders
3529ShouldersLooted Mail
Nath'raxxan Spaulders
5040Shoulders Mail
Myrmidon's Pauldrons
2620ShouldersLooted Mail
Mrrglurggl Spaulders
6050Shoulders Mail
Mountainscaler Ringmail Spaulders
3733Shoulders Mail
Mountainscaler Chain Spaulders
3733Shoulders Mail
Mountain Spaulders
3833ShouldersLooted Mail
Mithril Scale Shoulders
2518ShouldersCrafted Mail
Mischievous Spaulders
27Shoulders Locked and Loaded Mail
Mischievous Spaulders
27Shoulders Locked and Loaded Mail
Mercurial Pauldrons
2924ShouldersLooted Mail
Merciless Epaulets
2721ShouldersLooted Mail
Masterwork Pauldrons
2924ShouldersLooted Mail
Marshcreeper Mantle
3125ShouldersLooted Mail
Mardum Chain Pauldrons
5040ShouldersLooted Mail
Marauder's Shoulder Pads
2215Shoulders Silithid Ravager Mail
Mantle of Bouldercrag
34Shoulders The Gifts of Loken Mail
Manaburst Spaulders
5040Shoulders Mail
Mammoth Spaulders
3428ShouldersLooted Mail
Mail Combat Spaulders
2013ShouldersLooted Mail
Mahamba's Pauldrons
16Shoulders Sacred to the Bloodscalp Mail
Magnificent Shoulders
2923ShouldersLooted Mail
Magdun Spaulders
32ShouldersQuest Mail
Lord's Pauldrons
2720ShouldersLooted Mail
Lo'ap's Muck Diving Pads
29Shoulders Muck Diving Mail
Ley Dragoon's Spaulders
5040Shoulders Mail
Leafscale Spaulders
4135Shoulders Mail
Lambent Scale Pauldrons
1710ShouldersLooted Mail
Krom'gar Champion's Mesh Shoulderguard
18Shoulders Mail
Krom'gar Champion's Chain Shoulderguard
18Shoulders Mail
Knight's Pauldrons
2114ShouldersLooted Mail
Khan's Mantle
2518ShouldersLooted Mail
Keyton's Mail Pauldrons
12Shoulders Muckgill's Flipper or Something... Mail
Jazeraint Pauldrons
2215ShouldersLooted Mail
Jade Green Spaulders
24Shoulders Dousing the Flames of Protection Mail
Isle Watcher's Spaulders
5040Shoulders Mail
Ironspine Shoulderguards
3126ShouldersLooted Mail
Ironhide Pauldrons
2721Shoulders Mail
Impenetrable Pauldrons
2923Shoulders Mail
Ikeyen's Pauldrons
30Shoulders A Damp, Dark Place Mail
Iceshear Pauldrons
33ShouldersQuest Mail
Humble Aspirant's Monnion
8548Shoulders Mail
Hulking Spaulders
1610ShouldersLooted Mail
Huangtze Scale Spaulders
37Shoulders Seeing Orange Mail
Huangtze Scale Pauldrons
37Shoulders Evacuation Orders Mail
Hiri'watha Spaulders
3630ShouldersLooted Mail
Hillstride Spaulders
4440Shoulders Mail
Highperch Spaulders
3631ShouldersLooted Mail
Highland Spaulders
4036ShouldersLooted Mail
Highland Chain Shoulders
14Shoulders Dinosaur Crisis Mail
Hero's Pauldrons
2923ShouldersLooted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Shoulders
2923ShouldersCrafted Mail
Heavy Scale Pauldrons
2013ShouldersCrafted Mail
Heartbonded Spaulders
4450Shoulders Mail
Headshrinker's Shoulders
6050Shoulders Mail