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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Ley Dragoon's Spaulders
5040Shoulders Mail
Leafscale Spaulders
4135Shoulders Mail
Lambent Scale Pauldrons
1710ShouldersLooted Mail
Krom'gar Champion's Mesh Shoulderguard
18Shoulders Mail
Krom'gar Champion's Chain Shoulderguard
18Shoulders Mail
Knight's Pauldrons
2114ShouldersLooted Mail
Khan's Mantle
2518ShouldersLooted Mail
Keyton's Mail Pauldrons
12Shoulders Muckgill's Flipper or Something... Mail
Jazeraint Pauldrons
2215ShouldersLooted Mail
Jade Guardian's Monnion
1310Shoulders Mail
Jade Green Spaulders
24Shoulders Dousing the Flames of Protection Mail
Isle Watcher's Spaulders
5040Shoulders Mail
Ironspine Shoulderguards
3126ShouldersLooted Mail
Ironhide Pauldrons
2721Shoulders Mail
Impenetrable Pauldrons
2923Shoulders Mail
Ikeyen's Pauldrons
30Shoulders A Damp, Dark Place Mail
Iceshear Pauldrons
33ShouldersQuest Mail
Humble Aspirant's Monnion
8548Shoulders Mail
Hulking Spaulders
1610ShouldersLooted Mail
Huangtze Scale Spaulders
37Shoulders Mail
Huangtze Scale Pauldrons
37Shoulders Mail
Hornstrider's Shoulderguards
20060Shoulders Mail
Hiri'watha Spaulders
3630ShouldersLooted Mail
Hillstride Spaulders
4440Shoulders Mail
Highperch Spaulders
3631ShouldersLooted Mail
Highland Spaulders
4036ShouldersLooted Mail
Highland Chain Shoulders
14Shoulders Dinosaur Crisis Mail
Highfather's Legacy
31468Shoulders Mail
Hero's Pauldrons
2923ShouldersLooted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Shoulders
2923ShouldersCrafted Mail
Heavy Scale Pauldrons
2013ShouldersCrafted Mail
Heartbonded Spaulders
4450Shoulders Mail
Headshrinker's Shoulders
6050Shoulders Mail
Gryphon Mail Pauldrons
2519ShouldersLooted Mail
Grunt's Pauldrons
1610ShouldersLooted Mail
Gronnling Spaulders
3935ShouldersLooted Mail
Grimtotem Spaulders
23Shoulders Darkcloud Grimtotem Mail
Greywatch Spaulders
44Shoulders Cut Out the Heart Mail
Greenhorn's Spaulders
29Shoulders Mail
Green Whelp Spaulders
20Shoulders More Than Illness Mail
Green Whelp Spaulders
20Shoulders More Than Illness Mail
Green Iron Shoulders
1912ShouldersCrafted Mail
Gorka's Brass Shoulderguards
13Shoulders Management Material Mail
Gorat's Spaulders of Satisfaction
13Shoulders Gorat's Vengeance Mail
Golden Scale Shoulders
2013ShouldersCrafted Mail
Glorious Shoulders
1811Shoulders Mail
Glorious Dragonrider's Spaulders
1Shoulders Mail
Glimmering Mail Pauldrons
1811ShouldersLooted Mail
Giantbutcher's Discarded Spaulders
36Shoulders Hatred Runs Deep Mail
Garmaul Shoulderguards
3226ShouldersLooted Mail
Galvanized Stormscale Spaulders
4440Shoulders Mail
Frostscale Shoulders
3227ShouldersCrafted Mail
Frostlink Spaulders
3935ShouldersLooted Mail
Frost Metal Pauldrons
21Shoulders Mail
Frigidlink Spaulders
35Shoulders Mail
Freewind Spaulders
23Shoulders Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof Mail
Frayfeather Spaulders
3632Shoulders Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Fortified Spaulders
1610ShouldersLooted Mail
Formidable Shoulder Pads
2519ShouldersLooted Mail
Flesh Architect's Mantle
8548Shoulders Land of Opportunity Mail
Fierce Mantle
31ShouldersQuest Mail
Fenclaw Mantle
3025ShouldersLooted Mail
Felstone Spaulders
3024ShouldersLooted Mail
Faronaar Chain Spaulders
4440ShouldersLooted Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Spaulders
3732ShouldersVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Spaulders
3732ShouldersVendor Mail
Expeditionary Mail Spaulders
5Shoulders Killclaw the Terrible Mail
Expeditionary Mail Spaulders
5Shoulders Killclaw the Terrible Mail
Expeditionary Mail Shoulders
58Shoulders Mail
Expedition Mercenary's Monnion
20058Shoulders Mail
Exotic Spiked Shoulders
31Shoulders WANTED: Annihilator Servo! Mail
Evoker Pauldrons
4440Shoulders Mail
Eventide Pauldrons
5850ShouldersLooted Mail
Eventide Monnion
10050Shoulders Mail
Ethical Epaulets
32Shoulders Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer Mail
Ered'ruin Spaulders
5040ShouldersLooted Mail
Engraved Pauldrons
2822ShouldersLooted Mail
Enforcer Pauldrons
22Shoulders Mail
Enduring Pauldrons
2114ShouldersLooted Mail
Encarmine Pauldrons
22Shoulders The Brood of Onyxia Mail
Emerald Winglord's Shoulders
206Shoulders Mail
Elite Shoulders
1811Shoulders Mail
Ebonhold Shoulderpads
2721ShouldersLooted Mail
Earthmover Spaulder
38Shoulders Mists' Opportunity Mail
Earthmover Pauldron
38Shoulders First Assault Mail
Earthmender's Crimson Spaulders
32Shoulders Escape from Coilskar Cistern Mail
Dreamthorn Spaulders
8548Shoulders I Know Your Face Mail
Dreaming Spirit Spaulder
38Shoulders A Funeral Mail
Dreaming Spirit Monnion
38ShouldersQuest Mail
Dreambound Shoulderguards
35070Shoulders Mail
Dreadroot Linked Spaulders
4440ShouldersLooted Mail
Dragonrider's Spaulders
6050Shoulders Mail
Dragonbone Shoulders
31Shoulders Evil Draws Near Mail
Diluvian Spaulders
31Shoulders Whispers of the Raven God Mail
Desolate Scale Pauldrons
10050ShouldersCrafted Mail
Der'izu Spaulders
3126ShouldersLooted Mail
Der'izu Spaulders
1Shoulders Mail
Del's Discarded Shoulderguard
21Shoulders Memories from a Lost Past Mail
Deathweb Spaulders
4137ShouldersLooted Mail
Dead-Dwarf Shoulderpads
36Shoulders Crushing the Wildhammer Mail