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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Aiguille-Scaler's Wristguards
5040Wrists Mail
All-Weather Armguards
31Wrists Into the Draenethyst Mine Mail
Amberpine Bracers
3328WristsLooted Mail
Ancient Armbands
11Wrists The Devourer of Darkshore Mail
Ancient Vambraces
2316WristsLooted Mail
Anthemic Bracers
22660Wrists Mail
Archer's Chain Bracer
21WristsQuest Mail
Armbands of Unrelenting Anguish
44Wrists The Nightmare Lord Mail
Armguards of Binding
20Wrists Scholomancer Mail
Armguards of Binding
20Wrists Scholomancer Mail
Asp-Clasp Bracers
36Wrists Minions of Al'Akir Mail
Banded Bracers
1811WristsLooted Mail
Barrowknoll Bracers
5850WristsLooted Mail
Bartered Wristguards
18Wrists Venture Company Mining Mail
Barus' Armbands
18Wrists Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post! Mail
Battered Saurscale Bracers
3835WristsLooted Mail
Battleforge Wristguards
1710WristsLooted Mail
Beastsoul Bracers
3530WristsVendor Mail
Beetle Clasps
17Wrists Mail
Better, Stronger, Faster Bracers
11Wrists From the Belly of the Beast Mail
Bindings of Disregard
5Wrists Ignoring the Warnings Mail
Bindings of Longing
18Wrists Stromgarde Badges Mail
Bitestone Wristwrap
5040WristsLooted Mail
Blackforge Bracers
2316WristsLooted Mail
Blood Knight Bracers
3126WristsLooted Mail
Bloodlust Bracelets
2721WristsLooted Mail
Bloodspattered Wristbands
85WristsLooted Mail
Blue Winglord's Bracers
6060Wrists Mail
Blue Winglord's Bracers
6060Wrists Mail
Bonelink Bracers
2316WristsLooted Mail
Bonepicker Armguards
5850WristsLooted Mail
Bonesnapper Cuffs
6Wrists Bigger and Uglier Mail
Bracer of Grievance
22Wrists Brother Against Brother Mail
Bracers of Breached Integrity
35Wrists Blood and Thunder! Mail
Bracers of Considerable Influence
27Wrists Ursius Mail
Bracers of Deceit
15Wrists Deception and Trickery Mail
Bracers of False Night
36Wrists Dressed to Kill Mail
Bracers of Gladiatorial Combat
26Wrists Trial by Magma Mail
Bracers of Gladiatorial Combat
26Wrists Trial by Magma Mail
Bracers of the Demonic Altar
28Wrists The Altar of Storms Mail
Bracers of the Demonic Altar
28Wrists The Altar of Storms Mail
Bracers of the Great Sty
24Wrists A Fate Worse Than Butchery Mail
Bracers of the Lost Leader
36Wrists Twilight Skies Mail
Bracers of the Sunken Dream
35Wrists All or Nothing Mail
Bracers of the Weald
31Wrists ...and a Time for Action Mail
Bramble Chain Bracers
200Wrists Mail
Bramblemail Bindings
5040WristsLooted Mail
Bramblescar Bracers
3530WristsLooted Mail
Brewtaster Bracers
36Wrists Anything But Water Mail
Brigade Bracers
2316WristsLooted Mail
Brittle Flamereaver Bracers
3835WristsLooted Mail
Burning Armbands
6Wrists Skull Rock Mail
Burnished Bracers
117WristsLooted, Fished Mail
Capacitance Bands
11Wrists Watch Your Step Mail
Captain's Bracers
2215WristsLooted Mail
Captured Heart Bindings
20WristsQuest Mail
Chain Bracers
148WristsCrafted Mail
Champion's Bracers
2417WristsLooted Mail
Chelonian Cuffs
26Wrists Mail
Chief Brigadier Bracers
2114WristsLooted Mail
Chillwind Scale Armguards
27Wrists You Gotta Have Eggs Mail
Clefthoof Wristguards
31Wrists Clefthoof Mastery Mail
Cold-Iron Armbands
32Wrists Root Causes Mail
Cormorant Bracelets
3429WristsLooted Mail
Crimson Combatant's Adamant Cuffs
33070Wrists Mail
Crimson Mail Bracers
32Wrists Building a Perimeter Mail
Crone-Seeker's Armguards
50WristsQuest Mail
Crone-Seeker's Bands
50WristsQuest Mail
Crone-Seeker's Bindings
50Wrists Drustfall Mail
Crone-Seeker's Bracers
50WristsQuest Mail
Crone-Seeker's Shackles
50Wrists Witchrending Mail
Crown Guard Armbands
22Wrists Rough Roads Mail
Crusader's Armguards
2620WristsLooted Mail
Cuffs of Feeling
17Wrists Alina's Reward Mail
Cuffs of Invention
34Wrists Fate of the Titans Mail
Curse Breaker's Bindings
15Wrists Cry For The Moon Mail
Dark Iron Spy-Bands
5Wrists Dark Iron Scheming Mail
Dark Ranger Wristguards
44Wrists The Splintered Fleet Mail
DB56 Mail Healer Bracer2
146Wrists Mail
DB61Mail Physical Bracer3
146Wrists Mail
Death-Pledged Armguards
50Wrists Mail
Death-Pledged Bindings
50Wrists Hunt the Hunter Mail
Death-Pledged Bracers
50Wrists Kel'vax's Home Mail
Death-Pledged Vambraces
50Wrists Mark of the Bat Mail
Death-Pledged Wristguards
50Wrists Reuniting the Company Mail
Deathweb Bracers
4137WristsLooted Mail
Deep Moss Bindings
15Wrists For Peat's Sake Mail
Deepwild Armguards
37WristsQuest Mail
Defender Bracers
148WristsLooted Mail
Defiant Bracers
104Wrists Mail
Der'izu Bracer
3126WristsLooted Mail
Der'izu Bracer
1Wrists Mail
Desolate Scale Armguards
10050WristsCrafted Mail
Despondent Spirit Bindings
14Wrists Mistmantle's Revenge Mail
Down-Lined Wristguards
8548Wrists WANTED: Gorgebeak Mail
Dragonrider's Wristguards
6050WristsLooted Mail
Dreadroot Linked Bracers
4440WristsLooted, Gathered Mail
Dreaming Spirit Wristwraps
38Wrists Resupplying One Keg Mail
Dreamthorn Wristguards
8548Wrists Unknown Assailants Mail
Driver's Chain Bracers
22Wrists Down in the Deeps Mail