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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Magnificent Bracers
2822WristsLooted Mail
Mail Combat Armguards
1912WristsLooted Mail
Mail Courier's Wristguards
10050Wrists Mail
Mammoth Bindings
3428WristsLooted Mail
Manaburst Bracers
5040WristsLooted Mail
Marauder's Bracers
2013WristsLooted Mail
Mardum Chain Wristclamp
5040WristsLooted Mail
Marshal Bracers
27Wrists Blazerunner Mail
Marshcreeper Bracelets
3125WristsLooted Mail
Masterwork Bracers
2924WristsLooted Mail
Mawsworn Scout's Bracers
20060Wrists Mail
Merciless Bracers
2620WristsLooted Mail
Mercurial Bracers
2923WristsLooted Mail
Mithril Scale Bracers
2316WristsCrafted Mail
Moonstalker Wristwraps
5Wrists The Ritual Bond Mail
Mountain Bracers
3833WristsLooted Mail
Mountainscaler Chain Wristguards
3733WristsVendor Mail
Mountainscaler Ringmail Armbands
3733WristsVendor Mail
Mrrglurggl Bindings
6050WristsLooted Mail
Murderous Cuffs
9Wrists Verog the Dervish Mail
Murk-Darkened Bracers
30Wrists Jyoba's Report Mail
Myrmidon's Bracers
2519WristsLooted Mail
Nath'raxxan Wristguards
5040Wrists Relinquished Bracers Mail
Nazferiti Bracers
3529WristsLooted Mail
Nerubian Bracers
3328WristsCrafted Mail
Netherstalker Bracer
3024WristsLooted Mail
Netherstorm Bracer
3227WristsLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Bracer
3025WristsLooted Mail
Nice Cuffs
19Wrists Kill-Collect Mail
Nifflevar Bindings
3227WristsLooted Mail
Njord Bracers
3227WristsLooted Mail
Obsidian Dracthyr Battlegear Bracers
20058Wrists Mail
Obsidian Dracthyr Battlegear Bracers
13258Wrists Mail
Oenologer's Protection Bands
44Wrists Challiane Vineyards Mail
Ohn'ahran Falconer's Bracers
35060Wrists Mail
Orca Bindings
3327WristsLooted Mail
Ornate Bracers
5449Wrists Mail
Ornate Bracers
2721WristsLooted Mail
Oronok's Old Bracers
32Wrists The Cipher of Damnation - The First Fragment Recovered Mail
Ossein Scale Cuffs
10050Wrists Mail
Osul Peak Wristwraps
38Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Mail
Outrigger Armguards
50Wrists Hands Off My Booty! Mail
Outrigger Bands
50Wrists A Cure from the Sea Mail
Outrigger Bindings
50Wrists The Stoat Hunt Mail
Outrigger Bracers
50WristsQuest Mail
Outrigger Shackles
50Wrists WANTED: Ol' Frostclaw Mail
Outrunner's Cuffs
116WristsLooted Mail
Overgrown Armbands
39Wrists Rival's Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Packrunner Bracers
4440WristsLooted Mail
Paingiver Wristguards
33WristsQuest Mail
Papa's Armbands
31Wrists Pick Your Part Mail
Patterned Bronze Bracers
1610WristsCrafted Mail
Phalanx Bracers
1912WristsLooted Mail
Pillager's Bracers
1912WristsLooted Mail
Pipefish Bracers
35Wrists Come Hell or High Water Mail
Pit Heart Bracers
36Wrists The Pit of Scales Mail
Plaguehound Bracers
22Wrists A Gift For Fiona Mail
Poobah's Nose Ring
26Wrists Mail
Powderkeg Bracers
36Wrists Shroud of the Makers Mail
Preparation Wristguards
14Wrists Breathing Room Mail
Princess Poobah's Bangles
19Wrists Mukla's Demise Mail
Protector Armguards
2519WristsLooted Mail
Purestrike Bracers
32WristsQuest Mail
QR 10637 Mail Hunter Bracers
114Wrists Mail
Raider's Bracers
106WristsLooted Mail
Rangari Initiate Wristwraps
40Wrists Mail
Ravager's Armguards
2215WristsLooted Mail
Ravascale Bracers
5850WristsLooted Mail
Ravenchain Wristwraps
43Wrists The Bloodmane Mail
Rear Guard Bands
6Wrists Deeper into Darkness Mail
Redigested Mail Scraps
33Wrists Feedin' Da Goolz Mail
Reefwalker Coils
5850Wrists Mail
Renegade Bracers
2013WristsLooted Mail
Resilient Outcast's Bands
50Wrists Shattered and Broken Mail
Resilient Outcast's Bindings
50WristsQuest Mail
Resilient Outcast's Bracers
50WristsQuest Mail
Resilient Outcast's Vambraces
50WristsQuest Mail
Resilient Outcast's Wristguards
50Wrists Stolen Satchels Mail
Ring-Ridden Wrist Protectors
32WristsQuest Mail
Roc Hunter's Bracer
34Wrists Reagent Agent Mail
Rugged Mountain Bracers
31Wrists The Bloodmaul Ogres Mail
Runed Copper Bracers
117WristsCrafted Mail
Sandshaped Dracthyr Battlegear Bracers
20058Wrists Mail
Sanguinary Bracers
35Wrists Blood of the Earthwarder Mail
Sarjun Wristguards
37WristsQuest Mail
Saurok Bracers
3731WristsLooted Mail
Saurok Scale Bindings
6050WristsLooted Mail
Saurscale Wristguards
5940Wrists Mail
Saurscale Wristguards
5040Wrists Mail
Savage Bonemauler Bracers
10050Wrists Mail
Scaled Proto-Wristguard
34Wrists Off With Their Black Wings Mail
Scarlet Wristguards
2113WristsLooted Mail
Scavenger's Chain Wristguards
37Wrists Mail
Scavenger's Ringmail Armbands
37Wrists Mail
Sea Stalker's Bracers
5040WristsLooted Mail
Seaspray Bracers
44Wrists The Headmistress' Keys Mail
Seaspray Bracers
29Wrists Mail
Securing Bindings
20Wrists Portals of the Legion Mail
Securing Bindings
20Wrists Portals of the Legion Mail
Seized Rageroar Belt
18Wrists Re-Take the Courtyard Mail