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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Tundrastrider Coif
32Head Mail
Tundrastrider Ringmail
32Chest Mail
Tunic of Ashes
17Chest Mail
Tunic of the Nightmare Rift
19Chest Mail
Turtle Scale Bracers
2316Wrists Mail
Turtle Scale Breastplate
2316Chest Mail
Turtle Scale Gloves
2215Hands Mail
Turtle Scale Helm
2418Head Mail
Turtle Scale Leggings
2518Legs Mail
Ulduar Bracers
3429Wrists Mail
Ulduar Breastplate
3429Chest Mail
Ulduar Gauntlets
3429Hands Mail
Ulduar Girdle
3429Waist Mail
Ulduar Greaves
3429Feet Mail
Ulduar Helm
3429Head Mail
Ulduar Legguards
3429Legs Mail
Ulduar Shoulderguards
3429Shoulders Mail
Unbared Greaves
14Legs Mail
Uncorrupted Gloves
5Hands Mail
Uncovered Chestguard
6Chest Mail
Unyielding Bindings
2924Wrists Mail
Unyielding Chain Vest
2924Chest Mail
Unyielding Fists
2924Hands Mail
Unyielding Footwraps
2924Feet Mail
Unyielding Helm
2924Head Mail
Unyielding Leggings
2924Legs Mail
Unyielding Spaulders
2924Shoulders Mail
Unyielding Waistband
2924Waist Mail
Uvuros Hide Cinch
32Waist Mail
Valdisdall Belt
4440Waist Mail
Valdisdall Bracers
4440Wrists Mail
Valdisdall Gauntlets
4440Hands Mail
Valdisdall Greaves
4440Feet Mail
Valdisdall Helm
4440Head Mail
Valdisdall Legguards
4440Legs Mail
Valdisdall Spaulders
4440Shoulders Mail
Valdisdall Vest
4440Chest Mail
Valiant Belt of Battle
33Waist Mail
Valkyrion Tracker's Chestguard
34Chest Mail
Vapor-Proof Headcover
35Head Mail
Vapor-Proof Headcover
35Head Mail
Varashi Belt
4238Waist Mail
Varashi Bracers
4238Wrists Mail
Varashi Gauntlets
4238Hands Mail
Varashi Greaves
4238Feet Mail
Varashi Helm
4238Head Mail
Varashi Legguards
4238Legs Mail
Varashi Spaulders
4238Shoulders Mail
Varashi Vest
4238Chest Mail
Velvet-Lined Chain Gloves
18Hands Mail
Venn'ren's Boots
30Feet Mail
Ventillated Vest
9Chest Mail
Verdant Hunter's Guise
33Head Mail
Verdant Linked Boots
33Feet Mail
Vest of Dark Chainmail
5Chest Mail
Vest of the Den Watcher
28Chest Mail
Veteran Armor
95Chest Mail
Veteran Gloves
85Hands Mail
Veteran Leggings
85Legs Mail
Veteran Legguards
85Legs Mail
Vilescale Bracers
5040Wrists Mail
Vilescale Chain Shirt
5040Chest Mail
Vilescale Cord
5040Waist Mail
Vilescale Gauntlets
5040Hands Mail
Vilescale Helm
5040Head Mail
Vilescale Leggings
5040Legs Mail
Vilescale Sabatons
5040Feet Mail
Vilescale Shoulderguards
5040Shoulders Mail
Vindicator's Chain Boots
7Feet Mail
Vindicator's Chain Helm
30Head Mail
Vindicator's Chain Leggings
10Legs Mail
Void-Bound Boots
1Feet Mail
Void-Bound Chain
1Waist Mail
Void-Bound Circlet
1Head Mail
Void-Bound Grips
1Hands Mail
Void-Bound Hauberk
1Chest Mail
Void-Bound Spaulders
1Shoulders Mail
Void-Bound Tassets
1Legs Mail
Void-Bound Wristguards
1Wrists Mail
Voodoo Stalker's Belt
6050Waist Mail
Voodoo Stalker's Boots
6050Feet Mail
Voodoo Stalker's Chestguard
6050Chest Mail
Voodoo Stalker's Gloves
6050Hands Mail
Voodoo Stalker's Legguards
6050Legs Mail
Voodoo Stalker's Mantle
6050Shoulders Mail
Voodoo Stalker's Mask
6050Head Mail
Voodoo Stalker's Vambraces
6050Wrists Mail
Vyrin's Waistband
8Waist Mail
Waistband of Tragic Memory
5Waist Mail
Waistguard of Calibrated Caliphracts
36Waist Mail
Waistguard of Salvaged Happiness
36Waist Mail
Waistguard of the Valley of Kings
6Waist Mail
Waistguard of Twilight Finality
36Waist Mail
Waptor Tweads
9Feet Mail
War Blood Gloves
8Hands Mail
War Paint Anklewraps
106Feet Mail
War Paint Bindings
106Wrists Mail
War Paint Chestpiece
149Chest Mail
War Paint Gloves
116Hands Mail
War Paint Legguards
117Legs Mail