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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Light Mail Bracers
53WristsVendor Mail
Light Mail Gloves
53HandsVendor Mail
Light Mail Leggings
53LegsVendor Mail
Linked Mail Boots
58Feet Mail
Linked Mail Bracers
58Wrists Mail
Linked Mail Chain
58Waist Mail
Linked Mail Gloves
58HandsQuest Mail
Linked Mail Hauberk
58Chest Mail
Linked Mail Leggings
58Legs Mail
Links of Grieving
4Waist Passing Wisdom Mail
Longshoreman's Bracers
4Wrists Wretched Ringleader Mail
Mag'hari Chain Vest
3027ChestVendor Mail
Miner's Overcoat
3Chest Miner Troubles Mail
Monkey Handler Fists
3Hands Monkey Business Mail
Moongraze Linked Boots
4Feet The Great Moongraze Hunt Mail
Moss-Encrusted Chain Pants
2Legs Fel Moss Corruption Mail
Mountaineer Chestpiece
32Chest Mail
Mountaineer's Waistguard
3Waist Holland's Experiment Mail
Mulit-Scaled Gloves
4Hands Gathering Leather Mail
Outrider Belt
2WaistQuest Mail
Outrunner's Pauldrons
149ShouldersLooted Mail
Padded Chainmail
2Chest Major Malfunction Mail
Padded Greaves
3Legs Still Good! Mail
Painted Chain Gloves
2Hands Mail
Partially Tarnished Chain
2WaistQuest Mail
Perrine's Boots
42Feet Mail
Plundered Rockjaw Chestguard
1Chest Make Hay While the Sun Shines Mail
Polished Scale Belt
1710WaistVendor Mail
Polished Scale Boots
1710FeetVendor Mail
Polished Scale Bracers
1710WristsVendor Mail
Polished Scale Gloves
1710HandsVendor Mail
Polished Scale Leggings
1710LegsVendor Mail
Polished Scale Vest
1710ChestVendor Mail
Prairie Wolf Bracers
4Wrists Mazzranache Mail
Primal Boots
1Feet Mail
Primal Boots
1Feet Mail
Primal Pants
1Legs Mail
Primal Pants
1Legs Mail
Primal Pants
1Legs Mail
Primal Pants
1Legs Mail
Primal Robe
1Chest Mail
Primal Robe
1Chest Mail
Primal Robe
1Chest Mail
Primal Shirt
1Chest Mail
Prisoner's Drawstring
5Waist Mail
Prisoner's Shirt
5Chest Mail
Prisoner's Shorts
5Legs Mail
Proprietor's Mitts
2Hands Rest and Relaxation Mail
Protector's Legguards
3Legs Save the Children! Mail
Quickening Cinch
2Waist Finishin' the Job Mail
Quilboar Woven Chain Pants
4Legs Raggaran's Fury Mail
Rabbit Chaser's Greaves
2Legs Rite of Courage Mail
Raider's Shoulderpads
138ShouldersLooted Mail
Ram Rescue Vest
4Chest Protecting the Herd Mail
Ranger's Chainmail
5Chest Warning Fairbreeze Village Mail
Red Cloud Handwraps
1Hands Our Tribe, Imprisoned Mail
Repairman's Cinch
3Waist Washed Up Mail
Ringing Boots
3Feet Missing Mallet Mail
Rockbitten Gloves
1Hands Mail
Rotor Chain
4Waist Get to the Gyrochoppa! Mail
Royal Frostmane Girdle
53Waist Great Father Arctikus Mail
Rugged Trapper's Boots
1FeetUnobtainable Mail
Rugged Trapper's Pants
1LegsUnobtainable Mail
Rugged Trapper's Vest
1Chest Mail
Rusted Chain Belt
2WaistVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Boots
2FeetVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Bracers
2WristsVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Gloves
2HandsVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Leggings
2LegsVendor Mail
Rusted Chain Vest
2ChestVendor Mail
Rustic Belt
1Waist Mail
Rusty Chain Belt
2Waist The Damned Mail
Rusty-Chain Galoshes
5Feet Princess Must Die! Mail
Sailor's Legguards
4Legs The Enemy of My Enemy Mail
Salvaged Chain Armor
53ChestVendor Mail
Salvaged Chain Belt
53WaistVendor Mail
Salvaged Chain Boots
53FeetVendor Mail
Salvaged Chain Bracers
53WristsVendor Mail
Salvaged Chain Gloves
53HandsVendor Mail
Salvaged Chain Leggings
53LegsVendor Mail
Scalemail Belt
148WaistVendor Mail
Scalemail Boots
148FeetVendor Mail
Scalemail Bracers
148WristsVendor Mail
Scalemail Gloves
148HandsVendor Mail
Scalemail Pants
148LegsVendor Mail
Scalemail Vest
148ChestVendor Mail
Scarred Battleboar Breastplate
2Chest The Battleboars Mail
Scavenger Vest
2Chest Scourge on our Perimeter Mail
Scout's Boots
1Feet Mail
Scout's Pants
1Legs Mail
Scout's Vest
1Chest Mail
Sentry's Chain Shirt
3Chest The Dead Scar Mail
Service Greaves
4LegsQuest Mail
Shackled Girdle
5Waist Mail
Shaman's Belt
1Waist Mail
Shaman's Boots
1Feet Mail
Shaman's Bracers
1Wrists Mail
Shaman's Gloves
1Hands Mail
Shaman's Pants
1Legs Mail
Shaman's Vest
1Chest Mail