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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Temple Guardian Legguards
38Legs Seeing Red Plate
Temple Guardian Pantaloons
38Legs Improvised Ammunition Plate
Offline Greaves
37Legs Penetrating Their Defenses Plate
Dojani Legguards
37Legs Plate
Glass Lake Legplates
37Legs Plate
Hemet's Armored Legguards
37Legs Plate
Hemet's Burnished Legplates
37Legs Plate
Hemet's Heavy Legguards
37Legs Plate
Honorary Combat Engineer's Burnished Legplates
37Legs Plate
Honorary Combat Engineer's Burnished Legplates
37Legs Without a Trace Plate
Honorary Combat Engineer's Heavy Legguards
37Legs Without a Trace Plate
Honorary Combat Engineer's Heavy Legplates
37Legs Plate
Honorary Combat Engineer's Legguards
37Legs Plate
Honorary Combat Engineer's Legplates
37Legs Without a Trace Plate
Jade Tiger Legguards
37Legs Plate
Korjan Legguards
37Legs Plate
Mistwalker Armored Legguards
37Legs Plate
Mistwalker Burnished Legplates
37Legs Plate
Mistwalker Heavy Legguards
37Legs Plate
Narsong Legplates
37Legs Plate
Paoquan Burnished Legplates
37Legs Plate
Sunsong Armored Legguards
37Legs Plate
Thunderfoot Heavy Legguards
37Legs Plate
Thunderwood Legguards
37Legs Plate
Fungus-Stained Legplates
36Legs Wrath of the Fungalmancer Plate
Greaves of Orsis
36Legs Vengeance for Orsis Plate
Heartsmoke Legplates
36Legs Mercy for the Bound Plate
Lava-Melted Legplates
36Legs A Fiery Reunion Plate
Legguards of Samophlangination
36Legs Smoot's Samophlange Plate
Legplates of Cooled Magma
36Legs Magmalord Falthazar Plate
Legplates of Heilopolis
36Legs The Element of Supplies Plate
Legplates of Remnants
36Legs Small Comforts Plate
Legplates of Riven Futures
36Legs Paint it Black Plate
Stonebound Legplates
36Legs Hatred Runs Deep Plate
Sunwatcher's Legplates
36Legs The Scepter of Orsis Plate
Ancient Royal Legguards
35LegsLooted Plate
Discarded Juggernaut Plating
35Legs Disassembly Plate
Eel-Slayer Legguards
35Legs Clearing the Defiled Plate
Eel-Slayer Legguards
35Legs Clearing the Defiled Plate
Greaves of Violent Revenge
35Legs Death to the Broodmother Plate
Legplates of Persuasion
35Legs A Bird in Hand Plate
Riptide Legguards
35Legs Put It On Plate
Riptide Legguards
35Legs Put It On Plate
Wentletrap Legplates
35Legs A Distracting Scent Plate
Dalaran Warden's Legplates
34Legs Containment Plate
Iron Colossus Legplates
34Legs The Iron Colossus Plate
Slag-Stained Legplates
34LegsLooted Plate
Bjornrittar's Chilled Legguards
34Legs The Slithering Darkness Plate
Coldblooded Legplates
34LegsQuest Plate
Legplates of Dominion
34Legs The Vile Hold Plate
Legplates of the Northern Expedition
34LegsQuest Plate
Plated Legs of the Unholy
34Legs The Rider of the Unholy Plate
Zepik's Grounded Legplates
34Legs Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice Plate
Leggings of Forceful Purification
33LegsQuest Plate
Legguards of Dissolved Hope
33LegsQuest Plate
Legplates of the Vengeful Mendicant
33Legs Malas the Corrupter Plate
Warchief's Legplates of Carnage
33Legs Plate
Wrynn's Legplates of Carnage
33Legs Plate
Bloodletter's Legplates
33Legs Wooly Justice Plate
Crystalplate Legguards
33Legs Really Big Worm Plate
Golem-Rider's Greaves
33LegsQuest Plate
Leggings of the Canny Chief
33Legs Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Plate
Legplates of the Agmar Preserver
33Legs Pride of the Horde Plate
Legplates of the Conquered Knight
33Legs Neltharion's Flame Plate
Plated Magnataur Leggings
33Legs WANTED: Gigantaur Plate
Purifier's Pantaloons
33Legs That's What Friends Are For... Plate
Snaptooth Legplates
33LegsQuest Plate
Spiritforged Legguards
33Legs Voices From the Dust Plate
Wraithshimmer Legplates
33Legs The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die Plate
Greaves of the Shatterer
32LegsLooted Plate
Legplates of the Bold
32LegsLooted Plate
Legplates of the Righteous
32LegsLooted Plate
Starcaller's Plated Legguards
32Legs Dimensius the All-Devouring Plate
Amberplate Legguards
32LegsQuest Plate
Antique Reinforced Legguards
32LegsQuest Plate
Benign Crusader's Plate
32Legs Foolish Endeavors Plate
Cold-Forged Bronze Legplates
32LegsQuest Plate
Kirin'Var Defender's Chausses
32Legs The Sigil of Krasus Plate
Midrealm Leggings
32Legs Sabotage the Warp-Gate! Plate
Mightstone Legplates
32LegsQuest Plate
Munificent Legguards
32LegsQuest Plate
Plainwatcher Legplates
32Legs The Culler Cometh Plate
Runed Sketh'lon Legplates
32Legs Thwart the Dark Conclave Plate
Seabone Legplates
32Legs The Emissary Plate
Legguards of the Resolute Defender
31Legs Destroy Naberius! Plate
Mag'hari Warlord's Legplates
31Legs There Is No Hope Plate
Inkling's Leggings
31Legs Whelps of the Wyrmcult Plate
Murkblood Avenger's Legplates
31LegsQuest Plate
Sha'tari Vindicator's Legplates
31Legs The Fallen Exarch Plate
Cenarion Thicket Legplates
30LegsQuest Plate
Flintlocke's Piloting Pants
30Legs In Case of Emergency... Plate
Thunderforge Leggings
30Legs The Mag'har Plate
Icebane Leggings
29Legs Plate
Strangely Glyphed Legplates
29Legs Plate
Engraved Saronite Legplates
29LegsVendor Plate
Legplates of Heroism
29Legs Plate
Soulforge Legplates
29Legs Plate
Front-Line Greaves
29Legs Plate
Magistrate's Greaves
29LegsQuest Plate
Skyfire Greaves
29LegsQuest Plate