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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Stabilized Incendicite Legguards
12Legs Incendicite Ore Plate
Kalecgos' Gift
11Legs Fade to Black Plate
Stone Guard Greaves
11Legs Taragaman the Hungerer Plate
Stone Guard Greaves
11Legs The Dark Shaman Plate
Gargoyle Leggings
11Legs Plate
Guststorm Legguards
11Legs Plate
Leg Bone Covers
11Legs From the Belly of the Beast Plate
Redridge Legguards
11Legs Detonation Plate
Vindicator's Iron Legguards
10Legs Matis the Cruel Plate
Dividend Leggings
9Legs Gazlowe's Fortune Plate
Auberdine Platemail
9Legs Call Down the Thunder Plate
Legguards of Invasion
9Legs Yowler Must Die! Plate
Tranquillien Plate Leggings
9Legs Report to Magister Kaendris Plate
Dust Plains Greaves
7Legs Jango Spothide Plate
Salvaged Plate Leggings
7Legs Windrunner Village Plate
Crystal-Studded Legguards
6Legs Learning from the Crystals Plate
Emberstone Plate
6Legs Slaves to No One Plate
Ironband Legguards
6Legs Protecting the Shipment Plate
Oil-Stained Leggings
6Legs Good-bye, Sweet Oil Plate
Rear Guard Britches
6Legs Deeper into Darkness Plate
Restored Mennaran Plate
6Legs Mystery of the Sarcen Stone Plate
Stormwind Guard Leggings
6Legs WANTED: "Hogger" Plate
Togrik's Legguards
6Legs The Tortusk Takedown Plate
Expeditionary Plate Legguards
5LegsQuest Plate
Expeditionary Plate Legguards
5LegsQuest Plate
Hammerfoot's Plate Leggings
5Legs A Pilot's Revenge Plate
Heavy Plate Leggings
5Legs Gurf's Dignity Plate
Plainstrider Leg Armor
5Legs Preparation for Ceremony Plate
Woven Plate Leggings
5Legs The Corruption's Source Plate
Leftover Mechachicken Legs
4Legs A Goblin in Shark's Clothing Plate
Barkplate Leggings
4Legs The Relics of Wakening Plate
Garren's Leggings
4Legs Maggot Eye Plate
Legs of the Long Day
3LegsQuest Plate
Beaten Plate Leggings
2LegsQuest Plate
Cannoneer's Leggings
2Legs By Blood and Ash Plate
Legs of the Wayward Elemental
2Legs Ice and Fire Plate
Ouster's Leggings
2Legs Burning Blade Medallion Plate
Painted Plate Leggings
2Legs Plate
Pikeman Trousers
2Legs Report to Goldshire Plate
Roamer's Leggings
2Legs Scourge on our Perimeter Plate
Burnished Legplates of Might
1LegsAchievement, Vendor Plate
Polished Legplates of Valor
1LegsAchievement, Vendor Plate
Pristine Lightforge Legplates
1LegsVendor Plate
Bloodtalon Keeper Leggings
1Legs Consort of the Sea Witch Plate
CRobinson Plate Pants
1Legs Plate
Goblin Brawler's Greaves
1Legs Plate
Trogg Repeller Platemail
1Legs Hold the Line! Plate