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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Weaponized Belt
16Waist They're Out There! Plate
Wolfrunner Boots
16Feet True Power of the Rod Plate
Chausses of Westfall
15Legs Plate
Pocket-Nuke Belt
15Waist Stormpike Apocalypse Plate
Belt of Equilibrium
15Waist Vortex Plate
Belt of Equilibrium
15Waist Vortex Plate
Carevin's Breastplate
15Chest Worgen in the Woods Plate
Chestplate of Kor
15Chest Supplies to Auberdine Plate
Gavin's Pauldrons
15Shoulders Breaking the Hand Plate
Gloves of Brawn
15Hands Plate
Marsh Fire Legguards
15Legs For Peat's Sake Plate
Boots of the Hero
14Feet Heroes of the Horde! Plate
Sparkmetal Bracers
14Wrists The Embalmer's Revenge Plate
Antique Breastplate
14Chest Tooling Around Plate
Astranaar Legguards
14Legs Return Fire Plate
Bloodtaint Boots
14Feet Pierce Their Heart! Plate
Boots of the Deliverer
14Feet All's Well Plate
Breastplate of the Lost Paladin
14Chest Return the Statuette Plate
Burden of Shame
14Shoulders Mistmantle's Revenge Plate
Curse Lifter's Gloves
14Hands The Cursed Crew Plate
Deerstalker Leggings
14Legs Before You Go... Plate
Disarray Boots
14Feet Wet Work Plate
Dissembling Bracers
14Wrists Playing Possum Plate
Gloves of Unforgotten Vows
14Hands Gurtar's Request Plate
Haunted Pauldrons
14Shoulders The Eye of Paleth Plate
Heartwise Boon
14Hands That Which Has Risen Plate
Kingslayer's Breastplate
14Chest Kasha Will Fly Again Plate
Lethality Leggings
14Legs Trail of Filth Plate
Merchant Marine Pauldrons
14Shoulders Claws from the Deep Plate
Mystlash Bracers
14Wrists Keep the Fires Burning Plate
Orcish War Chain
14Chest Plate
Polar Gauntlets
14Hands Plate
Roland's Legguards
14Legs Roland's Doom Plate
Swiftgear Belt
14Waist Dinosaur Crisis Plate
Tell-Tale Bracers
14Wrists The Heart of the Matter Plate
Breastplate of the Terrible Price
13Chest Fury of the Pack Plate
Breastplate of the Terrible Price
13Chest Sweet, Merciless Revenge Plate
Cleansed Pauldrons
13Shoulders Cleansing the Caverns Plate
Deathstalker Pauldrons
13Shoulders Sweet, Merciless Revenge Plate
Packleader's Pauldrons
13Shoulders Fury of the Pack Plate
Pythas' Vest
13Chest Cleansing the Caverns Plate
"Jenny's" Gloves
13Hands Do it for Twinkles Plate
Burden of Sacrifice
13Shoulders Crisis at Splintertree Plate
Dirty Rotten Gloves
13Hands Deliver the Thread Plate
Feero's Pauldrons
13Shoulders Respect for the Fallen Plate
First Responder's Pauldrons
13Shoulders Rescue the Fallen Plate
Forestkeeper Legguards
13Legs Explosives Shredding Plate
Gnarlbark Shoulders
13Shoulders The Forest Heart Plate
Hands of Encouragement
13Hands Management Material Plate
Kadrak's Breastplate
13Chest Gorat's Vengeance Plate
Legguards of Abandoned Virtue
13Legs Playing With Felfire Plate
Maestra's Gloves
13Hands The Lost Gem Plate
Night Watch Boots
13Feet Wolves at Our Heels Plate
Night Watch Gauntlets
13Hands Plate
Woodguard Vest
13Chest Agents of Destruction Plate
Bracers of the Most Trusted
12Wrists Cities in Dust Plate
Addled Blotter Bracers
12Wrists Drungeld Glowerglare Plate
Binding Plates
12Waist Human Infestation Plate
Bravo Company Pauldrons
Bridgeworker's Gloves
12Hands Plate
Corin's Handguards
12Hands Clearing the Way Plate
Creeping Boots
12Feet Glorious Harvest Plate
Drunkard's Belt
12Waist Sedimentary, My Dear Plate
Horn Sounder's Bracers
12Wrists The Offering to Azshara Plate
Quest Giver's Pauldrons
12Shoulders Welcome to the Machine Plate
Riveted Gauntlets
12Hands Plate
Segmented Girdle
12Waist Culling the Flutterers Plate
Slabchisel Boots
12Feet The Floodsurge Core Plate
Stabilized Incendicite Legguards
12Legs Incendicite Ore Plate
Kalecgos' Gift
11Legs Fade to Black Plate
Searing Belt
11Waist Taragaman the Hungerer Plate
Searing Belt
11Waist The Dark Shaman Plate
Stone Guard Greaves
11Legs The Dark Shaman Plate
Stone Guard Greaves
11Legs Taragaman the Hungerer Plate
Breastplate of the Dragon Slayer
11Chest Razormaw Plate
Danforth's Breastplate
11Chest Shadowhide Extinction Plate
Everstill Breastplate
11Chest Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform Plate
Fire Stompers
11Feet Jadefire Braziers Plate
Foolhardy Bracers
11Wrists Centaur Bracers Plate
Fractured Belt
11Waist Hezrul Bloodmark Plate
Gargoyle Leggings
11Legs Plate
Guststorm Legguards
11Legs Plate
Leg Bone Covers
11Legs From the Belly of the Beast Plate
Lightweight Plate Boots
11Feet Galaen's Fate Plate
Redridge Legguards
11Legs Detonation Plate
Robotronic Vest
11Chest Shear Will Plate
Rugged Mail Gloves
11Hands Plate
Sentry Bracers
11Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Plate
Shalewind Belt
11Waist The Grand Magus Doane Plate
Strange Smelling Boots
11Feet Plate
Unmistakable Gloves
11Hands A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Plate
Vessel of the Dark Lady
11Chest Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III Plate
Vigilant Vambraces
11Wrists Plate
Ancient Handguards
10Hands The Devourer of Darkshore Plate
Fiery Bracers
10Wrists Soothing the Elements Plate
Maltendis' Handguards
10Hands Troll Juju Plate
Negotiation Stompers
10Feet The Blackmaw Doublecross Plate
Scalding Gloves
10Hands Full of Hot Water Plate
Troll Kickers
10Feet Escape from the Catacombs Plate
Troteman's Bracers
10Wrists His Heart Must Be In It Plate