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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Petrified Band
2417FingerLooted Finger
Petrified Ghoul Finger
33Finger Feedin' Da Goolz Finger
Pit Boss Signet
40Finger The Fall of the Warlord Finger
Pit Fighter's Seal
40Finger The Fall of the Warlord Finger
Pit Skulker's Ring
40Finger The Fall of the Warlord Finger
Plague Band
298FingerVendor Finger
Polished Dookin Ring
44Finger No Time for Tryouts Finger
Portal Keeper's Seal
5040FingerLooted Finger
Posy Ring
3328FingerLooted Finger
Prairie Ring
1610FingerLooted Finger
Prismatic Band
2925FingerLooted Finger
Prismstone Ring
2215FingerUnobtainable, Looted Finger
Protectorate Assassin's Ring
32Finger The Horrors of Pollution Finger
Purified Tideblood Band
50Finger Beneath the Veil Finger
Puzzle Ring
3530FingerLooted Finger
Pyrium Band
30080Finger Finger
Quartz Ring
127FingerLooted Finger
Quick Laestrite Band
10050FingerCrafted Finger
Quicksilver Ring
2923FingerLooted Finger
Rainbow Band
24Finger Open Their Eyes Finger
Rancid Signet
33Finger Doing Your Duty Finger
Rangari Initiate Ring
40Finger Engorged Goren Finger
Raptor Eye Ring
22FingerQuest Finger
Raptor Slayer's Band
18Finger Raptor Mastery Finger
Raven's Wood Exorciser's Band
31Finger Exorcising the Trees Finger
Recruit's Band
23Finger Finger
Recruit's Ring
23Finger Crate of Battlefield Goods Finger
Recruit's Signet
23Finger Finger
Red Ring of Destruction
2418FingerCrafted Finger
Redelv House Band
10050Finger Finger
Redfeather Band
24Finger Culling the Corrupted Finger
Redistributed Signet
36Finger Coup de Grace Finger
Redistributed Signet
36Finger Coup de Grace Finger
Reedknot Ring
21Finger Jarl Needs a Blade Finger
Rendan's Signet
25Finger They Build a Better Bullet Finger
Researcher's Ring
43Finger The Search For Research Finger
Reverberating Silver Band
8548Finger The Mnemonic Locus Finger
Rigid Tuskring
32Finger Gamel the Cruel Finger
4035Finger Finger
4035Finger Finger
4035Finger Finger
4035Finger Finger
4035Finger Finger
Ring of Aces
22Finger Ace in the Hole Finger
Ring of Akunda's Chosen
50Finger Shattered and Broken Finger
Ring of Ancestral Protectors
33Finger The Leaders at Jin'Alai Finger
Ring of Bitter Shadows
2822FingerCrafted Finger
Ring of Bravery
16Finger The Crazed Dragonmaw Finger
Ring of Calm
19Finger Centaur Bounty Finger
Ring of Cooperation
16Finger The Defense of Grom'gol: Ogre Oppression Finger
Ring of Courage
37Finger A Lesson in Bravery Finger
Ring of Devoted Promises
34Finger It Could Be Anywhere! Finger
Ring of Forgotten Causes
16Finger Stopping Kurzen's Legacy Finger
Ring of Glimmering Water
36FingerUnobtainable, Quest Finger
Ring of Iron Will
16Finger Finger
Ring of Living Stone
28Finger Finger
Ring of Misinterpreted Gestures
34Finger Fortunate Misunderstandings Finger
Ring of New Life
22Finger Amidst Death, Life Finger
Ring of Order
34Finger Fate of the Titans Finger
Ring of Pesticide
27Finger Spray it One More Time Finger
Ring of Pride
11Finger Finger
Ring of Pure Silver
19Finger Finger
Ring of Rebellion
36Finger Insurrection Finger
Ring of Reclaimed Honor
18Finger Warriors' Redemption Finger
Ring of Restoration
37FingerQuest Finger
Ring of Scorn
12Finger Finger
Ring of Shallowstep Pass
38Finger The Restless Watch Finger
Ring of Silver Might
1610FingerCrafted Finger
Ring of Six Hundred Years
16Finger Headhunting Finger
Ring of Subtlety
25Finger Finger
Ring of Tears
37FingerQuest Finger
Ring of the Afterlife
33Finger End Arcanimus Finger
Ring of the Aristocrat
27Finger Finger
Ring of the Dawn
28Finger Finger
Ring of the Fallen Shadow Adept
34FingerQuest Finger
Ring of the Fool
14Finger Juice Delivery Finger
Ring of the Heavens
2822FingerLooted Finger
Ring of the Moon
138FingerLooted Finger
Ring of the Pools of Youth
37FingerQuest Finger
Ring of the Quenched Inferno
35Finger Disrupting the Rituals Finger
Ring of the Shadow
1610Finger Big Crate of Salvage Finger
Ring of the Slain Anchorite
30Finger Source of the Corruption Finger
Ring of the Stonebark
31Finger Exorcising the Trees Finger
Ring of the Subduer
23Finger Invoking the Serpent Finger
Ring of the Subduer
23Finger Invoking the Serpent Finger
Ring of the Watchful Eye
38Finger The Restless Watch Finger
Ring of Twilight Shadows
1811FingerCrafted Finger
Ring of Unspeakable Nightmares
39Finger A Cry From Darkness Finger
Rise-Breacher's Band
50Finger The First Watch Finger
Ritualistic Band of Light
33Finger Pure Evil Finger
Roggstone Signet
5040Finger Finger
Roscha's Band of Remembrance
20058Finger Finger
Rough-Hammered Silver Ring
5040Finger Valarjar Cache Finger
Rowanwood Loop
50Finger Drustfall Finger
Rubellite Ring
2924FingerLooted Finger
Ruhkmari Ring
4239FingerLooted Finger
Ruinrain Band of Destruction
4440Finger Finger
Ruinrain Ring of Destruction
4440Finger Finger
Sacred Band
16Finger Finger
Salvaged Viperid Band
22660Finger Finger